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How to Use Feng Shui To Win The Lottery (SO MANY TIPS!)

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It might seem like winning the lottery comes down to luck and chance, but did you know you can use feng shui to increase your lottery luck?

Just like everything else in your life and home, money is energy!

You can use feng shui to optimize the energy in your home to attract anything you want – and that includes the lottery!

Let’s discuss how to use feng shui to win the lottery!

feng shui to win the lottery

How to Win the Lottery With Feng Shui

When you want to win the lottery or attract a financial windfall, it’s best to go at it from all angles.

After all, you want to know within your vibration that you’ve “done your part” or done everything you could possibly do.

Unless you’re someone who is a pro at manifesting, it usually takes more than just setting an intention and then letting it go.

Using feng shui and manifestation tips together can help you realize you’ve done enough on the physical plane for your financial windfall to come through!

The following is a list of all of the different feng shui lottery tips plus some bonus manifestation methods for attracting money.

Use one, use them all – it’s up to you!

I recommend starting with the feng shui basics at the top and then working through the rest of the list a little at a time.

Choose the things that seem fun to you or that your intuition tells you will work best!

feng shui tips for winning the lottery

Know Your Feng Shui Lucky Number

Do you have a feng shui lucky number?

If not, you can use feng shui to find out which numbers are the luckiest for you!

You can use your feng shui lucky number to help you pick your winning lottery numbers.

Or you can use your lucky number as a sign from the Universe that it’s time to buy that ticket!

In general, the luckiest wealth numbers in feng shui are 8, 9, and any combination of numbers that equal 9, like 27.

This post has more information about numbers for good luck: Lucky and Unlucky Feng Shui House Numbers

Know Your Feng Shui Lucky Color

If you have a lucky color, definitely wear it as much as possible!

You can also place it somewhere in your home’s wealth corner or near your front door to attract more wealth and good fortune into your life.

If you don’t already have a lucky color, you can use a feng shui color for good luck, like one associated with the current year or your birthday.

These posts have more information about colors and feng shui:

Locate and Optimise Your Home’s Feng Shui Money Corner

Your home’s feng shui money corner is located in the far back left 1/3 of your home, when standing at your front door and looking inside.

Your money corner is associated with financial abundance as well as abundance in all other areas of your life!

You can use the feng shui bagua map to see how the different areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life.

You can also see these posts for ideas about how to use your money corner to increase abundance and wealth energy:

woman's hands holding hundred dollar bills

Remove Money Blocks From Your Home’s Wealth Corner

In feng shui, everything in your home has its own energy and it can either add positive energy or add negative energy to your home.

If you want to use feng shui to win the lottery, you want to reduce or remove as many items that block wealth as possible, especially from your home’s wealth corner!

This post has a list of all items that can block money or cause bad luck with money: why am i so unlucky with money? 9 things to NEVER keep in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!

Feng Shui Your Front Door

Your front door is one of the most important areas of your home.

It’s how fresh energy (Chi,) good fortune, and new opportunities enter your home and then circulate throughout your life.

Using feng shui on your front door will clean it up and help you attract your lottery win!

In fact, one of the best ways to increase good luck of all kinds is to clean up your front door and entryway.

These posts have more information about your front door and entryway:

Feng Shui Your Wallet and/or Purse

How you treat your money and where you keep your money are both important things when it comes to attracting more of it!

Money is energy and you are the creator of the kind of energy that enters your life!

One way to show money that you would like more of it is to treat it well, and you can do that by taking care of your wallet and purse!

These posts have more info:

Declutter/Remove Broken Items from your Home

Clutter, dirt, grime, and broken items anywhere in your home will drag down the energy and cause stagnant Chi.

They make it difficult for good energy to circulate, which means it gets stuck and can get in the way of wealth coming into your life.

This applies to all areas of your home, not just your home’s wealth corner!

If you want to win the lottery with feng shui, apply everything to your money area first.

Then go through the rest of your home and start to declutter and repair anything that needs it.

This will uplift the energy and increase good fortune!

You can also deliberately clear space in your home to attract what you want.

woman's hands removing stack of money from a wallet

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

A feng shui wealth bowl is a bowl full of money manifestation items that work together to help you attract abundance!

It’s super easy and fun to do.

To use a feng shui wealth bowl to win the lottery, write out the amount you’d like to win and place it in the bottom of the bowl.

This post shows you how to make a wealth bowl: creating a feng shui wealth bowl – must use tips to manifest more money and abundance!

Create a Feng Shui Vision Board

You can create a feng shui vision board that concentrates on winning the lottery.

You can find pictures of all of the things you’d like to buy and place them on the board.

Or you can also just create a vision board based on the amount of money you’d like to win!

These posts have more information about creating vision boards:

Clean Your Kitchen & Cooktop

Your kitchen and stove/cooktop are considered a wealth center in feng shui, because being able to share abundance with others means you have more than enough to spare.

Your stove/cooktop is especially lucky because it activates th fire element, which is a catalyst for change and attracting your desires.

This post has more information: 7 feng shui kitchen tips for creating a healthy & wealthy home!

Use the Feng Shui 9 Red Candles Cure

The 9 red candles cure is a way to concentrate your manifestation energy every day for 27 days.

It’s a quick method to help you set your intentions and release them to the Universe so they can be brought into the physical realm.

You can find out more about the method in this post: How to Use Candles in Feng Shui for Good Fortune (And More!)

Wear a Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet

A feng shui wealth bracelet combines feng shui symbols with wealth crystals.

The bracelet helps aligns your vibration to wealth.

You can also use it as a touchstone to remind you of your intentions every day.

If you love crystals or if you’ve never used them before and want to try them, a feng shui bracelet can be an easy way to keep them near you all day.

See this post for more info: Feng Shui Bracelet Meanings & How to Make it Work for You!

woman's hands counting hundred dollar bills

Hang Feng Shui Coins or Feng Shui Bells From Your Front Door

As we discussed above, your front door is one of the most important areas of your home in feng shui.

In addition to using feng shui on your front door, you can add feng shui bells or a string of feng shui coins to your door to attract even more wealth energy into your home!

Place Feng Shui Wealth Crystals in Your Home’s Money Corner

To boost the wealth energy in your home even more, you can activate your feng shui wealth corner with crystals!

Even just a few small wealth crystals can attract more abundance.

Pick one or two that you feel drawn to and add them somewhere in your home’s wealth corner.

See these posts for more information about crystals for wealth and abundance:

Add Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Feng shui wind chimes near your front door or in your home’s wealth area can attract good fortune and abundance!

They help energy move by breaking up the stagnant Chi.

They also attract abundance with sound and movement!

See this post for more info: How to Use Feng Shui Wind Chimes for Wealth and Good Fortune!

Add A Feng Shui Water Fountain

The water element represents flowing abundance in feng shui. Water features, water fountains, and even goldfish tanks can attract wealth and abundance into your home!

You can add a water feature to your front yard or entry, a small feng shui fountain to your home’s entry or wealth area, or even move your goldfish aquarium to attract auspicious Chi!

These posts have more information about using water in your home:

Where To Start When You Want To Win The Lottery With Feng Shui

Obviously, there are TONS of ways to use feng shui to win the lottery.

Do you have to do them ALL in order to win? Absolutely not!

Choose one or two and concentrate on them and see what kinds of results you get.

Then add another one or two!

Learning how to manifest and attract things into your life with feng shui is like working out a muscle.

As you go, your manifestation muscle will get stronger and stronger and you’ll attract things more quickly!

If you want to get started right away, I recommend starting with your front door.

Just sprucing up the front door area is an easy way to attract all sorts of new abundance – including winning the lottery.

Start there and then pick another tip to try! If you use one or two a month you’ll be well on your way!

Where to Place Your Lottery Ticket According to Feng Shui

Once you’ve bought your lottery ticket, you can place it in one of the following places:

  • Your home’s wealth corner
  • Near your front door
  • Under a wealth crystal
  • Inside your manifestation journal
  • In your feng shui wealth altar
  • On the wealth area of your desk
  • Under a candle or under your feng shui 9 red candles cure
  • Under your pillow
  • In your wallet
  • Under your feng shui money tree
  • Under your feng shui gem tree
  • Under your feng shui laughing Buddha

Or anywhere else that you feel inspired to place it that’s related to money or manifestation!

woman holding open wallet full of money

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Bonus Tips to Help You Manifest Winning The Lottery

For even more manifestation power, try adding a couple of manifestation techniques into your routine along with your feng shui!

Pick one or two of the following techniques to try:

Write a Money Manifestation Check

Write yourself a manifestation check in the amount of money you’d like to win, and place it somewhere in your home’s wealth corner or even under your pillow while you sleep!

Create a Manifestation Journal or Intention Statement

You can use a journal to write down everything you’d like to manifest into your life, including winning the lottery! There are several different ways to use a manifestation journal, so you can check out this post for more info: How a Manifestation Journal Can Help You Create Your Dream Life!

Use One of the Manifestation Writing Methods

If you don’t want to create a manifestation journal, you can use another manifestation writing method and just a scrap of paper or even your phone!

Methods like the 369 method or the 5 x 55 method work really fast and can be a fun way to incorporate manifestation practices into your daily routine.

See this post for more information: Manifestation Writing Methods: How to Manifest by Writing

Read a Book About Manifesting Money

If you don’t fully believe you can manifest money, even using feng shui, you can strengthen your belief by reading a couple of manifestation money books.

Your mindset when manifesting is very important because if you can’t believe you can win the lottery, the Universe won’t be able to override your free will.

Two of my favorite books about manifesting money are:

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Click Here to See Rich as Fck by Amanda Frances on Amazon

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Click Here to See Get Rich Lucky Bitch on Amazon

Use a Money Meditation or Listen to Law of Attraction/Law of Assumption Money Videos

If you don’t want to read about manifesting money, you can listen to law of attraction podcasts or watch videos on youtube. One of my favorite money meditations is this one by Amanda Frances:

YouTube player

Plus you can watch any of her youtube videos or listen to her podcast for more money mindset and manifestation tips.

Or of course, you can watch Abraham Hicks videos.

A couple of GREAT AH videos about the lottery are these two:

YouTube player
YouTube player

Make a Plan to Win!

Another tip for using manifestation to win the lottery is: Make a plan for what you’ll do when you win! This could be on your vision board, or in your journal, or even step-by-step on a spreadsheet.

But what will you do with all of your money?

Abraham Hicks talks about it in the above lottery videos, but if you don’t know what you’ll do when you win, it’s going to be less believable for you.

Another way to prepare for winning the lottery is to use the prosperity game.

The prosperity game goes as follows:

Every day, you are going to act as if the Universe put money into your bank account overnight. And for that day, you have to spend ALL of it in order to receive the next day’s amount of money. Every day you spend all of it, the next day you will receive double that amount!

Day 1: $100
Day 2: $200
Day 3: $400
Day 4: $800
Day 5: $1600
Day 6: $3200
Day 7: $6400
and so on, for as long as you play the game.

Playing the prosperity game helps you expand your money consciousness and actually SEE how you’d spend the money!

You can use a piece of paper and research what things will cost so you can plan for how you’d spend the money.

There’s also an app by The Secret that is a virtual bank account to help you keep track if you want to use it!

As you can see, there are so many ways to flex your feng shui and manifestation muscles to help you win the lottery! The most important thing is to trust yourself! And if you feel like you have money blocks or limiting beliefs, make sure you work on those too! The more you do this work the easier it will be to manifest anything you want, including winning the lottery!

Have you ever used manifestation feng shui to win the lottery? If so, leave a comment below with your favorite tip!

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