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3 Must-Use Tips for Making a Feng Shui Gem Tree Work for You

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A feng shui gem tree is a feng shui cure to bring auspicious energy to all areas of your life.

It is a decorative item, usually made of golden wire and specific gemstones that alter and boost the vibrations of your home to support your dreams.

Feng shui trees can be used to boost family harmony, prosperity luck, attract a romantic partner or good fortune, increase positive energy, and more.

Gem trees harness the healing properties of various gemstones and combine them with the growth and stability of a tree, helping you grow and attract the desires of your heart.

3 must-use tips for making a feng shui gem tree work for you
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What is a feng shui gem tree?

A feng shui gem tree is a decorative item that looks like a small tree or a bonsai tree.

It is usually made of copper wire and gemstones.

It usually has a crystal base, with a metal, golden wire, or ceramic tree trunk, and wire-wrapped crystal leaves.

The feng shui tree can be made of different crystals that relate to the intention of the tree.

For example, a feng shui gem tree for money can be made of citrine crystals or jade crystals. A feng shui gemstone tree for love could be made of rose quartz crystals.

feng shui gem tree, candle, and selenite lamp on windowsill

What do gem trees do?

Gem trees combine the symbolism of the tree (growth, abundance, and the wood element in feng shui) with different crystals.

The crystals relate to whatever intention or manifestation you’d like to increase in your life.

If you would like to enhance the love and harmony in your home and life, you’d choose a love gemstone tree.

For abundance, you’d choose a money gemstone tree.

For chakra alignment, you’d choose a chakra gemstone tree.

There are different feng shui gem trees for almost every area of your life.

feng shui gemstone tree, buddha statue, and crystals on table

How do gem trees work?

Gem trees work the same way that crystals work, by enhancing and aligning the frequency and vibration in your home (and body) with an intention.

You can use the symbolism of the gem tree to help you grow those frequencies and vibrations in your life.

You can program the crystals in your gem tree to hold your intentions and manifestations and grow those dreams and ambitions in your life!

Let’s go through the different types of feng shui crystal trees and their meanings!

16 Feng Shui Gem Trees & Their Meanings:

Amethyst Gem Tree / Feng Shui Amethyst Crystal Tree

Amethyst gem trees represent harmony, balance, and spirituality.

Amethyst gem trees can represent growth in your spiritual connection with the Universe.

They are also great for creating harmony and balance different areas of your life, depending on which area you’re working on.

The feng shui bagua map can help you locate where to put your amethyst tree.

Or it is also great to keep in your meditation area to calm your mind, or by the side of your bed to help with bad dreams.

feng shui amethyst tree

Citrine Gem Tree / Feng Shui Citrine Crystal Tree

Citrine gem trees represent abundance, wealth, self-esteem, and happiness.

A citrine tree represents growing wealth, growing self-esteem and happiness, or even growing a business!

Citrine is often called the “merchant’s stone” because it has a rich history of attracting wealth and abundance when placed next to a cash register.

Citrine wealth trees are great in your home’s feng shui money area, your home’s career area, or even next to your front door to welcome in more abundance and new opportunities.

You can also keep one on your desk or next to your cash register to help you grow wealth in your career.

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Rose Quartz Gem Tree / Feng Shui Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

Rose quartz gem trees represent unconditional love and harmony in all relationships in your life and in your relationship with yourself.

Rose quartz gem trees can help you give and receive love of all kinds.

A rose quartz gem tree can represent growth in any relationship, depending on which area of your home you place it in.

For love and romance or calling in a romantic partner, place your feng shui rose quartz tree in the love and relationship area of your home, or in your bedroom’s love area.

For relationships in other areas of your life, you can use the feng shui bagua map to find which area of your home relates to the relationship you want to enhance.

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feng shui tree with amber stones

Jade Gem Tree / Feng Shui Jade Crystal Tree

Jade gem trees represent wealth, abundance, good fortune, and good luck.

Jade crystals have a long history in feng shui of representing vitality and good health, as well as the connection between heaven and earth.

You can use a feng shui jade crystal tree to represent good fortune and good luck in all areas of your life.

Keeping one in your feng shui wealth area represents accumulating wealth and good fortune.

Or you can place it in the feng shui health area of your home to increase the vitality and good fortune of everyone in your household.

Black Tourmaline Gem Tree / Feng Shui Black Tourmaline Crystal Tree

Black tourmaline gem trees relate to grounding, cleansing, and purifying energy.

They represent being deeply connected to the earth and its regenerative and grounding properties.

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone of protection, creating a protective energy bubble around your home and body.

You can place your feng shui black tourmaline crystal tree in the center of your home (the feng shui health area) to cleanse your home’s energy and represent protection for everyone in your household.

Or you can also place the black tourmaline gem tree by your front door to ward off negative energy and protect your home from bad vibrations.

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feng shui tree of good luck

Tiger’s Eye Gem Tree / Feng Shui Tiger’s Eye Crystal Tree

Tiger’s eye gem trees are used to increase self-confidence, courage, and strength.

They can also be used for protection from negative energy.

Tiger’s eye helps you develop the inner strength and vitality of the tiger, so you can use a feng shui tiger’s eye crystal tree to enhance those properties in any area of your life.

Tiger’s eye gem trees can also help with motivation and endurance, so they are great to keep on your work desk or in your home’s health area.

Aventurine Gem Tree / Feng Shui Aventurine Crystal Tree / Gemstone Tree of Good Luck

Aventurine gem trees are trees of good luck and abundance!

Aventurine is the “stone of opportunity” and it is associated with luck in all areas of your life.

Aventurine is also called the “gambler’s stone” because it can help you attract wealth luck and good fortune!

You should place the feng shui aventurine crystal tree in the feng shui bagua area of your home where you most need good luck.

You can also place it in your home’s feng shui money corner, or by your front door to attract good fortune and new opportunites!

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green aventurine money tree

Carnelian Gem Tree / Feng Shui Carnelian Crystal Tree

Carnelian gem trees increase courage, self-esteem, and action grounded in stability.

Carnelian is a grounding stone, connecting to the root chakra, but also gives you the power, strength, and stamina to go after your dreams!

You can place the carnelian crystal tree in any bagua area of your home where you could use more strength and stability.

Or you can place it in the center of your home (the feng shui health area) to increase the grounding and courage vibrations for everyone in your home.

carnelian gemstone tree

Clear Quartz Gem Tree / Feng Shui Clear Quartz Crystal Tree

Clear quartz gem trees are the “master healers” and can be programmed to hold any intention!

Clear quartz amplifies all intentions, so a clear quartz crystal tree will help you grow in all areas of your life.

Feng shui clear quartz trees can also help with clear thinking and insight, so it can be helpful to keep one in your home’s feng shui knowledge and spirituality area, or in your meditation corner to strengthen your connection to the Universe and Spirit.

Tourmaline Gem Tree / Feng Shui Tourmaline Crystal Tree

Tourmaline gem trees are made from a combination of different types of tourmaline.

They can be made of watermelon tourmaline, blue tourmaline, pink tourmaline, or green tourmaline, and are usually a combination of all of the above.

The different types of tourmaline gem trees are used for creating balance, creativity, and harmony in your life and with yourself.

They increase patience, love, and security in all areas of your life.

Place your feng shui tourmaline tree in any feng shui bagua area of your home where you seek harmony and balance, or a deeper connection.

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amethyst lamp, crystal tree, and plant decor

Peridot Gem Tree / Feng Shui Peridot Crystal Tree

Peridot gem trees increase happiness, vitality, and personal growth.

Peridot is associated with growing wealth but also creating the best version of your life and yourself.

The feng shui peridot tree increases financial and spiritual abundance.

Place it in your home’s wealth area or knowledge and spirituality area to encourage growth and stability in those areas.

Garnet Gem Tree / Feng Shui Garnet Crystal Tree

Garnet gem trees are trees of grounding and protection.

Garnet is deeply related to the root chakra, helping bring balance and calm to your life.

Garnet is related to inner strength and security, while keeping you protected from negative vibrations and negative thoughts.

Garnet is also a stone of protection while traveling, so keeping your garnet crystal tree in your home’s travel and helpful people area will increase protection during travel of all kinds.

crystals, candle, feng shui tree, and amethyst lamp on table

Aquamarine Gem Tree / Feng Shui Aquamarine Gem Tree

Aquamarine gem trees are associated with new beginnings, peace, tranquility, and good communication.

They are excellent to keep in your bedroom to enhance good dreams and peace while sleeping.

Aquamarine is associated with connecting to your higher self.

Keeping your feng shui aquamarine tree in your home’s knowledge and spirituality area or in your meditation corner will help you receive insight and information from your inner being and spirit guides.

Aquamarine gem trees can also increase educational luck, studying, and communication skills when kept in your home’s knowledge and spirituality area, study room, or on your study desk.

You can also keep it in any bagua map area where you need more peace and tranquility.

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Chakra Gem Tree / Feng Shui Chakra Crystal Tree

Chakra gem trees help balance all 7 chakras.

They contain 7 different crystals, one for each chakra.

Chakra gemstone trees represent growth and healing throughout your energetic body.

They help you feel balanced and whole while receiving inspiration from the Universe and your spirit guides.

7 chakra trees help unblock all of your chakras and clear whatever is holding you back.

You can keep your chakra crystal tree in any bagua area of your home where you need help, or in the center / feng shui health area of your home to keep your chakras clean and clear.

Your chakra gemstone tree will also help everyone in your home feel well and balanced!

feng shui happiness tree

Multi-Gem Tree / Feng Shui Multi Crystal Tree / Tree of Happiness

Multi-gem trees usually combine the frequencies of several crystals at once.

You can buy a gemstone combination that suits whatever manifestation you’re trying to call in.

For example, a gemstone tree with amethyst and citrine can help heal your financial situation, bringing balance and calm to your wealth and abundance.

A feng shui gem tree with clear quartz and black tourmaline can bring mental clarity and intuition grounded in wisdom and protection.

Sometimes a multi-gem tree is called a Tree of Happiness because it combines crystals that help heal and balance your entire life.

You can place any of these multicolor gemstones trees in the bagua area of your home that is related to the area you want to grow and amplify.

Or keep your tree of happiness in the center (feng shui health area) of your home to boost the health and wellbeing of all of your family members.

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crystals, amethyst lamp, feng shui gem tree on windowsill

Golden Money Tree

A Golden Money Tree or Feng Shui Golden Money Tree is different from the above gemstone trees.

There are two versions of the golden money tree.

One uses feng shui coins, gold coins, or chinese coins instead of crystals for the leaves.

The second version of the golden money tree uses citrine crystals for the leaves, or a combination of citrine and gold coins.

Each golden money tree has a golden money pot, golden ingot, or gold bag as a base.

It represents growing and accumulating wealth and abundance!

The golden money tree should be kept in your home’s feng shui wealth area, near your cash register if you own a business, in your feng shui wealth bowl, or near your front door to call in more opportunities for wealth.

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feng shui golden money tree

How do you use a gem tree?

Using a gem tree is very simple. There are only 3 steps!

One: Cleanse the gemstone tree.

Because your gem tree contains crystals, you want to cleanse your crystals of any vibrations they’re currently holding.

This will clear their energy so they can be programmed with your intention.

You can cleanse your tree by passing it through smudge smoke, setting it on a windowsill under the full moon, using a sound bowl near it, setting it on a selenite charging plate, or setting it on top of a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours.

This absorbs any negative energy your crystals might be holding and gets your gem tree ready to hold your intention.

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Two: Program Your Gem Tree with Your Intention.

If you have a specific manifestation you’d like to call or grow with your gem tree, you can use that intention to program it.

If you have a general intention, like increasing harmony, balancing your chakras, or increasing abundance, that is perfectly fine too.

To program your gem tree / feng shui crystal tree:

  • Hold your gem tree in your hand.
  • Repeat your intention to yourself, feeling the feelings of already having what you desire.
  • What does it feel like if someone gave you what you wanted? Feel those feelings.
  • Set the intention that your tree is going to hold those vibrations and grow them in your life.
  • You can also write your intention on a small piece of paper and place your feng shui gem tree on top of it to further amplify them.

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3 feng shui gem trees

Three: Place your feng shui gem tree.

Use the feng shui bagua map to place your gem tree in the area of your life that’s related to the area you’d like to grow.

Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to use it to find the different areas of your home.

How to Cleanse Your Gem Tree / How to Clean Your Gem Tree

Cleansing and cleaning your gem tree resets the vibration it’s holding and prepares it to hold a new intention.

Whether you want to use your gem tree to call in a different manifestation, or just want to recharge its vibration, cleansing and cleaning your gem tree is always a good idea!

You can do this once a month, during a full moon, once every few months, or even at the beginning of the year to reset your goals and intentions.

You can clean your gemstone tree by using a soft brush to dust and clean the crystals.

You can also use a soft cloth or brush to cleanse the base.

Do not use water to clean your gemstone tree unless you know for sure that your gemstones are safe in water!

Otherwise, water can erode or rust the crystals.

Wipe your gem tree clean of all dirt and grime.

crystals, candles, and feng shui tree next to window

Cleanse your gem tree’s energy by:

  • Running it through smudge smoke.
  • Setting it on your windowsill under the full moon.
  • Setting it on top of a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours.
  • Using a piece of selenite or selenite charging plate.
  • Using a sound bowl next to your crystal tree to reset its vibration.

These are the safest ways to cleanse the energy of your gem tree and reset its vibration.

This cleanses it of old intentions and vibrations its holding (for example, if it is being used to absorb negative energies.) It’s now ready to be reprogrammed!

What is the meaning of the Tree of Life?

Another type of gem tree is the feng shui tree of life.

The Tree of Life has been used all over the world for centuries. It represents:

  • growth and strength
  • a connectedness to mother earth and her energy
  • an abundant harvest
  • rebirth throughout the seasons of life.

Generally, tree of life gem trees are flat and circular, with the crystals woven into the tree branches.

They are used as jewelry, home decor, or as suncatchers and dream catchers.

You can set your intentions with a tree of life in the same way you do with a regular gem tree.

The 7 Chakra gem trees are also modeled after the Tree of Life, so sometimes they’re called a chakra tree of life as well.

Choose whichever one you connect to the most!

tree of life sun catcher

Which gemstone tree is best?

The best gemstone tree is the one you feel most connected to – you cannot get it wrong!

Crystals work through your vibration, helping your frequencies be more in tune with what you want.

If you have a specific intention, use the gemstone tree that aligns with that intention.

If you don’t have a specific intention, choose the gemstone tree that you feel most drawn to!

Your intuition will guide you.

Where do I put the gem tree?

Place your feng shui gem tree in the area of your home that relates to the area of your life you’re currently focused on.

You can use the feng shui bagua map to see which areas of your home correlate with the different areas of your life.

Where to put money gemstone trees:

Where to put love gem trees:

Where to put the 7 chakra gemstone tree:

multi gem feng shui tree and candles

What is a gemstone Wish Tree?

A gemstone Wish Tree is another name for the feng shui tree or crystal gem tree.

After all, intentions are just another name for wishes!

Whether you call them wishes or intentions, both of them are powerful ways to manifest your dreams.

Where do you buy a gemstone tree?

You can buy a gem tree or feng shui crystal tree on Etsy or even on Amazon!

Make sure to check the reviews of the seller so that you get a quality product.

You want to make sure the gem tree has real, natural crystals and isn’t a fake.

If you’d like a genuine, gold feng shui money tree, I recommend Buddha & Karma. They ship fast and have genuine feng shui items!

Click here to see feng shui wealth gem trees at Buddha & Karma!

Now that you know how to use a feng shui gem tree to manifest your dreams, you might also want to know:

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