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Feng Shui Bells & How to Use Them for Good Luck!

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Could you use more good luck and good fortune?

Would you like to attract auspicious Chi and positive energy from the Universe?

Do you need an easy way to break up stagnant energy or redirect energy flow throughout your home?

If so, feng shui bells can help! Let’s discuss feng shui bells and how to use them in your home!

What Do Feng Shui Bells Do?

In feng shui, bells attract auspicious Chi energy to wherever you hang them.

Bells attract good energy for two reasons:

One, they break up stagnant energy because of their sound.

Two, the sound of ringing bells attracts good energy from the Universe, replacing the old stagnant energy with fresh, good vibrations.

This is why the most common feng shui placement for bells is on your home’s front door.

Hanging them where they will be rung often means you’ll have the Universe’s attention!

feng shui bells

Feng Shui Bell Meaning

In feng shui, bells mean attracting good luck, good fortune, and abundance from the Universe.

Similar to wind chimes, they can draw attention to the front door, causing Chi energy to move towards it.

They can also be hung throughout the home to break up energy or as a feng shui cure for attracting abundance in that area.

They are often paired with other feng shui symbols too, such as the laughing buddha or feng shui coins.

You can choose feng shui bells that most align with whatever it is you’d like to attract, or you can just use plain feng shui bells.

You can also use bells anytime you’d like to cleanse your home of negative energy!

Ringing the bell uses sound to break up stagnant, old, negative Chi so that it can be replaced with positive vibrations.

gold feng shui bells with red string

Feng Shui Bells & Benefits

The benefits of using feng shui bells in your home are that they circulate energy and attract good Chi (life-force energy.)

Think about how you feel when you hear a bell – whether it’s out and about in your community or if someone is using a bell – they are always used to attract attention!

That attention is what infuses the feng shui bells with meaning and why they are so useful.

They attract attention from the Universe, so they can be used as a specific feng shui cure to increase attention in different areas of your home.

They also break up energy and help move it throughout your home, creating more flow, which always creates more abundance.

And when used intentionally, they can also draw YOUR attention.

And we all know that where attention goes, focus flows – so they can help you manifest your dreams and change your life!

brass bells with red string and feng shui coins

Where to Place Feng Shui Bells in Your Home

You can use feng shui bells throughout your home, in the same way you’d use windchimes or even feng shui fountains – to move and attract energy.

Two specific feng shui uses for bells are:

  • On your front door
  • On stairs.

Hanging Feng Shui Bells on Your Front Door

Your front door is very important in feng shui.

It’s how fresh Chi enters your home and starts to circulate throughout your life.

Your front door is how the Universe sends new opportunities and abundance into your life!

Hanging feng shui bells on your front door will:

  • Attract energy from the Universe every time you open your front door.
  • Activate your front door to help you attract what you want.
  • Break up energy so that it flows more easily into your home.

You can place bells on your front door knob or hang them from a wreath hanger.

The point is that they jingle every time you use your front door and attract good vibrations, fresh energy, and abundance from the Universe!

For even more power, set a specific intention when you place the bells on your front door. For example, you can use bells to:

  • Help you attract a new job or new customers/clients.
  • Attract good fortune in all areas of your life.
  • Increase good health and positive energy in your household.
  • Attract helpful people, mentors, or benefactors.
  • Draw in a new romantic partner or increase love and romance with your current partner.
  • Or even help summon the energy to increase creativity and complete projects!

Whatever help you need from the Universe, state that intention very clearly when you hang the bells on your door. You’ll find that things start moving very quickly!

gold bells with leaves

Hanging Feng Shui Bells on Your Stairs

If your front door opens directly onto a stairwell, it can cause all of the fresh energy to move up the stairs instead of into the rest of your home.

You can break up the energy by placing a set of bells outside of the stairwell to direct energy around it.

If you find that energy doesn’t circulate well up or down the stairs in your home, you can also use bells to help attract energy to the other levels.

In this case, hang the bells so that they are inside of the stairwell so that energy moves through them.

colorful bells with red string

Using Feng Shui Bells in Other Bagua Areas

You can use feng shui bells in any bagua area you’d like to draw attention to or move energy through. Like we discussed above, bells work best if you have a specific intention for them.

For example, let’s say you have an unused guest room in your home’s love and relationship area, and you’d like to attract a new love interest into your life.

You can use the feng shui bells to move stagnant energy out of that room by adding them to your energetic cleansing of the room.

Then hang the bells from the door knob to the guest room to keep it activated while you attract your new partner.

You can also use bells to activate or increase the metal element in your home.

The metal element is responsible for mental clarity, productivity, and logic.

The areas of the bagua ruled by the metal element are: Children and Creativity, and Travel and Helpful People.

windchimes with bells and fish

Different Types of Bells for Feng Shui

Bells with a Red String – red represents the fire element in feng shui, so you’ll often find it on feng shui cures. Feng shui bells with a red string are even more activating and attention-grabbing! They are especially great on your front door to increase new opportunities and energy.

Bells with Coins – feng shui bells with coins are used to increase wealth and abundance energy. Use them on your front door to increase abundance energy and good fortune for your entire household.

Bells with Carp or GoldfishGoldfish increase good fortune and wealth, so you’ll often see feng shui bells with fish on them used to attract abundance. You can place them outside of your front door, or in the wealth area of your yard to increase wealth and abundance!

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