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Feng Shui Front Door Plants to Attract Good Luck in 2024!

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In feng shui, the front door of your home is one of the most important areas.

It’s how good luck, good fortune, new opportunities, and fresh energy enter your home and circulate throughout your life.

One way to attract auspicious Chi (life-force energy) to your home is to place good luck plants near your front door.

Let’s discuss the best feng shui front door plants, their meanings, and how to use them to attract good fortune!

There are two ways you can use front door plants in feng shui – inside of your home or outside of your home.

You can have lucky plants in front of your home, in your yard, or on your porch.

Or you can have them just inside your front door to welcome in fresh Chi and help it circulate.

If you don’t have a yard or front door that opens to the outside, don’t fret.

Plants inside the front door work just as well as plants outside!

In fact, they can be a great way to feng shui your entryway!

Feng Shui Front Door Plants for Good Luck & Good Fortune

Jade Plant

jade plant in basket

Jade is a succulent that can live for decades, and even grow up to 6 feet tall in the right conditions!

Succulents are wealth plants in feng shui because their leaves hold water (the water element = abundance!)

Jade plants are often given as gifts for new homeowners or new business owners to attract wealth and success.

They are easy to care for and only need a few hours of indirect light per day.

Money Tree

money tree plant in front of a window

Of course, the feng shui money tree is also known for attracting wealth, good luck, and good fortune.

Money trees traditionally have a braided trunk which is said to trap abundance.

Plus the 5-leaf stem represents the five elements, which also attract good fortune!

lucky plants for your front door according to feng shui

Citrus Trees/Fruit Trees

citrus tree in a pot near the front door

Citrus trees (especially lemons and oranges) represent good fortune and abundance, especially when you have enough to share with others!

Having a citrus tree in your front yard or near your front door means your home is continuously growing in wealth and abundance.

Fruit trees are also lucky for similar reasons.

Plus citrus and fruit trees tend to attract birds, wildlife, and bees – which attract their own good fortune and abundance!

Areca Palm

areca palm in a basket on the floor

The areca palm is a great plant for your front door because it’s so easy to care for.

It’s relatively slow growing and loves to be in a small pot, so it requires very little maintenance but you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Its upward growth and abundance of soft, feathery leaves attract positive energy and good Chi!

It is also helpful for directing energy, so if your front door opens to a stairway or is directly across from your back door, you can use an areca palm to soften the energy flow.

Boston Fern

boston fern on a porch

Boston ferns are excellent for outside your front door to redirect Chi or even create a privacy screen.

They can grow quite large and make great hanging plants.

If you live on a busy street or you have noisy neighbors, placing Boston ferns between your front door and the chaotic energy can soften it.

This means the auspicious Chi will be directed into your home, while the plant will block and absorb the negative or fast-moving energy.

Of course, you can also place Boston ferns on either side of your front door to attract good fortune and good luck!

Snake Plants

snake plant in a basket

Snake plants have strong upward growth, which attracts new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and good fortune!

They are easy to grow and come in a variety of colors to complement your front door.

You can also propagate them from leaf cuttings, which means you can have an abundance of plants (attracting even more luck!)


succulent in a flower pot

Succulents are known for attracting wealth and good fortune in feng shui, so they are great to place near your front door.

Of course one of the most well-known wealth succulents is jade, but other succulents attract abundance as well!

Hoyas, sedums, kalanchoes, and crassula plants are easy to grow and have plump, water-filled leaves.

You can also use aloe vera or haworthia.

Try to avoid cacti or plants with spines or sharp edges near your front door (unless you need added energy protection.)

Cactus plants aren’t inherently unlucky, but you want to welcome in fresh energy and good fortune, not turn it away!

Lucky Bamboo Plant

lucky bamboo plant and candles on entryway table

Lucky bamboo is another wealth plant that is often given to new homeowners or new business owners to attract success and good fortune.

Placing lucky bamboo near the front door is a way to increase good luck and abundance!

You can also use a specific number of bamboo stalks to attract specific intentions, like a successful marriage, wealth, or a long life.


pink orchid in a pink flower pot

Orchids are known in feng shui as plants for attracting good luck in love, marriage, romance, fertility, and yin energy.

Yin energy is soft, flowing, receptive energy.

They are good plants for your front door or entryway if you find that you have difficulty actually receiving the good energy that flows your way.

If you are trying to manifest something specific in your life and you feel like you’re blocking it from coming in, try an orchid near the front door!

Lucky Plants for Outside Your Front Door

If you have a yard or porch, you can also have lucky outdoor plants for your front door area.

You can plant them in your yard, keep them in pots near your front door, or even create a little courtyard area for good luck and good fortune!

front door surrounded with plants

When considering outdoor plants for attracting good luck to your home, think in terms of colors, scents, attracting wildlife, and whether or not it suits your lifestyle.

The WORST plants for your front door area are those that you won’t take care of!

Dead, dying, or struggling plants attract stagnant Chi and turn away good vibes!

If you are going to keep plants near your front door, make sure you will take care of them!

Otherwise, it might be better to place other things near your front door, like wreaths, doormats, or other decor that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Some lucky outdoor plants for your front door area are:

  • Evergreens, which add interest all year long.
  • Rose bushes, which add color and scent. They also add an extra layer of protection to your home if you need to block fast-moving energy or redirect energy (like on a busy street.)
  • Flowering and bright-colored annuals, like geraniums, marigolds, chrysanthemums, coneflowers, and zinnias. They attract lots of pollinators and birds, which creates fresh and happy Chi around your home! They also work well if you love fresh flowers and want to grow your own cut flower garden.
  • Flowering perennials, like peonies, lavender, and hydrangeas also attract wildlife and work well as cut flowers!
  • Colorful greenery, like coleus and caladium, add interest and grow well in pots.
  • Herbs like rosemary, basil, and sage attract good fortune and abundance while also being useful in the kitchen.
front door surrounded by lavender plants

Plants to avoid around your front door are:

Cactus, if they are large, overgrown, and in front of walkways.

The spines attract dangerous energy and turn away fresh energy. They do make excellent plants for protection, however, if you need to create a protective barrier between your home and harmful energy.

Dead and dying plants.

Again, dead and dying plants attract stagnant energy. The area around your front entry should be welcoming and inviting if you want to attract good luck!

Overgrown trees and shrubs.

If the area around your front door is overgrown, it blocks energy from entering your home.

Greenery that hangs over walkways or your front door.

If you can’t easily walk up and into your front door, good luck energy can’t either! Cut back plants, vines, trees, or shrubs that block the walkway or front door.

Other bad luck feng shui plants.

While plants aren’t automatically unlucky, there are some plants associated with bad luck in feng shui. This post has more info: Bad Luck Plants in Feng Shui [List of Unlucky Plants!]

Now that you know the best feng shui front door plants, it will be really helpful to know:

feng shui lucky plants for your front door
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