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How to Use Citrine to Attract Money (14 Easy Methods)

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Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals for attracting money, and there are so many different ways you can use it!

Citrine is well-known as an abundance crystal.

It has many inherent properties that make it great for money manifestation: it’s the stone of joy, optimism, energetic alignment, and a sunny disposition.

It is known as the “merchant’s stone” because it attracts abundance and financial success when placed near a cash register.

It can help you have mental clarity, a positive outlook, and an abundance of creative energy.

Its bright yellow color and fire energy attract positive energy in the best way: by uplifting all of the energy around it which helps money to come in from all directions (especially in unexpected ways!)

how to use citrine to attract money - crystal abundance grid

If you’ve spent any time working on money manifesting, you know that having a positive outlook can make you a magnet to all good things in the Universe — especially money!

Feeling the feelings of abundance and positivity can help you bring in more money than you know what to do with.

The key to using citrine to attract money is to use it to enhance and concentrate those feelings.

Using citrine as part of your manifestation rituals will create wealth energy that radiates throughout your entire life. Here’s how to do it!

How to Use Citrine to Attract Money (14 Easy Methods)

Place citrine in your home’s feng shui wealth area.

This increases the wealth and abundance energy in your home, which will expand into the rest of your life.

Your home’s wealth area is responsible for increasing the money in your bank account, but also abundance in ALL areas, because true wealth is more than just financial success!

4 polished citrine crystals for attracting money

Wear a citrine wealth bracelet.

Wearing a citrine bracelet or other citrine jewelry can attract wealth energy to your aura.

It will infuse your entire body with wealth vibes, helping you attract money in your daily life.

You might even find that you start finding abundance everywhere — like money in the street or finding the winning lotto ticket! (Related Post: How to wear a feng shui wealth bracelet)

If you own a business, you can use citrine to attract business success and more clients.

You can: place citrine on top of your business card, keep citrine on the feng shui wealth area of your desk while you work, or even keep a piece of citrine in your cash register to make it a money magnet!

Create a feng shui wealth bowl.

Using citrine as part of your feng shui wealth bowl will make it a powerful money attractor.

If you want to attract a specific amount of money, use that intention while you create your wealth bowl. This post will tell you how: how to make a feng shui money bowl.

feng shui wealth bowl with citrine crystal and candle

Use a citrine money tree.

A citrine tree is a crystal tree that attracts and grows wealth.

Money trees or gemstone trees are beautiful feng shui cures for money.

They symbolize growing generational wealth and financial abundance that expands into many lifetimes!

Place your citrine crystal tree in your home’s wealth area, or family/legacy area, or on your desk to increase abundance!

Keep citrine on your work desk to increase income in your job or career.

You can keep citrine on your desk’s feng shui wealth corner, or even in your desk drawer if you don’t want other people at work to see it.

Citrine can help you get a raise or promotion, attract clients if you’re in sales, or even just increase good vibes and positive energy while you’re at work.

You’ll find that keeping a piece of citrine will increase the happiness and income of everyone around you, so that your whole office and workplace thrives! (Related post: The best crystals for work!)

close up of citrine crystals

Create a crystal grid.

If you have a specific amount of money you’d like to manifest, you can create a citrine crystal grid!

Crystal grids can help you concentrate manifestation energy all in one place.

Write your specific intention on a slip of paper and place it under the crystal grid to infuse it with even more power.

Crystals that go well with citrine are: green aventurine, green jade, pyrite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, and tiger’s eye.

They will make your crystal grid full of good fortune, good luck, and of course, money!

Meditate with citrine.

Hold a piece of citrine in your receiving hand (left hand) or place it on your solar plexus chakra.

While you’re meditating, concentrate on your specific money intention.

If you have a specific amount you’d like to manifest, feel the feelings of receiving that exact amount.

You can also follow a guided money meditation or imagine money raining down on you while you’re meditating.

Feel those feelings while concentrating on the energy being generated by your citrine crystal.

Not only will this help you align your energy with the citrine, but it will also program the citrine to hold your intention!

citrine tumbles

Place citrine by your front door.

Your front door is one of the most important areas of your home in feng shui.

It’s how good fortune, good luck, and positive Chi (life-force energy) enters your home and your life!

Placing citrine near your front door will increase the positive Chi and good vibes.

It will also attract more wealth and abundance!

See this post for more info: how to feng shui your front door for good fortune and new opportunities!

Place citrine on top of your manifestation journal.

If you’ve been using a manifestation journal to attract wealth, you can place citrine on top of it to charge it with money vibes!

You can also keep the citrine near you while you’re journaling to infuse your journaling session with abundance.

Here’s more info: how to use a manifestation journal to attract your dreams!

polished citrine crystal

Keep citrine in your wallet or purse.

Keeping a small citrine tumble in your wallet or purse attracts money and abundance to your bank account!

Your wallet and purse are very important wealth areas, because how you treat your physical money reflects how you feel about money.

This post has all of the info about how to feng shui your wallet and purse.

Create a money altar.

A money altar doesn’t have to be fancy in order to work.

It’s similar to a crystal grid or wealth bowl: a way to concentrate money energy.

Things you can use for a money altar: a few pieces of money or coins, a printout of your bank account balance, a small piece of paper with your money intention, and other items that represent the Universe bringing what you want.

You can use inspirational money quotes, pictures of people who inspire you in your career — anything that makes you feel inspired will help hold that energy.

Create your money altar in your home’s wealth corner, your entryway, or even in the money area of your bedroom or home office to increase wealth vibes.

Make sure you interact with it often and feel the feelings of having what you want!

citrine tumbles

Do a full moon ritual with citrine.

A full moon ritual is a way to charge your intentions with the energy of the full moon.

The full moon represents the fulfillment of your desires (not to mention specific intentions that occur with each moon.)

Some ideas for a full moon ritual:

Write your intentions on a slip of paper or a bay leaf.

Hold your citrine crystal and the intention in your hands.

Feel the feelings of your intentions coming true.

Place your piece of citrine out under the full moon with your intention underneath it. (You can use your windowsill if you don’t want to put your crystal outside.)

It is done!

The next morning, place your crystal inside (or wear it) and either burn your intention or bury it in a plant.

This will release your intention to the Universe while your citrine crystal holds the manifestation energy.

Place citrine by your vision board to help your dreams come true!

If you have a large vision board, you can place your citrine crystal near it.

Or if your vision board is smaller, you can place your citrine on top of it!

The fire energy of the citrine will activate your vision board, which helps the energy move and your dreams happen faster!

tumbled citrine stone

How to Use Citrine For Money Manifestation: 3 Steps

You only need 3 steps to activate your citrine crystal for money manifesting! They are:

  • Cleanse.
  • Program.
  • Wear/Place.


You should always cleanse your citrine crystal before programming it with your intention.

Cleansing it will reset its energy to its original vibration and remove any energies it’s picked up from the environment.

It also cleanses all past programming so you can use it to attract new things. See this post for more info about how to cleanse your crystals.


You can program your citrine stone to hold your specific intentions.

All you have to do is hold it or touch it and repeat your intention to yourself.

Feel the feelings of having what you want.

If someone came up to you on the street and gave it to you right now, how would you feel?

Feel those feelings while holding your crystal.

Take a few deep breaths, setting the intention that the energy you’re feeling is going into the crystal.

It is done!

Your crystal will hold the energy of your desires coming true! (Once they have, you can cleanse your crystal and reprogram it!)

Your crystal is now ready to use.

You can wear it, place it in your home or on your desk in the area most related to your desire, or use it in your crystal grid or in your wealth bowl. It is done!

Any time you think about it, feel the feelings of having what you want. Interact with your crystal whenever you feel lead to, feeling the feelings of your desires coming to you!

How to Use Citrine to Manifest Money: Q & A

How do you activate citrine for money?

To activate citrine for money, you just have to go through the three steps above:

Cleanse and program it.

You can further charge your citrine crystal by setting it out under the full moon.

You can write your specific intention on a piece of paper and place it under your citrine while charging it, or just repeat your intention to yourself while placing your crystal in the moonlight. It is done!

Where do you put citrine for wealth?

You can place your citrine for wealth in the following areas:

  • On your desk while you work, in the wealth area or fame area.
  • In your home’s wealth area, career area, fame area, or by your front door.
  • Under your pillow while you sleep (Sleeping with citrine might be too activating however, so if you do this and you can’t sleep, put it somewhere else!)
  • Wear it as a bracelet on your left hand to attract abundance.
  • Near your vision board.

What crystals work well with citrine?

The crystals that work best with citrine are:

  • green jade – for attracting good fortune
  • clear quartz – to amplify other crystals and create a clear channel to the Universe
  • green aventurine – to create luck and opportunity
  • tiger’s eye – to enhance your personal power and magnetism
  • smoky quartz – to remove negative energy and protect your wealth
  • pyrite / fool’s gold – to activate the strength and stamina to achieve your dreams

You can use them all together, or a combination of them! This post has more details: How to use feng shui wealth crystals for manifesting money!

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