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How to Use Feng Shui Wind Chimes for Wealth and Good Fortune!

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Could you use more wealth and abundance in your life?

Would you like to increase good fortune and attract new opportunities?

If so, it’s time to try feng shui wind chimes in your home!

Wind chimes placed by your front door or in different areas of your home can attract fresh energy, good luck, and even wealth!

Let’s discuss using wind chimes for good feng shui!

feng shui wind chimes

What is the Purpose of Feng Shui Wind Chimes?

The purpose of using feng shui wind chimes around your home is to attract beneficial Chi (life-force energy) as well as break up stagnant energy and move it.

Wind chimes do this in two ways: movement and sound.

You can use wind chimes in different areas of your home to create movement, which increases flow and removes stuck energy.

Or you can use them outside of your home to attract good fortune and auspicious Chi into your home and life.

wood and metal wind chimes hanging on a porch

Wind Chimes Spiritual Meaning

Wind chimes originated in Ancient Rome, as a way to ward off evil spirits.

They were often hung outside of buildings as protection from the evil eye and negative energies.

This eventually lead to wind chimes being used in Ancient China as a way to repel negative spirits and attract good Chi.

Over time, wind chimes have become symbols of new beginnings, positive energy, and even communication from the spiritual realm.

They are thought to attract peaceful energy and repel harmful energy.

As with all things in feng shui, different types of wind chimes have different meanings.

The meanings come from the materials the wind chimes are made of, the number of rods the wind chimes have, and whether or not they have other auspicious feng shui symbols included (like birds, fish, bells, or coins.)

bamboo wind chimes

Wind Chime Materials and Their Meanings

The materials the wind chimes are made of get their meanings from the five elements of feng shui. You can use wind chimes made of different materials to activate and balance that element.

Metal Wind Chimes represent the metal element. The metal element is responsible for clarity, mental acuity, productivity, creativity, and completing projects.

Crystal Wind Chimes represent the water element. The water element is responsible for wealth, good fortune, and energy flow.

Bamboo Wind Chimes and other wind chimes made of wood represent the wood element. The wood element represents upward momentum, growth, and new beginnings.

Wind chimes made of natural materials, like ceramic or sea shells, represent the earth element. The earth element is responsible for good health, stability, grounding, and a solid foundation in life.

Number of Rods

Numbers hold a lot of meaning in feng shui. You can use wind chimes with a specific number of rods to invoke the meaning of that number and help that energy circulate.

4 Rods: Security and a solid foundation in life.
5 Rods: The five elements of feng shui, the cycle of life, and creating balance and harmony.
6 Rods: Calm, nurturing energy and the ability to share wealth with others.
7 Rods: Personal growth and self awareness.
8 Rods: Prosperity, abundance, and success.
9 Rods: Completion and the pinnacle of success.

wood and metal feng shui wind chimes

Types of Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

You can also choose wind chimes with symbolism to harness the energy of that symbol and increase it in your life.

Wind Chimes with Bells Feng shui bells attract good fortune and abundance for the same reasons wind chimes do – they break up energy and attract auspicious Chi with their sound. Wind chimes and bells together are even more powerful!

Wind Chimes with DragonfliesDragonflies represent transformation and new beginnings.

Wind Chimes with BirdsBirds represent freedom, happiness, and the arrival of good news.

Wind Chimes with FishFish represent abundance and prosperity flowing into your life.

Wind Chimes with ElephantsElephants represent blessings, success, power, strength, and loyalty.

Wind Chimes with Feng Shui CoinsFeng shui coins represent good luck, good fortune, and financial success.

Wind Chimes with ButterfliesButterflies represent transformation, rebirth, freedom, and attracting a romantic partner.

Wind Chimes with a Mystic Knot – The mystic knot represents a continuous flow of abundance and prosperity with no beginning and no end.

Wind Chimes with Red Strings – Red attracts auspicious Chi and activates the fire element, which is the catalyst for change.

wind chimes with a lady bug and butterfly decoration

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Placement

In feng shui, wind chimes can be placed in different areas of your home to break up energy, create flow, and activate that segment of the feng shui bagua map. They can also be used to redirect energy and keep it flowing throughout your home.


Placing wind chimes outside can attract attention and break up inauspicious Chi.

If you live on a busy street, for example, you can place wind chimes on your porch or under eaves to break up the fast-moving Chi.

If you have neighbors that bother you, you can place wind chimes between them and your home to redirect the energy.

And if you want the Universe to send you fresh energy, you can place wind chimes outside of your front door to activate it and increase energy flow into your home!

You can also use wind chimes outside of your home as an anchor for missing bagua areas.

For example, if your home is missing a love corner, you could place wind chimes in your yard where the edge of the love corner would normally be.

This will redirect energy and make the bagua “whole.”

feng shui wind chimes with red string, feng shui coins, bells, and a feng shui frog

Outside Your Front Door for Good Luck and Good Fortune

Your front door is extremely important in feng shui.

It is how fresh Chi energy enters your home and starts to circulate!

Hanging feng shui wind chimes outside of your front door will attract good fortune, good luck, abundance, and new opportunities into your life!

The best placement is in between the street and your door, and the most auspicious placement is to the upper left of the door when you are looking at the door from the street.

Hanging Feng Shui Wind Chimes Indoors

For feng shui purposes, you can also hang wind chimes inside of your home. They can activate bagua areas, increase energy flow, and redirect energy.

To activate an area of the bagua, place the wind chimes somewhere in that area.

You can activate that area even further by choosing wind chimes that contain the element of that area.

Red wind chimes are great in the fame area, for example.

Or you could use metal wind chimes in your home’s children and creativity area.

To soften poison arrows and redirect energy, you can place wind chimes near sharp corners, or hang them from stairwells.

If you have a front door that opens directly into a stairwell, for example, you can hang wind chimes near the stairs.

This will redirect energy to the main floor so it doesn’t go immediately upstairs.

If you have a front door that is directly inline with a back door or a large wall of windows, you can hang wind chimes in between them to redirect the energy so it stays inside of your home.

Hanging Wind Chimes for Wealth and Abundance

You can hang wind chimes in your home’s wealth area to activate it and help energy flow.

If you have a large window in your home’s wealth area, hanging wind chimes in front of the window can help the Chi keep circulating instead of flowing out of the window.

Otherwise, you can hang your wind chimes from the ceiling in your wealth area to break up energy and get it moving.

Don’t forget to manually move your wind chimes from time to time to keep the energy active!

You can also hang wind chimes in your home’s career area to help get things moving positively in your career.

If you’d like a new job, a promotion, more work, or more money in your career or life path, hang wind chimes somewhere in the career area!

Feng Shui Rules for Wind Chimes

  • Only use wind chimes you like. You don’t have to use feng shui-specific wind chimes – use any that you love!
  • Don’t block walkways or doorways. Make sure you hang them high enough that they will be out of the way.
  • Keep them in good condition. Keep them clean and replace them or repair them if they get broken or worn out.

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