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feng shui bagua series: your home’s feng shui money area

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Are you struggling with creating wealth in your life? Do you need more income, more savings, or more financial stability? Would you just like more money? If so, it’s time to turn your attention to the feng shui money area of your home!

feng shui money area

How to find your home’s feng shui money area:

The money area of your home is the far back left one-third of your home, when you’re standing at the front door, looking inside your home. 

If you divide your home into 9 squares (like a tic-tac-toe board,) your home’s feng shui money area is the back left corner.  Here’s a picture of the feng shui bagua map:

feng shui bagua map

For more information about the feng shui bagua map (the feng shui map of your home that shows you which areas of your home correlate with the different areas of your life) click here!

The feng shui money area of your home is responsible for:

Monetary wealth
Abundance in all areas of your life
Financial accounts of all kinds (retirement, savings, etc)
Opportunities and blessings in all areas of your life
Prosperity in all areas of your life

When the money area of your home is in balance, you’ll find that:

Money flows into and out of your life easily and without stress
You feel abundant in all areas of your life
Your business is full of income and joyful clients
Your bank accounts are full or overflowing
Opportunities come to you quickly and easily

feng shui bagua money

When this area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

Money flows out faster than it flows in
Your business is struggling to bring in income or more customers
You feel like there’s a shortage of money
Money is a struggle
You feel stuck and lack opportunities
One or more areas of your life just feel stuck or not abundant

Decorate your home’s money area with:

Wood elements (wooden picture frames, plants, wood furniture)
Purple, red, or blue
Water features, like a fountain or fish tank
Art or pictures that feature water, like fountains or the ocean (no turbulent waves, please!)
Lush green plants with rounded leaves (click here for feng shui money plants!)
Money crystals
A feng shui money bowl
Other wealth symbols that inspire you
Mirrors (mirrors double the energy of what they reflect)

feng shui bagua prosperity corner

Decorative items to avoid in this area:

Lots of fire elements, like candles or a fire place
Lots of bright, fiery colors (a little is great! a lot can “burn up” your finances)
Too much white or metal energy

When you struggle with prosperity or blessings, look for:

Broken items.  Broken items in your home’s feng shui money area can cause you to be “broke” financially.  Remove or repair broken items ASAP.

Dirt, grime, and dust.  Keep this area clean and clear to help the energy keep flowing and more abundance coming into your life!

Burnt out light bulbs.  Keep this area well lit so prosperity and blessings can easily find you!

Financial paperwork.  Financial paperwork, especially for unpaid bills or past financial hardships should stay out of this area. 

If you have to keep financial paperwork in this area, make sure it’s up to date and doesn’t bring up feelings of stress!  I recommend moving this paperwork out of the money area entirely.

Trash cans.  Keep the trash out of this area. 

If you have to keep a trash can in your money area, make sure you take it out often and keep the can as neat and tidy as possible!

Dead or dying plants.  Dead plants or plant hospitals represent stagnant energy. If you’re struggling with money and prosperity, keep them out of this area.

Leaks.  Leaking water represents draining finances and energy.  Repair any leaks ASAP!

feng shui wealth corner

Feng shui cures for the wealth and prosperity area:

There are so many different enhancements for the wealth and prosperity area! It’s one of the most fun areas of the home to experiment with and see results. 

Here are a few things you can add to your home’s feng shui money area to boost prosperity!

One: Create a wealth and prosperity vision board. 

At the base level, you can just clip or print images, quotes, and affirmations that represent prosperity to you and keep them in an envelope somewhere in the money area. 

But if you want to go more elaborate, you can also go all out and create a wealth vision board!  Click here to learn how to create a vision board.

feng shui bagua for wealth

Two: Create a feng shui money bowl. 

A feng shui money bowl symbolizes wealth and prosperity filling up your life and spilling over! 

Money bowls are easy and fun to create.  Click here to see how to make a feng shui wealth bowl!

Three: Add a money plant! 

Buying a plant specifically for this area that represents financial growth can go a long way towards enhancing wealth and prosperity. 

You can even “plant” your financial intentions in the flower pot! 

Write out an intention you have for your finances on a small piece of paper and bury it in the plant’s dirt.  Watch your intention grow!  Click here to see 8 different feng shui money plants!

feng shui prosperity corner

Four:  Add a small fountain or fish tank. 

If your finances just aren’t flowing, moving water is a great way to stimulate them.  Place the fountain or fish tank so that the water flows INTO the area and not away from it.  

Five:  Add a mobile, wind chime, or other whirly gig to this area. 

This moves the Chi (life force energy) and keeps it flowing around the room, which is what you want if you want your finances to keep growing and spreading and filling your life with prosperity!

feng shui wealth prosperity area

What if your home’s money area is missing?

If you apply the bagua to your home and the money area seems to be missing, the easiest way to “fix” it is to realize that nothing is missing! 

Instead, the areas around the money area really do double-duty.  You can energize the walls that surround where the money area should be to create your own money area. 

You can also use the feng shui bagua map on individual rooms, and create a money area somewhere else in your home.  

What if your money area is someone’s bedroom or is otherwise not accessible?

If your money area is someone’s bedroom or not accessible, the easiest thing to do is create a money area elsewhere in your home. 

Because you can use the bagua map on individual rooms, you can really create a money area in any room that feels best! 

Your intentions are the biggest deciding factor in how feng shui works for you, and if you can’t access the money area, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to financial ruin. 

Your home is perfect the way it is, and you can create a money area anywhere!

Choose a room that feels best to you and use all of the feng shui tips in that area instead. 

You can’t feng shui someone else’s room anyway – it won’t work because intentions are everything!

So set your intentions for abundance and don’t worry about what someone else is doing in the space.

bagua map money area

What if the feng shui money area is in a bathroom?

Bathrooms do represent draining energy in feng shui, but that doesn’t mean that your money is going to go down the drain! 

You can still use all of your feng shui cures in the bathroom. 

And to counteract the draining energy, keep the toilet lid closed as much as possible. 

Also, consider adding a plant to your bathroom (if possible) to help slow down the energy. 

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feng shui bagua series: your home’s feng shui money area


Friday 8th of January 2021

What do you mean facing the front door? I should stand inside my house then face the front door or should I be standing outside facing my front door to know the areas?


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Stand in the front door area, facing inside your home, as if you were entering your home. :)