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How To Make Your Vision Board Manifest

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Making a vision board is a magical way to help bring your dreams into reality. There is something about seeing your vision in front of you that helps it not only manifest more quickly but also to implant it into your subconscious mind so that you believe it can become a reality.

That said, if you have something on your vision board that you want REALLY BADLY – how can you make it happen more quickly? Here are 5 tips to help you manifest your vision board.

how to make your vision board manifest

Step One To Making Your Vision Board A Reality:

Place your vision board somewhere you see it every day. There are MANY different paths to manifesting and using the law of attraction, and you have to really feel out what works for you.

But if you want the goals on your vision board to happen more quickly, putting it where you can see it and focus on it can help. I recommend someplace where you will see it first thing in the morning (maybe on the back of the bathroom door) or next to your bed so that you see it right before you go to sleep.

Whenever you see your board, take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath while visualizing those things really happening to you.  Feel the feelings of how it would feel if you received those things RIGHT NOW.

girl with laptop and magazines - creating a vision board that works

Step Two: Use Your Home As A Vision Board

Use your home as a reflection of your vision board.  Part of Feng Shui is to help your home reflect the life you are manifesting. You want to live as much as possible as the person you will be when you have what you want. 

You don’t have to make your home an exact reflection of what you’re manifesting (so if you want a NEW home, obviously that’s not going to happen instantly), but you should definitely make intention moves towards it. 

Let’s say a new home IS on your vision board — it might be appropriate to actually start decluttering and preparing to move. This shows the universe that you’re serious and it will also help you feel like things are really happening quickly.  

Step Three: Make your vision board manifest by decluttering

MAKE SPACE!  A huge principal in Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction is for you to make space for the inevitable arrival of what you want. 

Any time you intentionally make room in your life, it’s a signal to the Universe that you are ready for something new.  After all, if your whole life is FULL — FULL of stuff, full of commitments, full of pressure — where are the new things going to GO? You can’t receive something new if you’re holding on tightly to things you already have.

planner and laptop - use your journal to manifest your vision board

Step Four: Boost your vision board with feng shui.

Practice some Feng Shui magic! I recommend only making one or two changes at a time, but using feng shui cures are a great way to help your manifestation practices along. 

Look at the bagua and figure out which areas of your home are aligned with one or two things you’d like to manifest quickly. 

If you want more money, for example, you would start in the back left corner of your house (standing in the front doorway and looking into the home.)

The back left corner is the wealth corner. And the BEST thing you can do for the wealth corner is to make sure it’s free of any clutter.  Then give it a good scrub down and stir up the chi! You can burn a candle in the wealth corner for a few hours every day for 9 days to add some heat to your finances. Do this with intention and you can see more money happen in your life fairly quickly!

Step Five: Use Journalling to Help Your Vision Board Manifest

Journal on your vision board.  Spend at least one day a week thinking about your vision board and the goals you want to achieve.

Use your journal to write down all the things that you’ll feel when you have those things.  Or even better — write out your vision for a YEAR FROM NOW  — as if your future self is telling current you what happened this year. Write about how things happened for you, how you felt, how you received everything you wanted on your vision board. 

The more you can get into this, the better!  You might even find as you’re writing that you suddenly have an idea or nudge of something you can do right NOW to help something manifest on your board.  Maybe you’ll have a random thought to call someone and you don’t know why. Maybe you’ll suddenly realize the name of your business. You never know how much the future you knows until you try it.

how to make your vision board manifest
how to make your vision board manifest