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Signs Your Manifestation is Coming [Have You Seen Them?]

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Whether you’re new to manifestation or you’re a pro, you can still find yourself wondering whether or not your manifestation is coming.

Sometimes it can seem like nothing is happening and what you want is never going to come.

That’s where signs from the Universe can really help!

Let’s go through the most common signs your manifestation is coming.

signs your manifestation is coming - woman reading tarot cards

11 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

You start to see it everywhere.

You know that law of attraction example that everyone uses of when you’re thinking of buying a red car, you see red cars everywhere?

Everyone uses it because it’s true.

In fact, it’s usually the first sign that your manifestation is working: you start to see what you want EVERYWHERE.

The reason this is the number one sign is because that’s how the law of attraction works.

Once you’ve decided what you want, you start attracting it.

You think about it all the time.

You see it everywhere.

Other people start talking to you about it.

This is an example of the 17-second manifestation principle in action.

The law of attraction has kicked in.

You are magnetizing what you want into your reality!

You see angel numbers.

Angel numbers are a way the Universe, spirit guides, and angels show you that things are lining up.

They are a series of repeating numbers that you see over and over throughout your day.

Depending on what numbers you’re seeing, the Universe could be sending you a message — or you could just see your favorite or lucky number all the time!

The key to angel numbers is that you know they mean something to you.

The most common ones are a series like 1111, 2222, or 3333 (etc) or you see a repeating pattern that is specific to you.

Let’s say your favorite number is 14.

You might see 14s everywhere!

This is basically receiving a wink from the Universe telling you that everything is lining up in your favor.

woman holding palo santo sticks

You see other signs.

You can actually ask the Universe for a specific sign that your manifestation is coming.

Pick something that you wouldn’t normally see in everyday life, like a certain color butterfly or feather, or something that has deep meaning for you.

The Universe is listening and you’ll start to see it everywhere!

Not only does that mean your manifestation is close, but it is also an example that the Universe is listening to you.

The Universe is always sending you signs, but sometimes you don’t notice them.

Asking for something specific tells the Universe that you are watching and in sync with what it is showing you!

Asking for a sign that your manifestation is coming is one of the easiest ways to tell for sure that the LOA is working!

Synchronicity or coincidence.

Another thing that starts to happen when your manifestations are coming is that synchronicity or coincidences start happening that you can’t really explain.

You find yourself in the right place at the right time to hear someone talking about what you want.

You are thinking of someone who can help you and they text you.

You are thinking of a song and it starts playing.

You are thinking of a certain movie and it pops up randomly in a post while you’re scrolling your phone.

All of these things are synchronistic events that mean the Universe is lining things up for you!

woman meditating in front of tarot cards

You feel like it’s coming.

When you’re in alignment with your desires, you might suddenly get the feeling that it’s coming or happening even when you don’t have “evidence.”

In fact, everything on the outside might look like it can’t be further away, but inside you still know!

That inner knowing is a great sign that what you want is on its way to you.

You just know somehow. That is not you being delusional – you really do know!

So ignore everything or everyone telling you that you’re wrong. You’re not. You know best!

Sometimes your inner knowing will also prompt you to take a step out of your comfort zone that makes NO sense to you.

You just know that it’s something you have to do.

Trust yourself! Your inner being knows what the next logical step is towards what you want, even if it doesn’t really look like a logical step!

Maybe you have a feeling that you need to call someone.

Or maybe you are meditating and you suddenly know that you need to go get coffee.

That coffee could lead to meeting someone who will help you get what you want.

Don’t ignore your inner knowing. Take the inspired action.

The more you trust yourself and your inner knowing, the faster and easier you’ll manifest the things you want.

woman meditating

Chaos starts happening.

This is the “it’s always darkest before the dawn” phenomenon.

Things start happening that look like the exact opposite of what you want.

Your basement floods. You break your phone. You get a flat tire. You cut your finger or trip and fall. You lose your job. You get in a fight with your partner. You drop your favorite coffee mug.

These chaotic things can often mean that the energy around you is moving faster and you’re about to get what you want.

Sometimes the Universe makes room in your life for the thing you want by removing something you don’t want.

And sometimes things just happen.

But if you look back and see that often things break before you get what you really want, then that is a sign for you that what you want is on the way!

You get deja vu.

When you get a feeling of deja vu it’s often a sign that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

You see something in the world that you dreamed about.

You hear a conversation and know what someone’s going to say next.

You walk into a room and feel like the exact thing you’re seeing, you’ve seen it before.

This means you’re lining up with the thing that you want and it’s about to come!

woman laying on meditation pillow holding crystals

You have dreams where you have what you want.

If you start having dreams where you have the thing you want, that means it is deeply imprinted into your subconscious.

You are now actively dreaming about having it!

It’s about to show up in physical reality soon – most likely exactly as you dreamed it!

You have dreams with your sign.

If you asked for a sign from the Universe that your manifestation is coming, you might actually have dreams of the sign and not just see it in your physical life.

That is still a sign your manifestation is coming!

It’s possible that this was the easiest way for the Universe to send you the sign.

It’s also possible that you wanted to see the sign so badly that it showed up in your dream.

But the truth is that if you WANT to see the sign and you DO, it doesn’t matter how it shows up.

It’s still a sign that your manifestation is on its way to you.

crystals laying across woman's arm in a line

You’re doubting everything.

If you’ve been working on a certain manifestation for a long time and it just isn’t happening, you might start to feel like it’s never going to happen.

If it feels like nothing is working, everything is stupid, and you might as well not even try anymore – that’s actually a good sign that what you want is about to happen!

Some people see this moment as a test.

Can you keep the faith that what you want is coming no matter what it looks like is happening in “reality?” If so, you will pass that test!

But you can also give yourself a break, and just go do something else for a while.

Work on another manifestation, or just go do something and distract yourself.

This leads us to sign number 11 . . .

You have given up.

The other side of the coin for keeping the faith is ACTUALLY giving up and feeling like it really isn’t ever going to come.

Sometimes this is actually for the best because when you take your hands off of it, it can actually come!

When we are trying to manifest something, we can get caught up in NOT HAVING IT.

This means you’re focusing on it not being there, and that just attracts it not being there!

When you stop thinking about it, stop obsessing over it, and just kind of forget about it, it has the room to come to you.

You’re no longer focused on it not working.

You can even do this “on purpose” by just making peace with where you are.

Just accept that where you are is okay and not having what you want is okay too.

After all, you’ve gotten by without it for this long, right?

That means you’re no longer fighting reality, and what you want can come in.

But you have to actually work on accepting it and move past it.

Then it can come!

What happens when you don’t see a sign?

Here’s the thing about signs.

Let’s say that you ask for a sign and it doesn’t show up.

That does NOT mean that what you want isn’t coming.

It most likely means that you’re trying too hard to see a sign, so you’re focusing on the fact that you haven’t seen it.

The more you focus on not seeing it, the more you’re not going to see it.

It’s fine that you haven’t seen a sign.

Your manifestation is still coming!

The most important thing is that, whether you’ve seen a sign or you haven’t seen a sign, you still want your manifestation to come.

Always focus on knowing what you want, and knowing you can have it.

The rest will fall into place!

What should you do if it looks like your manifestation isn’t coming?

Not seeing signs that your manifestation is coming doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It just means the signs aren’t happening.

Ask the Universe for a different sign – one that is OBVIOUS.

Then sit back and relax, knowing the Universe will send you what you need.

Once you’ve done that, try a different manifestation technique and try to have fun with it! Try one that you haven’t tried before!

Try one of these, for example:

Or come up with your own manifestation game!

There are plenty of ways to manifest. Just have fun with it!

Try to be easy about it and let the Universe bring you what you want.

“Things are always working out for me. And I can take it a little easier. And I’m going to turn this over to the Universe.”

– Abraham Hicks
11 signs your manifestation is coming
11 signs your manifestation is coming