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How To Create A Vision Board – The Ultimate Guide

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It’s that time of year! It’s time to start thinking about creating a vision board for 2022.

If you’ve never created one before, or if you just want to take your vision planning to the next level, then this post is for you.

Here are all of the things you need to know about how to create a vision board.

how to create a vision board - the ultimate guide!

Step One: Choose your medium.

There are SO. MANY. DIFFERENT. WAYS. to create a vision board.

You can pretty much do anything that feels good to you.

There are also plenty of ways to create a low cost or even free one! Some ideas are:

  • Posterboard
  • Pinboard or corkboard.
  • A piece of notebook paper or card stock.
  • Your 2022 planner.
  • A private youtube video.
  • A photo album on your phone.
  • A digital vision board template or app.
  • A secret Pinterest board.
  • A bowl full scraps of paper that you write your goals on.
  • Pic monkey or canva and design your board and save it to your desktop or phone wallpaper or print it out.
  • A whiteboard and write down your goals and ideas and switch them as they happen.
  • A notebook and write down lists of everything you want to manifest!

As you can see, the possibilities are really endless.

You can pick one, or a combo of them and keep all sorts of ideas of what you want to bring into your life in different areas.

I’ve even just printed out things I’ve wanted to manifest and kept them in a pocket in my planner and gone back and realized so many of them happened that I needed to print out new ones!

The whole point of the vision board is to just keep track of what you want – it’s totally up to you how you do that. Do what feels best for you!

clipboard holding paper that says: the best time for new beginnings is now.

Step 2: Gather your supplies.

Obviously it depends on what medium you chose – if you’re creating a Pinterest board then you don’t need supplies at all!

But if you want a physical vision board, then definitely start gathering up the things you need.

When I’m creating a vision board, I like to gather up magazines and also find pictures on the internet, or Instagram, or Pinterest, or things I’ve taken a screenshot of on my phone.

I pull them all out and put them together in canva or pic monkey and print them out. I also get out my glue sticks and whatever else I need.

You can add stickers, sequins, trinkets, even crystals. Anything you can fuse with intention to help you achieve your goals.

Step 3: Brainstorm your goal ideas.

If you’re interested in learning how to create a vision board, you might already have some specific ideas of things you want to call into your life.

But if you haven’t really thought about it yet, now is the time to get those ideas out on paper. 

I like to take out a piece of paper and write down anything that comes to mind. 

Whether it’s how I want to feel, how I want to look, how much money I want to make, trips I want to take, people I want to meet — anything that comes to mind, I jot it down on paper.

This gives me a direction to go in when I’m gathering my pictures and getting things ready.

Sometimes it helps to create a brainstorming Pinterest board to keep all of the ideas and refer back to them later.

If you’re doing this over a couple of weeks, you might go back and realize that you don’t really want something or what feels better to you now is something different.

The whole thing about vision boards is that you might change your mind over time and THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT.

Give your dreams a chance to evolve and go with the flow and trust yourself!

Step 4: Set your intentions

Step four for how to create a vision board: Find some power words that represent your goals.

This is very similar to deciding on your word of the year, or word of the month.

Find words or phrases or quotes that symbolize how you want to FEEL in 2021. Is it grounded? Powerful? Happy? Also – what do those words MEAN to you?

As you’re going through Pinterest or the magazines you’ve gathered – find the words and phrases that most symbolize what you want to feel ONCE YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED YOUR GOAL. 

Really set your intentions so that you can focus on the feeling as you look at your vision board or manifestation list. 

You can infuse this with even more power by feeling those feelings when you meditate or by setting your intention with a crystal and placing it near your goals.

Step 5: Setting specific goals

This is where it’s time to get specific (if it feels right to you! Some people are specific manifestors — meaning they call in the exact things they want.

Some people are non-specific, meaning they like the Universe to surprise them within a general idea of what they want). 

If you want a specific job, find a picture or even print out the job listing. Or find a picture of someone who represents what doing that job looks like to you.

What will you be wearing when you go to that job? What kinds of things will you be doing? Will you be acting? Wearing a costume? Wearing a power suit? Staying at home wearing yoga pants?

Find things that represent the specific goal to you so that you can feel the feelings of having exactly what you want.

clipboard and desk with laptop

Step 6: Start putting your vision board together

If you’ve been gathering all of these things, it’s time to put them together!

Or maybe you’ve already been doing this as you go – but start putting the pictures, lists, words, quotes, trinkets — all of it together on your app or poster board or pinboard or paper… whichever medium you chose.

Add color if you want!

Write out things and paste them on — but most importantly: HAVE FUN!

You can’t do this wrong. You can’t screw it up.

And you can always paste over it or delete it or change your mind. Just get in the zone and go for it! Get messy! (Or get digitally messy? Whatever works. lol)

Step 7: Infuse your vision board with intention and feeling.

One thing people often overlook when learning how to create a vision board is that it’s extremely helpful to infuse your board with intention.

I like to look at my board and take a moment to center myself. 

You can use a clear quartz crystal too — hold it when you’re looking at your board and infuse it with the feelings of achieving your goals. 

How will you feel when you reach them? What will life look like? 

Hold the intention of being excited and having gratitude for what you’ve accomplished or manifested.  Feel the feelings of having it right now. 

If someone walked up to you on the street and handed it to you – what would that feel like?

What would it feel like to have the boss call you and offer you the job? What would it feel like to have someone give you exactly what you wanted? 

Feel those feelings for a minute or two.  Infuse your vision board with some power!

Step 8: Where should you put your vision board?

You don’t have to display your vision board in a conspicuous place unless you WANT to. 

In fact, sometimes it’s better to place it somewhere you don’t see it all the time so that you can sort of “set it and forget it.”

But if it feels good to you to have it out somewhere you can see it all the time, then DO. THAT.

You can set your vision board as your computer background or phone background or take a pic of it to look at frequently.

I’ve even made private youtube videos set to music so I can really look at my goals as a sort of mind movie. 

Whatever feels good to you is best.  

Step 9: How often should you refresh your vision board?

How often should you “check-in” with your vision board?  Again, this is going to be intuitive – but I recommend at least once a quarter.

It’s good to have a goal refresh – you can create a whole new board if the old one doesn’t feel good to you anymore.

But you might find that you’ve already manifested most of the things you wanted, so it’s time to remove those and add new things! 

The interesting piece to really creating goals and visions for your life is that they seem to manifest FASTER.

It goes back to the whole “ask and you shall receive” principle to manifesting — the universe loves to have a job and will knock it’s socks off to show you it loves you and wants you to have what you want. 

So if you check back in say, March and you’ve already gotten most of what you wanted, then you might want to check in sooner next time!  

In Conclusion: How To Create A Vision Board

The whole point of the vision board process is to infuse your life and dreams with some practical magic.

It’s why I love adding power to my goals with meditating, journaling, and feng shui – everything that infuses my life with more of what I want is going to help my dreams manifest faster! 

But the point is to have fun and not hold on too tightly — if you are always concentrating on NOT HAVING what you want, then you will continue to not have what you want!

So if you find yourself holding on to the vision too hard — constantly saying to yourself “why is this not happening for me?” then it might be time to “set it and forget it” just a little bit more. 

Think of it as ordering something. You hopefully don’t expect something you ordered to NOT show up, right?

Place your order to the universe and then trust it’s going to come. Feel the feelings of having it as often as it feels good to you.

And then go about your life, being excited for that thing to arrive. Create the space for it to come, and it will! Like magic. 🙂

how to create a vision board (the ultimate guide!)
how to create a vision board (the ultimate guide!)