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feng shui tips for good health (8 tips for a healthy, happy home & life!)

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feng shui tips for good health (8 tips for a healthy, happy home & life!)

Creating a happy, healthy home is the basis of all good feng shui.  Feng shui is about creating harmony, balance, and an amazing flow of energy that will spread throughout your home and throughout your life.  These days, with environmental stressors, work stressors, economic stressors, and just a hectic life in general, good health is more important than ever!  

So today, let’s talk about feng shui tips for good health, and how you can use your home to support a happy, healthy, wealthy life!

feng shui tips for good health and happiness

When you look at the bagua map (the feng shui map of your home – click here to see a picture in a new window), you’ll see that the health area is actually in the center of the home.  Which means it’s affected by EVERY area of your home.

Any change you make in any area of your home will be reflected in the health and well-being of every person or creature who lives there.  This is why when you’re considering health and good energy, it’s important to look at the house as a whole and not just focus on one area.

How can you create a healthier, happier home with feng shui?  Here are 8 tips to get you started:

One: Create flow. Feng shui means “wind and water” in Chinese, with the understanding that wind and water are flowing energy. 

Wherever energy gets stuck in your home, it can be reflected in your life and health. 

What will cause stuck energy?  Clutter is usually the number one culprit.

But stuck energy can also be caused by dim/unlit rooms or areas, unused rooms in your home, dirt/grime, and furniture placement.

Good flow = good energy flow = good health! 

So how do you get started if you want to create more flow?  DECLUTTER!

The more space you create in your home, the more the energy (Chi) can flow in your space. 

Clutter holds energy, and most of the time it’s not good energy. 

When you think about things you’re holding onto, most of the time you’re thinking negative thoughts.  Thoughts about how you should do something about the clutter, maybe even thoughts about who gave you the item and why you can’t get rid of it. 

Think about it: if you wanted to keep the item you wouldn’t be thinking about getting rid of it to begin with!  If you get rid of the items you’re holding onto, you also get rid of that negative energy.  Plus the object can move on to a new life with someone who is excited to have it.  It’s a win/win!

Two: Furniture placement.  Furniture placement can have a huge impact on your health but also the health of the relationships in your life. 

Furniture should be balanced in your rooms, not pushed up against one wall or on one side.  Plus most furniture should be facing each other so that when people are sitting or using it, they are facing each other and can have conversations. 

Place furniture in groups that make sense, so people can interact with each other. 

Moving furniture will also stir up the Chi (life force energy) in your home, creating new energy!

It also gives you a chance to deep clean the areas that were blocked, which also helps clear the energy and air in your home and make it healthier and more balanced.

how to feng shui for good health: sleep!

Three: Sleep is the foundation of good health. 

How does your bedroom feel? How does your bed itself feel? Have you been sleeping well?

The bedroom is an extremely important area in feng shui, because it’s the basis of your wellbeing. It’s where you go to replenish and recharge. 

Give your bedroom a thorough cleaning, and be sure to move the items that are under your bed and clean under there too!  The items under your bed block energy flow, and of course the same goes for dust bunnies that accumulate there! 

If you can, remove the items under your bed, or at least make sure they are organized so you can remove them often to clean and vacuum.  Because the bedroom is so important to your health and your relationships, there’s a whole post you can read here: 9 easy steps to feng shui your bedroom

Four: Add plants.  Plants refresh the air and also bring their own vibrant energy to your home! 

feng shui health tip: add plants

Plants are always a good idea for happy feng shui, and there are even studies that show that plants affect your physical and mental health. 

If you already have a lot of plants in your home, make sure they are all healthy! 

Sick plants = sick people in your home, so throw out or replace the ones that aren’t thriving.

Five: Add light!  Light = the fire element.  It stirs up the energy and burns away the stagnant energy in your space. 

Turn the lights on in your home – and don’t forget the lights in the rooms you don’t use often! 

Remind yourself to go through at least once a week and turn the lights on and use your space. 

Opening the windows and curtains often will help create positive energy too.

Six: Clean your kitchen and use your stove! The kitchen holds the food you eat and in feng shui, represents health, abundance, and good luck.

Your stove is one of the “mouths” of your home – an area that holds and creates new energy.  Make sure it’s working and that you use it often!

Keeping your kitchen and stove top clean means you have a good foundation and can share that with others. 

Also, make sure that you use all of the burners on your stove – even if you just turn them all on a few times a week for a few seconds – it stirs up the energy and burns away the old, stagnant vibrations.  

Seven: Take a good look at the health area, the direct center of your home.  Does it hold a bathroom or utility closet? Is it full of clutter that should be removed? Is it a long, dark hallway? 

All of these can affect your health, but they all have feng shui cures that can BOOST your health! 

If the center of your home holds a bathroom or utility closet: make sure they are clean and tidy.  Keep the doors closed.  And if it does hold a bathroom, keep the toilet lid closed so that good energy isn’t flushed down the drain. 

If the center of your home is a long, dark hallway – add light, vibrant pictures or photos, and consider adding a crystal that hangs from the ceiling to help hold the energy flow and keep it circulating!

Eight: Take care of any needed repairs. If you have a lot of things in your home that are broken or need tending to but you’re putting them off, repairing them will give your health a boost! 

Broken items = a drain on your health and energy.  Even if you don’t think they affect your energy, they do! 

Taking care of them will make you feel better.  Not only will you be able to stop thinking about them, but when you take care of your home, you are taking care of yourself and your family. 

Repair the broken items (or get rid of them) and you’ll boost everyone’s mental and physical energy!

As you can see, everything in your home affects it’s feng shui, and your home as a whole affects your health, wealth, and happiness. 

Keeping your home as high vibe and healthy as possible means that your family, yourself, and your home are well taken care of – giving all of you a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, wealthy life!

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feng shui tips for good health (8 tips for a healthy, happy home & life!)