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How to Use a Feng Shui Money Tree to Attract Wealth and Abundance!

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While there are many different feng shui plants that attract wealth and abundance, the most well known feng shui money tree is the Pachira Aquatica.

The Pachira Aquatica is a tree with a braided trunk and stems with 5 leaves.

They are extremely popular as indoor plants because they require little maintenance and only bright, indirect light.

Let’s discuss how to use the feng shui money tree to increase wealth and abundance in your life!

feng shui money tree on a patio

Feng Shui Money Tree Meaning

For feng shui, the money tree is thought to trap fortune in its braided trunk.

And of course, as with all things feng shui, the number of trunks can have a meaning of its own!

Most money trees have at least 3 braided trunks, but larger ones can have 5 or even 8 braids.

  • 3 braided trunks represent: happiness, long life, and good health
  • 5 braided trunks represent: the five elements and good luck in all areas of your life
  • 8 braided trunks: the luckiest and most auspicious number, infinite abundance and wealth. 8 braided trunks are also known as the golden cage design, which traps and grows wealth!

Most feng shui money tree stems have 5 leaves, which represent the 5 elements.

But sometimes your money tree might grow a branch with 7 leaves, which is considered even luckier!

If you see 7 leaves on your money tree, even more good fortune and luck are coming your way!

The Money Tree’s Spiritual Meaning

The money tree’s spiritual meaning comes from Chinese legend.

The story says that a man prayed for abundance and found a mysterious tree growing in his field.

He took it home and grew many more plants from the seeds of the tree.

He was then able to sell them and grow his wealth and abundance.

The money tree is often given as a gift on Chinese New Year to increase prosperity and blessings.

It’s also often given as a gift to new business owners to celebrate their business and increase good fortune!

feng shui money tree with a braided trunk

Feng Shui Money Tree Placement

Where should you place your feng shui money tree in your home? Some of the best areas to keep your money tree are:

  • Near the front door or entryway, to welcome good fortune and abundance into your home.
  • In your kitchen, to grow wealth and abundance.
  • In your home’s career area, to increase success and prosperity in your job/career.
  • In your home’s wealth area, to increase abundance in all areas.
  • In your home’s family and legacy area, to increase the wood element and grow your financial legacy to new heights.
  • In your bedroom, to increase personal success and personal growth.
  • In the health area, to increase an abundance of health and wellbeing for the whole family.

You can also place a money tree in your office, business, on your desk, or in your home office to increase wealth and abundance in your career.

In your office at work (or home) place it in the wealth area, career area, or near the entrance door to increase abundance in your work.

In your business, place it in the wealth area, near the front door, or next to the cash register to increase abundance and attract clients and customers.

On your desk, place it on the wealth area increase financial success in your job.

For more information about the different areas of the bagua, see this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!

Some things to consider when deciding where to place your feng shui money tree:

  • Will the plant be happy there?
  • Will it get enough sunlight? If not, can you use a grow light in that space?
  • How is the humidity?
  • Is it in a place where your family gathers and will enjoy it?

Money trees are living, breathing plants that need care.

Even though they are extremely low maintenance, all plants require some interaction!

Keeping your money tree in a spare bedroom that you barely use isn’t good for the plant and it isn’t good for feng shui either!

Everything in your home needs attention and the more you interact with it, the more it will thrive.

Chi needs to circulate, and of course, there are so many studies that show plants like to be talked to or even have music played for them!

Keeping your money plant somewhere you will enjoy it will ensure that your plant is healthy and that your financial success keeps growing and growing!

How to Use Your Feng Shui Money Tree to Attract Abundance

If you want to use your money tree to attract wealth and abundance, here’s how to do it!

  1. Choose where to place your money tree plant. The ideal place to put it will relate to your intention. If you want to manifest more wealth in general, place it somewhere in your home’s wealth area or near your front door. If you want to manifest a certain amount in your job, place it in your home’s career area, on your desk, or in your office.
  2. Set your intention. Setting an intention for a specific amount of money is usually best. Write your amount on a small slip of paper, in red ink (if you have it handy.) For example: I am attracting $10,000 by (date.)
  3. Place the piece of paper in the dirt of the plant. As your money plant grows, so will your intention!
  4. It is done! Your money tree is now holding your intention!

You can also use a crystal next to your money tree, or on top of the dirt (if it’s a water-safe crystal) to increase the energy and help you manifest your desire!

pachira aquatica (feng shui money tree)

Feng Shui Money Tree Care

The money tree plant is one of the easiest plants to care for.

It will thrive under many different indoor conditions.

It needs bright, indirect light.

It doesn’t need a ton of water, but it does like humidity (though I live in a really dry climate and my money tree is growing just fine!)

Depending on how fast it grows in your home, you can repot it every year or every other year.

Most money tree plants don’t grow very fast, however, so definitely check the roots before repotting.

Depending on the trunk structure, you might have to stake your money tree to keep it growing upright.

And as your money tree grows taller, you can keep braiding the trunks. Just be careful not to snap them or braid them too tightly.

Other Types of Feng Shui Money Trees

If you can’t grow the traditional feng shui money tree in your home or business, you can use the money tree symbol instead.

The feng shui golden money tree is a gold statute that invokes the wealth of the money tree.

Some of the money tree statues depict the tree growing out of a red pouch or red flower pot, which further attracts and activates wealth and abundance.

Golden money trees can also have feng shui coins or gold coins instead of leaves.

Crystal money trees or feng shui gem trees are also used to attract wealth and abundance!

They have wealth crystals instead of leaves, and the types of crystals will attract different types of abundance. See this post for more info: 3 Must-Use Tips for Making a Feng Shui Gem Tree Work for You

And of course, you can always print a picture of the money tree or use a feng shui money tree painting, which can be hung anywhere in your home to invoke the spiritual meaning of the money tree without having to take care of a live plant!

The feng shui money tree isn’t the only feng shui plant for wealth. There are even more plants that attract abundance in this post: feng shui plants for wealth (8 plants that attract money and abundance!)

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