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How to Use a Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statue for Good Fortune!

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Could you use more luck, good fortune, and blessings in your life?

Would you love to feel a stronger connection to your inner wisdom and spirituality?

If so, adding a feng shui Laughing Buddha to your home can help you!

Let’s discuss the feng shui meaning of the Laughing Buddha and how to use it to increase abundance and blessings in your home!

laughing buddha feng shui statue on wood crystal grid

Who Is The Laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha statue is said to represent Budai, a Chinese monk from the 10th Century CE.

He was known to carry his belongings in a cloth bag, which is how he got his name. (Budai means “cloth sack.”)

He was also known for his happy, joyful personality and his love for children.

This is why he’s known as the “Laughing Buddha” and why Laughing Buddha statues are known to attract happiness and abundance.

In feng shui, the Laughing Buddha statue is used to attract wealth, abundance, happiness, and good fortune.

You can place the Laughing Buddha statue in any area of the bagua where you need better luck or want to attract fresh Chi energy.

As with all things feng shui, only use Buddha statues that you feel drawn to and trust your intuition!

If you aren’t drawn to the Laughing Buddha, there are plenty of other feng shui cures for good luck or abundance you can use.

gold feng shui laughing Buddha statue holding ingot

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Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Meanings

Because the Laughing Buddha is so popular, there are many different types of Buddha statues.

They are usually combined with other feng shui objects that represent wealth or good fortune.

They can also be made out of many different materials.

While the overall meaning of the Laughing Buddha is always happiness and good fortune, the combination of materials and lucky objects can create more specific meanings too.

Buddha with Hands Up

The feng shui Laughing Buddha with his hands up represents financial success, overcoming obstacles, and receiving an abundance of good fortune.

Buddha on a Frog

The Laughing Buddha can also be combined with the feng shui money frog. The money frog catches coins in its mouth, which signifies accumulating wealth and abundance. The Laughing Buddha and money frog combined represent the happy, joyful accumulation of success and wealth. Often it’s kept near cash registers to increase business success!

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Buddha with Money Bag and Ingot

A Happy Buddha with a Money Bag or Gold Ingot also represents accumulating prosperity and good fortune. Feng shui money bags and gold ingots represent full bank accounts and abundance that can be shared with others. Combining them with the Laughing Buddha means you’ll be happy all the way to the bank!

Buddha with a Fan

In feng shui, fans represent moving Chi and more Yang (activating) energy. A Buddha with a fan activates wealth energy and is also thought to ward off negative energy. It also represents putting financial obstacles behind you so you can move toward abundance!

Baby Laughing Buddha statue with hands up in front of crystal and candle

Meditating or Resting Buddha

The meditating or resting Buddha is a bit different from the jolly, laughing, happy Buddha. The resting or meditating Buddha can bring knowledge, insight, wisdom, and peace. It can also help bring calming energy to your finances if you’ve had a period of chaos or struggle.

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Buddha with Children

Because Budai was known for his love for children, you can often find a Laughing Buddha surrounded by children. This represents creativity, joy, and new beginnings. It can also represent playfulness or bringing a desire to fruition.

Baby Buddha

A Laughing Baby Buddha represents joyful, playful, and creative energy. Children represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and increased creativity, while an adult Laughing Buddha statue will represent knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. Choose whichever statue you’re drawn to most, or whichever represents the energy you’d most like to attract!

Laughing Buddha statue with hands above his head

What is the Luckiest Laughing Buddha Statue?

The luckiest Laughing Buddha statue is the one you feel most connected to!

Anytime you add a feng shui cure to your home, you should feel a genuine connection with it.

Your intentions and positive connection with the items in your home are what give feng shui power.

If you listen, your intuition will show you which feng shui Buddha you like the most!

That’s the one that will be the luckiest in your home.

If you don’t feel a connection to the Buddha, you can always choose a different feng shui item for luck or wealth!

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Buddha Colors and/or Materials

You can find Laughing Buddha statues or figurines in a wide variety of colors and materials, which means you can tailor that energy to whatever it is you’re trying to attract! Here is a brief rundown of the most common colors and materials and what they mean.

Jade Buddha – Jade is a stone for abundance, courage, harmonious relationships, good health, positive change, and new beginnings. It’s also known for attracting good luck and good fortune, so most feng shui wealth or good luck items are made from jade crystals!

Gold Buddha – Gold and metallic colors represent success, wealth, prosperity, optimism, and taking action. They also represent reflection, strength, and achievement. They activate the feng shui metal element, which increases clarity, productivity, and logic.

Red Buddha – Red is one of the most auspicious colors in feng shui. It is activating and draws attention from the Universe. It also activates the fire element, which is a catalyst for change and good fortune.

Black Buddha – Black represents power, elegance, sophistication, strength, and protection. It also activates the water element, which increases the flow of energy and good fortune

Ceramic Buddha – Ceramics and pottery activate the earth element, which is grounding and stabilizing. It is the foundation that everything is built upon. A ceramic Buddha will attract strength and stability.

Glass Buddha – Glass represents the water element. The water element is responsible for the energy flow throughout your home and life, and especially the flow of abundance and good fortune!

Wood Buddha – Wood activates the earth element. It’s grounding, centering, and supportive energy.

If you have a feng shui Laughing Buddha made out of a material that isn’t on this list and want to know the meaning, these posts have more information:

ceramic Laughing Baby Buddha statue with hands up placed in front of crystal and candle

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Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Placement

Placing your Feng Shui Laughing Buddha in different areas of your home will activate them and attract abundance and good fortune depending on your intention!

The feng shui bagua map can show you how the different areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life.

Choose the one that corresponds with the area of your life where you’d like a boost of good fortune!

Here’s a quick rundown of the areas of your home where your Laughing Buddha can have the most impact:

Front Door

The front door is how fresh energy, new opportunities, wealth, and abundance enter your home. Placing your Buddha here can increase good luck and good fortune and help it circulate throughout your home.

Wealth Area

Your home’s wealth area is responsible for financial success, growing wealth, and increasing abundance in all areas of your life. Placing your Buddha here will increase happiness, joy, and an abundance of good fortune in all areas!

Wealth Bowl

A feng shui wealth bowl is a specific feng shui cure for wealth that attracts abundance, success, and an increase in actual money and wealth. You can incorporate a Laughing Buddha into your wealth bowl to activate it with joy, creativity, and good fortune!


Your desk represents success in your career and life path. You can place your Buddha on different areas of your desk to activate that particular area of your career or increase success in your chosen life path. For example, you can place the Buddha on your desk’s travel and helpful people area to attract benefactors, mentors, or even more customers and clients!

Knowledge/Wisdom Area

Your home’s knowledge and wisdom area represents your inner knowing, wisdom, spirituality, insights, as well as learning new things. Placing your Buddha here can help you receive insights into problems you might be having, attract spiritual mentors, help with meditation, and also increase boost success for any students in your household.

Travel/Helpful People

The travel and helpful people area is responsible for travel of all kinds, as well as attracting helpful people or benefactors in your life. If you would like to increase protection while traveling, or attract a mentor or other helpful person, placing your Buddha here can help you!

Meditation Area

Placing your Buddha in your meditation area can help expand your mind through meditation. It can also help ground and center your energy, or help you receive insights and wisdom while meditating!

Laughing Baby Buddha Statue in the garden


Your garden represents growth, vitality, new beginnings, and fresh starts. It also represents abundance, and forward momentum, and can be an important aspect of attracting abundance and good fortune! Placing your Buddha in your garden can increase positive energy, happiness, and joy and help flow into your home! You can also use the bagua map on your garden in the same way you would your home, and use your Buddha to activate specific areas.

Front Porch/Front Garden

Your front porch, yard, or front garden attracts fresh energy from the Universe and directs it into your home. Circulating energy has to flow over and through your yard or porch area in order to get to your front door! Anything you do to your front yard, garden, or porch can increase the positive energy and help it flow more easily into your home. Placing your Buddha out here can attract abundance, new beginnings, and new opportunities from the Universe!


You can feng shui your car the same way you feng shui your home. Keeping a Buddha in your car can increase good fortune and protection while you travel!

Tips for Placing Your Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statue:

  • Don’t set the Laughing Buddha on the floor. Your Buddha shouldn’t be placed directly on the floor or ground.
  • Don’t place it in the bathroom or near drains. Bathrooms and drains represent draining Chi energy, and you want the good fortune and blessings to circulate throughout your home instead of down the drain!
where to place a feng shui laughing buddha to attract good luck according to feng shui
how to use a feng shui laughing buddha statue to attract good luck!