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7 feng shui kitchen tips for creating a healthy & wealthy home!

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7 feng shui kitchen tips for creating a healthy & wealthy home!

In feng shui, the kitchen is the hub of your home. It is where wealth, fortune, good health, and prosperity are created and sustained.  The kitchen represents having food and nourishment in abundance and the good luck and good fortune to share it with others.  Because of this, good feng shui in the kitchen is extremely important. It will enhance all areas of prosperity and nourishment in your life!

feng shui kitchen tips
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Here are 7 feng shui kitchen tips to help you get started!

One: The most vital aspect of good feng shui in your kitchen is that it is clean and organized. This means you have to start by decluttering!

If things fall on your head every time you open your cabinets or refrigerator, then of course you have an abundance of things in your kitchen, but it also means it’s a frustrating experience for you. 

Clutter and disorganization also means that the energy flow in your kitchen is blocked. 

One trick to abundance is that it cycles in and out of your life in a (hopefully) even flow, which means the energy in your kitchen needs to circulate. 

You also want to be happy when you’re in your kitchen, and if you’re frustrated every time you try to cook, then your energy will be depleted and frustrated.

So declutter, clean, and organize so that you’re excited to cook and share your abundance with your family and friends.

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Two:  The stove is an important wealth/money center.  Make sure that it’s in good working order and sparkly clean. 

If you haven’t given your stove a good scrubbing lately, then don’t ignore this!  It can make a huge difference in your wealth, not to mention it’s good kitchen feng shui!

Also make sure that you use all of your burners on a regular basis.

Most of us tend to use one or two burners, which in feng shui means you only have one or two ways wealth will enter your life! 

Turn all of your burners on at least once a week and keep that good fire energy stirred up and circulating.

Three: Make sure there aren’t any leaks. Leaking water represents leaking emotions and leaky finances. 

Make sure that your faucet is in good shape and doesn’t drip.

The same tip goes for the plumbing under your sink, your dishwasher, and with your refrigerator water dispenser. 

Leaks = energy leaking out of your life (and down the drain!)

Four: Is your cook top in the command position?  In feng shui, the command position means when you are using the stove, your back is not facing a doorway where people can enter behind you. 

The command position means you are in control in your space, and you can see everyone coming and going out of the kitchen. 

feng shui kitchen wealth

Obviously most of us can’t just move our stove top, so if it’s not in the command position, don’t worry! 

All you need to do is put a small mirror behind the cook top so that it reflects the room behind you while you cook. 

This is a feng shui kitchen cure that can really up your abundance factor!

Five: What color is best for your kitchen? The best color for your kitchen according to feng shui really depends on where your kitchen area falls in the bagua. 

The bagua is the feng shui map of your home that tells you the best colors and elements for your space. 

If you need help figuring out which area of the bagua your kitchen falls in, click here to open a picture of the bagua in a new window. 

Once you figure out where your kitchen falls, you can choose colors that will best amplify the good vibes of your space.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering the best feng shui colors for your kitchen is that the kitchen tends to be a very vibrant area of the home in terms of energy. 

There’s usually a lot of movement, things going in and out of the space, people going in and out of the space, and fire elements going on. 

If your kitchen feels very chaotic to you, you should consider choosing neutral colors to help balance out how you feel while you’re in the space.  Then use the bagua to choose accent colors that balance the neutrals. 

If, on the other hand, your kitchen doesn’t get used much and it’s already pretty neutral, then use the bagua colors to help you spice up your space and make you excited to use it more!

Six: The kitchen and bathroom should not face each other.  Most of us feel this way instinctively – having the kitchen and bathroom close to each other tends to bother us. 

Part of the reason for this is that (in feng shui element terms) bathrooms are water areas, and kitchens are fire areas. Those two items counteract each other and basically douse each other’s energy.

The easiest feng shui cure for a bathroom and kitchen facing each other is to keep the bathroom door closed at all times. 

You can also hang a crystal from the ceiling directly in front of the bathroom door to help disperse the energy so the two areas don’t clash.

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Seven:  Where should you keep your kitchen knives for good feng shui? 

While lots of feng shui practitioners believe knives should *never* be stored in sight or on top of the counter, this depends on your personal preference. 

Do knives feel dangerous to you when you use them? Do you have children at home who might get into them? If so, then it would be better to store them somewhere safe and out of sight.

If you LOVE cooking and you love your kitchen knives, then you should definitely place them where you can easily use them while cooking.

So if that means they are on the counter in a butcher block holder, or on a magnetic strip on your back splash, then that is far more important than a feng shui “rule.”

This is because the number one rule of feng shui is to live in a space that you love!  And that rule ESPECIALLY applies in the kitchen – the heart of your home. 

So keep your knives where it makes sense for you to keep them, and just make sure that you LOVE your kitchen!

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7 feng shui kitchen tips for creating a healthy & wealthy home!