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clearing space for what you want

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The cornerstone of good Feng Shui is to live with what you LOVE!

And because 2022 is here, today I’m going to talk about clearing space for what you really want to create in 2022.

clearing space for what you want to manifest

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to read the posts all about vision boards

After all, one of the first things to getting what you really want in life is to KNOW what you want! 

If you don’t know what you want, or at the very least, how you want to feel in your life, start there.

Now let’s talk about clearing space for what you want.  

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Earlier in 2019, I had a revelation when it came to manifesting and clearing clutter. 

My whole life I have struggled with having too much stuff — mostly from growing up with parents who never got rid of anything.  

Whenever I would start to clear things out I would hit the wall. 

Maybe you know the feeling? 

I would pull things out of the closet and get sooooo overwhelmed. 

It just seemed like too many things, too many decisions, and no way to even know where to start. 

Even if I did get rid of things, somehow I still ended up with too much stuff! 

Then one day I realized something: when I’m holding on to too many things, there is literally NO ROOM for anything else!

My whole life had become full of overwhelm. 

I had all of these new things I wanted in my life, but no room for them!

If you’ve studied manifestation at all, you’ve probably heard that one of the fastest ways to bring new things into your life is to create a vacuum and get rid of the old things. 

Create a space for the universe to fill.  

I KNEW THAT.  Intellectually.  But I didn’t really understand it deep down. 

My whole life I had been shown that there was no such thing as too much stuff.  And that there was always room for more.

Honestly I think I just needed to get to the point in my life where I hit the rock bottom of complete and utter overwhelm to understand that I wasn’t ruling the stuff, the stuff was ruling me. 

And that I couldn’t possibly hold anything else.

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I had also been learning the principles of Feng Shui, and things started to fall into place for me. 

I realized that a lot of the things I’d been storing in my space and carrying around for years didn’t really fit who I was anymore. 

I just couldn’t see it. 

Even though all of the stuff was a LITERAL MANIFESTATION OF MY OVERWHELM. 

I just kept thinking I needed a better storage system.  A better organizational system.  A better way of dealing with it.  Which only contributed to my overwhelm.

But here’s the truth of both Feng Shui and manifestation:  

If you are living with things that you don’t love, then your home is full of things that have negative energy attached to them.

You can feel it when you look at things you don’t know what to do with:  they have the energy of overwhelm and unmade decisions.  And that feeling just builds and builds until it’s EVERYWHERE. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of clutter in your life, you probably still have things you don’t really know what to do with — this time of year it could be presents you don’t really want but feel bad getting rid of, clothes you don’t wear or can’t wear that you might “someday” wear… all of those things carry the energy of things you don’t want!  And they will until you do something with them.

kitchen cabinets and stove

It might sound “woo-woo” and out there, but when you pass those things on to someone else who wants them, they get a new life.  They no longer carry the energy of those unmade decisions or the guilt that you have when YOU look at them.  Someone else can look at them with joy and excitement, and the items get a whole new life and energy that they didn’t have when they were hiding under your bed or in your closet.

And as a side-effect, when you look at your decluttered space, you no longer feel overwhelmed.  You feel the relief of having made the decision and of the excitement of having room in your life for new things and new feelings.  Your home feels fresher and YOU feel fresher because you aren’t feeling the weight of those bad feelings anymore.

And as a result, you now have room to bring in more things that actually fit who you are becoming.  You no longer see the items that remind you of who you used to be, and you have room to become who you really are NOW. 

How does space clearing help you manifest and call in the new things you want?  

  1. It cleans up your vibration.  You vibrate higher because you are happier.  You have space to BE happier because you aren’t looking at all of the things you’ve been carrying around.  Even without knowing it, you’ve created a toxic environment that you’ve been bumping up against more than you probably realized.  So those toxic feelings are finally gone.
  2. You have more time to devote to things you actually love.  When you live with what you love, you have more time to devote to them!  All of the other things are no longer getting in the way. 
  3. Nature abhors a vacuum.  If there’s space for something new, then something new can come! Otherwise, where would you put it?  When you get a new bed or new couch, you don’t just stack them on top of the old one, you need room to enjoy them and room for them in your life.  When you get a new job, you don’t just add it to the job you were already doing. You leave the old one and start the new one. The same is true of your dreams.  If you don’t have room for them, where do they go?
  4. It stirs up the Chi.  Chi is the life-force energy in a space.  When a space is full of clutter, the energy is stuck and can’t move freely.  But when you start to move things around, the energy of the space moves around too.  It’s like trying to mop or vacuum around a bunch of stuff on the floor – you aren’t going to get very far.  But if the stuff is gone, you can mop and vacuum easily.  You have space to move.  The same is true of vibration and energy – if your space is clear, the energy can move around and is no longer stagnant.  Which brings new energy into your whole life and your dreams.
  5. Clutter clearing is a signal to the universe that you are actually ready to make a change.  If you’re just thinking about a change, you don’t really have to do anything. But if you are READY for a change, then you take action.  Clearing out space for what you want signals to the universe that you mean business this time.

BONUS TIP: After you’ve decluttered, smudge your space to bring in more positive energy! Smudging gets rid of the lower vibrations that were hanging in your space, and cleanses the air so that new, positive energy can circulate.  Click here to read all about smudging and how to do it!

If you are looking at 2021 and realizing you really want to make it different, now is the time.  Get your hands dirty make space for what you want.  Start 2021 with a clean slate, and clean out all of those things that no longer fit who you are.  Make 2021 the best year yet!

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