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How to Use Goldfish in Feng Shui to Attract Good Fortune!

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Can you really use goldfish to attract good luck and good fortune? YES!

Here’s everything you need to know about how to attract wealth and abundance with a goldfish tank and feng shui!

The Feng Shui Meaning of Goldfish

The meaning of goldfish in feng shui comes from several different places. 

The water element represents wealth in feng shui, so a healthy aquarium (or water feature) symbolizes abundance flowing into your life. 

In feng shui, goldfish also represent abundance and prosperity.

The two things together make a goldfish aquarium a powerful feng shui cure for wealth!

feng shui goldfish

Why Do Goldfish Bring Good Luck?

Goldfish represent prosperity in feng shui because of their color (gold is a wealth color!)

Plus the tank contains flowing water, and the water element brings wealth and abundance.

Fish swimming in the tank also stirs up good Chi in the water, and that Chi will spillover into your home.   

In ancient China, carp (and fish in general) represented an abundance of food and prosperity

Goldfish are part of the carp family.  Plus the Chinese word for “fish” also sounds like the word for abundance. 

Carp and goldfish are often used to symbolize and attract abundance and wealth. 

Goldfish statues and artwork are often displayed outside of buildings, temples, and on top of wealth items like the golden ingot, coins, and feng shui bracelets. 

How Many Goldfish Should You Have for Good Feng Shui?

Of course, the number of goldfish in your tank also has meaning!

The luckiest number of goldfish in feng shui is 9, and ideally, you’d have 8 goldfish and one black goldfish. 

The number 9 represents completion – goals and financial abundance coming to fruition and full potential. 

The number 8 represents abundance (8 resembles the infinity symbol.)

The gold or orange goldfish represents abundance and prosperity, while the black goldfish represents protection.

So the combination represents wealth and financial success flowing into your life and accumulating!

Of course, goldfish need large aquariums, so keeping 9 goldfish in your home isn’t always practical.

black moor goldfish and orange goldfish in aquarium

Here are the other feng shui goldfish number meanings:

1: new beginnings

2: love and doubling your luck

3: happiness, long life, and good health

4: is generally considered unlucky, but it can also represent stability and a solid foundation

5: the five elements and good luck in all areas of your life

6: new opportunities for wealth

7: positive energy and good fortune

8: the luckiest and most auspicious number

9: success coming to fruition

While 9 goldfish in feng shui is generally the luckiest for good fortune and abundance, having 2 goldfish is also lucky.

A pair of goldfish represents harmony in your relationship as well as doubling your luck!

How to Feng Shui Your Goldfish Tank

The tank you keep your goldfish in is also very important for good feng shui.  Ideally, the tank should:

  • Be clean and in good condition.  Goldfish are one of the trickier fish to keep in aquariums because they need larger tanks and good filtration. 
  • The fish should be healthy (remove any dead fish as soon as possible!)
  • Water flowing from the filter should flow toward the center of the room, not outward toward the wall.
  • Try to balance the 5 elements using color and fish tank decor.
goldfish in an aquarium

Feng Shui and Dead or Dying Goldfish

Of course, any time you have an aquarium in your home, you’ll eventually have to deal with dead or dying goldfish.

As with any living being in your home, it’s important to honor that relationship and treat dead or dying goldfish with respect. 

This is especially important if you are keeping the goldfish tank as a way to increase wealth and abundance!

Once your goldfish has passed, bury or dispose of it the way you feel best honors the gift they’ve brought into your home.

You can have a small ceremony if you want, thanking the goldfish for spending its life in your home and wishing it farewell. 

Or you can just repeat a small blessing of thanks as you dispose of the goldfish – whatever works best for you. 

If you’d like to perform a small ceremony for your dead goldfish, you could use the following prayer to honor them:

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with such a loyal friend. Thank you for letting this beautiful animal teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives. Finally, in gratitude, we return our cherished companion to you. Amen.

—Author Unknown (Via

Feng Shui Goldfish Aquarium Placement

Where should you place your goldfish aquarium according to feng shui?

The most auspicious placements for your goldfish tanks are near the front door, your home’s career area, or your home’s wealth area.

Near your front door, your goldfish will welcome wealth and good fortune.  The water flowing in towards your home also represents wealth flowing in through your front door. 

In the career area, the goldfish will symbolize more wealth and abundance coming in through your career or life path. 

In your home’s wealth area, the goldfish will represent abundance in all areas of life, but especially financial abundance!

You can also place your goldfish in the wealth area of your living room, which will bring abundance to be shared throughout the whole family!

Goldfish tanks shouldn’t be in your bedroom, because the water can water down the love and romance in your relationship. Goldfish tanks also carry active energy, which can disrupt sleep and cause insomnia.  Keep the goldfish in more active areas of your home (if possible!)

If you have your own office, you can also place a goldfish aquarium in your office’s career area or wealth area to invite in more wealth through your career.

group of different goldfish in an aquarium with plants

Goldfish Statue Placement

If you don’t want to keep a goldfish aquarium, you can use goldfish symbols instead!  You can do this with a feng shui goldfish statue or a painting, picture, or artwork of goldfish.

Place the goldfish statue or artwork:

Near your front door, to invite in new opportunities and good fortune.

In your home’s wealth area to increase abundance in all areas.

In your home’s career area to increase wealth and abundance in your career.

On the wealth area of your desk to increase abundance in your job.

In the wealth area of your office or business to increase wealth and attract new customers or clients.

Near the cash register of your business to increase sales and good fortune.

goldfish artwork

Feng Shui Goldfish Artwork Tips

If you’d like to hang a goldfish painting or piece of artwork for feng shui, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Artwork always affects the feng shui of your home. So it’s important that the artwork is:
  • Uplifting and positive.
  • Something you love – not just artwork you chose for good feng shui.  If you don’t love it, don’t hang it in your home.
  • If the artwork covers multiple canvases or frames, it’s better that the goldfish depicted aren’t chopped up or cut off.
  • Because goldfish artwork will most likely have water, the water shouldn’t be super turbulent or choppy. Turbulent water means your finances won’t be stable!

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feng shui items for wealth: attract wealth energy & supercharge abundance!

how to use goldfish to attract good luck according to feng shui
how to use goldfish to attract good luck according to feng shui