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How to Use Candles in Feng Shui for Good Fortune (And More!)

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Are candles good feng shui? YES!

Candles represent the fire element.

The fire element acts as a catalyst for all areas of your life.

If you feel like an area of your home is stagnant, where the energy is stuck, dim, or slow, you can use the fire element to get things going.

Whether that means opening the curtains and windows (the sun is fire energy,) turning on lights (also fire energy!) or lighting candles, the energy in that area of your home and life will start to move.

And lighting a candle with the INTENTION of getting things moving is even more powerful!

candles in feng shui

Feng Shui Candle Placement With The Bagua Map

The feng shui bagua map is the map that shows you which areas of your home correspond with the different areas of your life.

You can place candles in specific areas of your home to help activate them and draw attention from the Universe.

If you have a certain area of your life that needs attention, like wealth, career, love, health, etc – you can light a candle in that area of your home to activate it.

Activating it speeds up the energy and attracts the energy of the Universe to help you receive your intention.

Near The Front Door

Placing a candle near your front door will bring in fresh Chi (life-force energy) and get it moving throughout your home.

Your front door is also responsible for bringing new opportunities, good fortune, and abundance into your life!

If you are seeking a new job, a new romance, or a new beginning in any area of your life, placing a candle here will help attract it.

Career Area
Candle Colors: Black or Blue

Placing a candle in your career area can help you attract a new job, a raise, or new position in your current job, or help you with any other career or life-path related problem.

Knowledge and Wisdom Area
Candle Colors: Blue

Place a candle in your home’s knowledge and wisdom area to help anyone in your household learn new things (whether in school, work, or for pleasure,) have success in school, or even deepen your internal wisdom and spirituality.

Family and Legacy Area
Candle Colors: Green

Placing a candle in the family and legacy area can help you maintain harmonious relationships with your extended family. It can also help you and your family create a legacy that spans through the generations!

Wealth Area
Candle Colors: Purple or Red

The wealth area relates to abundance of all kinds, not just financial! Placing a candle in your home’s wealth area will stimulate finances, increase business success, and bring abundance to all areas of your life.

red candle in heart-shaped glass container

Fame Area
Candle Colors: Red, Bright Orange, or Bright Yellow

The fame area is ruled by the fire element, so using candles in this area is even more auspicious! The fame area is responsible for reputation and attention. If you are looking for recognition in a certain area of your life (like career or education, for example) lighting a candle here can help you achieve it!

Love and Relationships Area
Candle Colors: Pink

Placing candles in your home’s love and relationship area can create harmonious relationships with everyone in your life, especially with your life partner. It can also help you attract a new partner if you want one!

Children and Creativity Area
Candle Colors: White, Gray, or Metallics

The children and creativity area supports any children in your household, but it also supports creativity, artistic expression, and completion of projects! Placing a candle in this area can expand self-expression, help any children in your home that are struggling, or even help you bring long-term projects to fruition.

Travel and Helpful People Area
Candle Colors: White, Gray, or Metallics

Using a candle in your home’s travel and helpful people area can create more flow in all travel situations, including commuting. It can also bring helpful people or mentors into your life to support you!

Health Area
Candle Colors: Yellow or Brown

The health area is responsible for the health and wellbeing of every living thing in your home. Place candles in this area to support your family through health issues or to increase vitality and strength for everyone!

Your Bedroom
Candle Colors: Pink or Red

Your bedroom is responsible for your romantic relationship and also your relationship with yourself. If you want to support your romantic relationship, always use candles in pairs. You can place the candles in your bedroom’s love and relationship area, health area, or even the love and relationship area of your dresser. Or place one on each nightstand and light them with the intention of creating balance and a stronger bond in your relationship.

Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is an area of health in your home. It also represents draining Chi, which means energy can go down the drain. Using candles in your bathroom can help combat draining Chi by helping balance the elements, which means energy will circulate more freely instead of draining away. Candles in the bathroom can also increase health and well-being!


Using candles in your kitchen can increase health and wealth in your life! Fire energy in the kitchen represents abundance and good fortune that can be shared with others!

Common Areas

Common areas of your home, like the living room, family room, or dining room represent close relationships with your immediate family. If you feel distant from members of your household or you would like to increase family time, place candles in these areas!

On Your Desk or In Your Office at Work

Your desk, your office, and your home office all relate to your career, job, or life-path. You can place a candle on different areas of your desk or in different areas of your office to activate those areas of your career.

If you’d like more customers, for example, you can place a candle on your desk’s travel and helpful people area, or in the helpful people area of your office.

If you’d like to increase your financial success in your job, place a candle on your desk’s wealth area or your office’s wealth area.

If you are working towards a promotion at work, you can place a candle on the fame area of your desk or in your office.

group of burning candles

A feng shui candle ritual you can use to activate and attract your intention:

If you have an area of your life that you’d like to activate for a specific purpose, it can be helpful to set an intention along with placing your candle. Here’s how to do it!

Write an intention on a small slip of paper.

For example, if you want to feel more love and romance with your partner, write it on a small piece of paper (in red pen if you have one!) “My partner and I love each other and are closer and closer every day.” Or whatever your specific intention is.

Place your candle in the area of your home that corresponds with the area of your intention.

Place the slip of paper under your candle.

Light your candle, repeating your intention to yourself.

Affirm that the Universe is bringing you what you want! Take a few deep breaths, seeing the candle absorbing and then releasing that energy throughout your life. It is done!

You can keep the candle lit for a few hours or blow it out right away, it’s up to you.

The intention will work even while the candle isn’t lit!

For extra power, you can light your candle every day for the next 9 days (9 is the number of completion in feng shui!)

candles with lavender flowers on light blue background

Candles and the Five Elements

In feng shui, the five elements represent the life cycle of energy and how it’s either created or destroyed.

Balancing the elements in your home means the energy moves freely and feels great as it circulates throughout your home.

When it comes to candles and the five elements, obviously placing too many candles in one area of your home can lead to that area having a lot of fire energy.

The fire element is responsible for moving energy, but too much of the fire element can make energy move too quickly.

This leads to frantic, chaotic energy that has a tendency to burn through anything in its wake.

Too much of the fire element in your love corner, for example, can cause arguments with your romantic partner, or even cause the flame to burn out.

Too much of the fire element in your home’s wealth corner can cause you to burn through your finances and feel like there’s never enough money to sustain your lifestyle.

If you own a lot of candles (like I do!) it’s better to spread them out throughout your home, because even unlit candles carry fire energy!

Alternatively, you can keep them in your home’s fame and reputation area, but keep an eye on what happens in your life. If you find that things in that area of your life are moving too quickly, move some of the candles out of that area to slow it down a bit.

Another way to balance the five elements with candles is to create a Feng Shui Candle 5 Elements Cure.

You can do this with color, by using candle colors that represent the different elements all at once.

You can also do this with the elements themselves.

For example, you can use white floating candles (metal and fire) in a bowl or dish of water, next to a potted plant (earth and wood).

Or you can place your lit candle next to an indoor water feature or aquarium that also contains pebbles or water-safe crystals.

This can balance the elements and mitigate some of the fire energy.

But you don’t have to go too crazy with this every room contains a mix of the five elements, so placing candles around your home won’t usually cause the elements to get too out of balance.

group of burning tea light candles in the dark

Feng Shui Candles and Number Meanings

Of course, the number of candles you have lit at any given time can also have meaning in feng shui!

You can light a specific number of candles to help solidify your intentions and bring that energy into your home.

The feng shui number meanings of candles are:

1 feng shui candle means: new beginnings and infinite potential
2 feng shui candles mean: balance, partnership, and love relationships
3 feng shui candles mean: family, growth, and creation
4 feng shui candles mean: stability and foundation
5 feng shui candles mean: adventure, freedom, and the five elements
6 feng shui candles mean: calm, nurturing, ability to share wealth with others
7 feng shui candles mean: solitude and personal growth
8 feng shui candles mean: abundance, infinity, the most auspicious number in feng shui
9 feng shui candles mean: completion, accomplishment, and the pinnacle of success

If you’d like to attract a new romantic partner, for example, using 2 candles (pink or red are best!) can increase romantic luck.

If you’d like to attract a new job, you can light one candle in your home’s entryway or career area. Or you can also place one on your desk or in your office career area.

purple candles with lavender

Feng Shui Candle Color Meanings

We touched on this a little bit above, with the different candle colors and the areas of the bagua. But of course, the feng shui candle color meanings expand beyond the bagua map.

Here are a few basic feng shui candle color meanings:

Red Candles: passion, love, romance, fire, activation, action, strength
Orange Candles: enthusiasm, encouragement, youth, spontaneity, warmth
Yellow Candles: happiness, optimism, positive energy, intellect, perspective, confidence
Green Candles: prosperity, growth, good fortune, luck, generosity, health, harmony
Purple Candles: royalty, luxury, spiritual growth, wisdom, enlightenment
Blue Candles: security, loyalty, “true blue,” responsibility, trust, peace, honesty
Pink Candles: compassion, love, romance, nurturing, intuition, feminine energy, playfulness
White Candles: purity, cleanliness, innocence, perfection, openness, hope
Black Candles: power, elegance, sophistication, strength, protection
Brown Candles: stability, grounding, protection, reliability, dependability
Gold Candles: luxury, wealth, success, achievement, accomplishment

burning red candle with ribbon and cherries

9 Red Candles Feng Shui Cure

Combining the feng shui candle color meanings with the feng shui number meanings can create an extremely powerful feng shui cure!

You can create your own feng shui candle cure using the meanings above, or you can use the 9 red candles feng shui cure to attract good fortune in any area you wish!

The feng shui 9 red candles cure is very simple.

You can use any type of red candle you’d like, whether it’s a red votive candle holder, red tea light candles, or other red candles you already have.

Set your intention for whatever it is you’d like to manifest into your life.

Write it on a slip of paper and place it under one of the red candles.

Place the 9 feng shui candles in the area of your home that corresponds with your intention.

If you’d like more money, for example, place the candles in your home’s wealth area. If you’d like a new job, you can place them in your home’s career area or near your front door. If you’d like good fortune or new beginnings, place them near your front door.

Light the candles for a few minutes every day for the next 27 days (2+7=9, the number for completion!)

When you light the candles, give thanks to the Universe for bringing you what you want. Take a few deep breaths, feeling the feelings of gratitude and excitement! It is done!

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