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How to Use Feng Shui Coins to Attract Abundance and Financial Success!

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Feng shui coins are often used around your home as part of feng shui cures to attract wealth and abundance.

If you could use more money and financial success (and who doesn’t?) feng shui coins can be a fun way to increase wealth energy in your life!

Let’s discuss feng shui coins and how to use them!

feng shui coins

What Do Feng Shui Coins Represent?

Feng shui coins represent good luck, good fortune, wealth, abundance, and financial success.

They are usually used as feng shui cures around your home, your business, or even in your wallet or purse to attract prosperity and good fortune into your life.

You can also use them as part of a feng shui wealth bowl or feng shui salt water cure to activate them and increase abundance energy!

You’ll also see feng shui coins as part of other feng shui wealth cures, like the feng shui frog, feng shui goldfish, or the yuan bao.

Feng Shui Coins Meaning

The feng shui coin is a round coin, usually made of brass, with a square cut out of the middle.

The square shape represents the earth, while the round shape represents the heavens surrounding it.

The coin is usually inscribed or embossed on one side with the Chinese symbols “Bao Chuen Yong Fu,” which means “forever prosperous.” The other side usually has the 8 characters “Fu Zhai Yien Chien, Re Re Sheng Chai,” meaning “Good Fortune Ahead, Wealth Multiplies Daily.”

Most feng shui coins available to purchase are reproductions, not actual Chinese coins.

If you have actual Chinese coins they are considered even luckier and can have other meanings inscribed or embossed depending on when the coins were made.

And because authentic Chinese feng shui coins were used as currency, they have even more wealth energy attached to them!

If you can’t find authentic Chinese feng shui coins, however, the reproduction ones work just as well.

pile of feng shui coins

How many Feng Shui coins are lucky?

Of course with all things feng shui, everything has meaning, and that includes the different amounts of feng shui coins.

While any amount of feng shui coins are lucky, the numbers themselves also have meanings and can be used to represent specific intentions.

The number of coins and their meanings are:

  • 1 feng shui coin means: new beginnings and infinite potential
  • 2 feng shui coins mean: balance, partnership, and love relationships
  • 3 feng shui coins mean: family, growth, and creation
  • 4 feng shui coins mean: stability and foundation
  • 5 feng shui coins mean: adventure, freedom, and the five elements
  • 6 feng shui coins mean: calm, nurturing, ability to share wealth with others
  • 7 feng shui coins mean: solitude and personal growth
  • 8 feng shui coins mean: abundance, infinity, the most auspicious number in feng shui
  • 9 feng shui coins mean: completion, accomplishment, and the pinnacle of success

Some numbers are also considered to be unlucky in feng shui, those are:

  • 4 because it sounds like the word for death.
  • 5 because it can represent fast-moving change.
  • 7 because it can represent solitude and secrecy.

Numbers aren’t inherently unlucky, however, it’s just something to keep in mind when using numbers to attract something specific!

If you have double digits, you can find the number meanings by adding the digits together, for example: 27 is 2 + 7 = 9. This is why the numbers 27 or 108 are often used as wealth cures in feng shui!

You can see this post for more information about numbers in feng shui: Lucky and Unlucky Feng Shui House Numbers

red envelope, three feng shui coins tied with red string, roses, and yuan bao

Where should you place your feng shui coins?

In Your Home’s Wealth Corner

Your home’s feng shui wealth corner is responsible for abundance of all kinds, not just financial abundance!

You can place feng shui coins in this area to attract wealth and good fortune.

A great way to use them in this area is as part of a feng shui wealth bowl or feng shui wealth vase.

Near Your Front Door or Your Entryway

You can hang feng shui coins on your front door in either a wreath or on your doorknob.

You can also use feng shui wind chimes with coins on them (or tie the feng shui coins to your current wind chimes with red string.)

This will activate your front door for auspicious Chi and prosperity!

Or you can also create a special good fortune/wealth area in your entryway, where you place items that attract wealth, like a small fountain or even a feng shui wealth bowl.

Or if you don’t want to create a wealth area near your entryway, you can use a vase of flowers or a house plant and place a small bowl of feng shui coins near it!

Under Your Doormat

There is a specific feng shui cure for wealth that uses feng shui coins under a doormat.

For this cure, you’ll need 8 feng shui coins, a red envelope, and a doormat!

Place the 8 feng shui coins inside the red envelope, and then place the envelope under the doormat.

If you don’t have a place outside of your front door, you can place the doormat inside your front door.

For extra manifesting power, think about receiving your target amount of money (whatever amount you would like to manifest) as you place your red envelope.

Or, you can also write the amount on the inside of the envelope!

Then give thanks for receiving it!

Don’t forget to switch out the amount or refresh the envelope once you’ve received the desired amount of money!

feng shui coins tied with red string into a mystic knot

In Your Wallet or Purse

You can place feng shui coins in your wallet or purse to activate it and attract wealth energy! While you’re at it, make sure you also feng shui your wallet.

In Your Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

A feng shui wealth bowl is a small bowl of wealth-attracting items. You can use feng shui coins in the wealth bowl to increase auspicious Chi and attract abundance! See this post to learn how to make one:

In Your Business

If you have a physical business, you can place feng shui coins in or near your cash register to attract abundance. You can also place them on the front door or under a doormat in the same way you would at home! Of course, you can also create a wealth bowl or small wealth altar in your business too!

If you don’t have a physical business, you can place feng shui coins on your desk’s wealth area, or in your office’s wealth corner to increase success and prosperity while you work!

As Part of Other Feng Shui Wealth Cures

Feng shui coins are often combined with other feng shui wealth items, like the frog, elephant, or yuan bao.

Or you’ll find feng shui coins tied together with red string or the mystic knot.

This combines the energy of the coins with the energy of the other wealth items to increase and multiply it.

Red is especially lucky in feng shui, because it represents the fire element which activates and attracts attention from the Universe.

That’s why red envelopes of money are given on Chinese New Year, and why you’ll see red in most feng shui cures.

3 feng shui coins tied with red ribbon

What do 3 Chinese Coins Mean?

As we discussed above, 3 Chinese coins represent family, growth, and creation.

3 Chinese feng shui coins tied together with red string are used to represent infinite abundance and an unending source of income!

You can hang them from your front doorknob, place them in your wallet, or even attach them to a keychain to attract wealth and abundance.

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