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How to Use Pyrite to Attract Wealth (18 Tips!)

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Pyrite is one of the most powerful stones for attracting wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

It’s not only a stone for good luck, but it’s also a stone that can help remove money blocks!

Here’s how to use pyrite to attract wealth!

What are the benefits of pyrite?

Besides carrying the energy of wealth, pyrite has a ton of other benefits, such as:

It helps balance the solar plexus chakra.

That chakra is responsible for personal power, energy, authenticity, and identity.

Pyrite helps you become your authentic self and have the energy and stamina to pursue your dreams.

large pyrite stone - how to use pyrite to attract wealth

It’s a grounding and protective stone.

It helps protect you from negative energy, stressful situations, and keeps you rooted in the earth’s energy.

It helps with mental clarity and inner strength, keeping you calm and clear even in stressful environments.

It is a stone of action and yang energy, which is associated with masculine energy.

It helps give you a forceful push kind of energy, which helps you take action towards getting what you want.

It can help with creativity, physical health, reaching financial goals, and letting go of bad habits.

It can also help you create positive change and be more ambitious!

As one of the most popular abundance crystals, pyrite is known best for its wealth energy.

It’s also known as fool’s gold because of its shiny, gold color, but this also helps infuse it with the energy of luck and good fortune.

It has a long history of attracting financial success and removing energetic blocks towards receiving wealth.

It is also one of the best feng shui stones for wealth.

It’s helpful in your home’s feng shui wealth area or near your front door to attract good vibes and the energy of abundance into your home.

round pyrite nugget close up (how to use pyrite to attract money)

How to Use Pyrite to Attract Wealth:

Wear it.

You can wear pyrite to help align your personal vibration with abundance energy.

Choose a small pyrite stone pendant or pyrite wealth bracelet to attract wealth to you!

Because pyrite is also a protective and grounding stone, wearing pyrite will remove money blocks in your personal energy and also protect you from losing whatever financial abundance you create.

If you choose a pyrite bracelet, make sure you wear it on your left hand (receiving hand!)

This post has more info: How to wear a feng shui wealth bracelet.

Place pyrite in your home’s money corner.

The feng shui money corner of your home is responsible for increasing the abundance energy throughout your entire life.

It is responsible for more cash in your life, but also abundance in all areas – career, love, family, friendship, and more.

Put it near your front door.

Your front door is responsible for attract good luck, good fortune, and new opportunities into your life.

If you’d like more opportunities for wealth, keeping a piece of pyrite near your front door will help you attract them!

It will also help if you’re on the hunt for a new job.

Any time you want to attract something new into your life, placing pyrite by your front door is an ideal spot to help you attract it. This post has more info: how to feng shui your front door!

feng shui abundance corner decorations - candle, incense, crystals, and laughing buddha

Create a feng shui money bowl.

A feng shui money bowl can help you concentrate wealth energy towards one financial goal, or also just increase the wealth and abundance vibes in your home or business.

Use small pyrite crystals in your bowl can increase those wealth vibes!

Check out this post for more info: how to make a feng shui wealth bowl.

Meditate with pyrite.

You can meditate with pyrite by holding it or placing it on your solar plexus chakra.

Meditating with pyrite will help you connect with its inherent wealth properties, but it will also infuse your pyrite with your intentions!

You can do a specific money meditation that helps you focus on an exact amount of money, or do a receiving money meditation to help you feel the feelings of having what you desire.

Use a pyrite money tree.

A pyrite money tree is a feng shui gem tree that is made with small pyrite crystals.

It represents growing a wealth legacy that is passed through generations!

You can keep a pyrite money tree in your home’s wealth area, on the wealth area of your desk at work, or even near your cash register if you own a business to help you increase your earnings.

raw pyrite stone

Keep pyrite on your desk.

Keeping pyrite on your desk while you work can help all of your career endeavors.

You will attract more money in your job or business, but also have more energy and mental clarity while you work!

Pyrite is also useful as a protection or grounding stone, helping protect you from negative vibes in the workplace.

See these posts for more info: Crystals for Protection, and the Best Crystals for the Workplace.

Use pyrite in your business.

If you own a business, pyrite can help you create financial abundance and sustainability.

It can help you attract more customers, high-paying clients, more sales, and more traffic in your store.

It can also help you set goals and achieve them more easily!

Keep pyrite in or near your cash register or near your front entrance to attract more customers.

Or you can also keep pyrite near you while you work if you don’t have a retail store.

pyrite crystal

Keep pyrite in your home office.

Your home office is one of the wealth centers of your home.

Keeping pyrite in your office will help you generate more money to pay your bills or keep your home’s finances running smoothly.

It’s especially helpful if you work in your home office, attracting money that benefits everyone in your household.

Keep a piece of pyrite in the wealth area of your desk to increase abundance, or near the feng shui helpful people area of your desk to attract more clients!

Create a wealth altar.

Creating a wealth altar in your home means creating a space infused with wealth vibes.

You can use various wealth crystals (and pyrite) in this area, but also place other items here that represent wealth.

Print out pictures that inspire you, keep your wealth bowl here, keep your purse, wallet, or credit cards here: anything that represents wealth can be kept near your wealth altar.

This creates a sacred space in your home where your wealth can “live” and grow.

You can also meditate here, pay bills here, or do your money manifestation journaling here to increase the abundance energy!

Some good areas of your home to place your wealth altar: Your home’s feng shui wealth corner, your home’s knowledge and wisdom area, or the wealth corner of your office.

fool's gold crystal (pyrite)

Create a crystal grid with pyrite.

Creating a crystal grid using pyrite as the center stone or main stone, can also concentrate money manifestation vibes.

Crystal grids are an easy way to concentrate wealth vibes towards one specific goal.

You can write the goal on a slip of paper and place it under the grid to help you manifest exactly what you want!

Some crystals that go well with pyrite are: clear quartz, tiger’s eye, citrine, green aventurine, and green jade.

Keep your crystal grid in your home’s wealth area, or even in your bedroom’s wealth area to create a sacred space for money vibes!

Place pyrite on top of your manifestation journal.

Placing pyrite on top of your manifestation journal can help you manifest more money quickly and easily, especially if you are using your journal to manifest a specific amount of money!

Placing pyrite on top of your journal when you’re not using it can help you attract the creative energies of manifestation.

You’ll find that you’re attracting more money of all kinds, but also attracting new ideas and new opportunities!

Keeping pyrite near you while you’re journaling can also help you increase the feelings of having more money, and also help you remove money blocks in your energy!

druzy piece of pyrite crystal

Do a full moon wealth ritual.

Using pyrite in your full moon ritual can help you attract good luck and good fortune – no matter what ritual you use!

One simple full moon ritual you can do is:

Write down a specific intention you’d like to infuse and charge with the full moon’s energy.

Feel the feelings of what you want coming to you while you’re writing.

Thank the Universe for bringing you what you want, and set the intention that it will come to you in the next month (before the next full moon!)

On the night of the full moon, place your piece of pyrite on top of your intention and set it under the moonlight.

You can either do this outside or on your windowsill.

The full moon will charge your pyrite with the energy of your intention, giving it the power and energy to manifest!

The next day, place the pyrite in the area of your home that reflects what you’re trying to manifest. It is done! (Check out the feng shui bagua map to see which areas of your home correlate with the different areas of your life.)

Keep pyrite near your vision board.

If you’ve created a vision board that includes manifesting money, keeping pyrite near it can help it manifest more quickly!

Pyrite can activate your vision board and increase the fire energy around it, helping attract everything you want to you.

Set the intention that the energy of the pyrite is infusing itself into all of your goals and dreams!

Make sure you check your vision board every few weeks and update it with new goals as you receive the things you’ve wished for!

pyrite stone for wealth

Keep pyrite in your wallet or purse.

Keeping a small piece of pyrite in your wallet or purse can magnetize it for more money!

Your wallet and purse represent how much money you have circulating in your life, so keeping pyrite here can help that money circulate to you faster.

Check out this post: How to feng shui your wallet and purse for more info!

Keep pyrite under your pillow.

Keeping pyrite under your pillow can help you manifest money while you sleep!

You might even find that you have dreams about money or have dreams that inspire you to goals and ambitions you wouldn’t have otherwise gone after!

If you find that pyrite is too stimulating and your dreams are restless or you have insomnia, try keeping pyrite in the wealth corner of your bedroom instead (if it’s further away from your bed.)

Otherwise use one of the other ways to use pyrite to attract wealth and don’t keep it in your bedroom at all.😉

Do a candle manifestation ritual with pyrite.

A candle manifestation is a simple way to attract more wealth. You need:

A candle (red or green is best)
A piece of pyrite
A piece of paper
A red pen

Light the candle.

Write down a specific amount of wealth you’d like to manifest.

Hold your piece of pyrite, feeling the feelings of having exactly what you desire.

If someone came up to you on the street and handed you that exact amount of money, how does it feel? Or if you opened the mail and found a check for that amount, how does it feel?

Feel those feelings for a few moments.

Feel the fire of the candle activating those feelings, giving them more power.

See the light from the candle surrounding you and expanding out from you, drawing that energy in from the Universe.

It is done!

Place the piece of pyrite on top of the intention you wrote down.

Keep them both near the candle.

In feng shui, candles have activating energy – even when they aren’t lit!

The candle will infuse your pyrite and your intention with the manifestation energy, helping it come true!

You can light your candle for a few minutes every day for the next 9 days to increase the energy and draw it to you.

Feel the feelings, thanking the Universe for bringing it to you!

Place pyrite near a plant to grow wealth vibes.

Using pyrite near a potted plant can also attract wealth and grow your financial success!

You can buy a wealth or good luck plant specifically for this purpose, or use one that you already have.

Write your intention on a small piece of paper and bury it in the dirt of the plant.

Feel the feelings of having what you want.

Place a piece of pyrite near the base of the plant (not in the dirt, because pyrite can rust!).

Set the intention that the plant is helping you grow your wealth vibes! It is done!

This post has more info: crystals for plants

How to Use Pyrite to Attract Wealth in 3 Steps!

  1. Cleanse.
  2. Program.
  3. Use it/wear it/place it!


Cleansing your pyrite crystal will reset it to its original vibrational frequency and also remove any energy it has picked up over time.

It also resets it so that you can program it with your own intention!

Because pyrite is a grounding and protection stone, it can pick up and absorb vibrations from the energy around it over time.

Cleansing it will remove those vibrations so that it can continue to do its job.

Check out this post for more info: how to cleanse crystals.


Programming your pyrite crystal will give it a job and put its energy to work for you!

To program your crystal:

Touch it or hold it in your hand.

Repeat your intention to yourself, feeling the feelings of having what you want.

If you have a specific amount of money you’d like to manifest, you can repeat that number to yourself.

Otherwise, just feel the feelings of having what you want. If someone came up to you and handed you the exact amount of money you want, how would that feel?

Feel those feelings while taking a few deep breaths.

Visualize or feel the feelings of that wealth energy infusing itself into your pyrite crystal.

The pyrite will now hold that intention for you!

Any time you feel the urge, interact with your pyrite and feel those feelings of having what you want.

Use It / Wear It / Place It.

Your pyrite is now ready to use!

You can wear it or place it according to whichever method you chose.

Once your specific amount of money has manifested, you can reprogram your pyrite for a new intention by using the same 3 steps!

pyrite bracelet for wealth

How to Use Pyrite Stone to Attract Money: Q & A

Which stones pair well with pyrite?

The stones that pair best with pyrite are other prosperity stones or abundance stones, such as:

  • Green Aventurine – the stone of luck and opportunity
  • Green Jade – the stone of physical prosperity and wellbeing
  • Clear Quartz – the master healer and amplifier of energy
  • Citrine – the merchant’s stone of happiness and joy
  • Tiger’s Eye – the stone of personal power and protection
  • Yellow Sapphire – the beautiful yellow stone of success and manifestation

Where should I put my pyrite?

Pyrite is best in:

Your home’s feng shui money area
Near your front door or entryway
On the feng shui wealth area of your desk
In your home’s health area

How do you use pyrite for luck?

Pyrite can be used for luck in the same way it is used for money!

After all, manifesting money is a form of good fortune and luck.

You can use a piece of pyrite as a good luck talisman by:

Choose a pyrite bracelet, ring, or another small piece of pyrite to use as a good luck charm.

Cleanse it to remove all previous programming and reset it energetically. (See this post for more info: how to cleanse crystals)

Program it: Hold the pyrite, feeling the feelings of being lucky and having everything that you want! Set the intention that this pyrite is going to be your good luck charm. It is done!

Your pyrite stone is now programmed for good luck.

As often as you feel like, touch the pyrite and feel the feelings of being in the right place at the right time, and getting everything that you want!

Can you wear pyrite every day?

Yes! You can wear pyrite every day.

It is a great stone for daily use because not only does it carry wealth vibrations, but it is also helpful as a protection and grounding stone.

It can help you attract good luck, abundance, and protect you from negative energy.

If you find that pyrite is too stimulating, remove it before you go to sleep because it can cause insomnia.

But if you are able to sleep okay with it, you can also wear it while you sleep!

Be sure to cleanse your pyrite often to remove any negative vibrations it’s picked up so it will continue to work for you.

Where to place pyrite in the bedroom?

If you want to place pyrite in your bedroom, it can go either in your bedroom’s wealth corner or under your pillow.

Just keep in mind that pyrite can be activating, so keeping it in your bedroom or near your bed can cause restless sleep or insomnia.

If you struggle with sleep already, you might not want to keep pyrite in your bedroom.

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