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{even more} feng shui tips for money luck! 7 tips for attracting wealth to your door!

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{even more} feng shui tips for money luck! 7 tips for attracting wealth to your door!

One of the best things about feng shui tips for money luck and attracting abundance is that there are so many of them!

And because there are so many, you don’t have to apply all of them to your space at once.

You can pick which ones resonate with you, apply one or two of them, and then the next time you want to manifest more money, pick another!

Today we are going to discuss 7 more advanced feng shui tips for attracting money to your front door.

These are tips you can apply to your front door and entryway to attract more abundance and opportunities into your life!

feng shui tips for money luck

The front door is extremely important in feng shui. It’s how new opportunities and new life force energy (Chi) enter your life and home.

Having an attractive front door means that you will attract more and more good energy into your life!

And with that good energy, more wealth and abundance come into your home as well!

Here are 7 feng shui tips for money that attract wealth to your front door:

One: 8 coins in a red envelope

In Chinese culture, the color red is the color of good luck and fire energy. Fire energy brings new life and stirs up the Chi energy!

For this reason, any time money is given for a special event (like Chinese New Year, weddings, or birthdays,) it is usually given in a red envelope.

feng shui money red envelope

So for this feng shui money cure, you will place 8 coins of the highest denomination in your currency (so in the US this would be quarters) inside a red envelope.

Then you’ll put that red envelope under your doormat outside your front door. If you don’t have a doormat outside, you can place one inside and place the envelope there.

For extra manifesting power, think about receiving your target amount of money (whatever amount you would like to manifest) as you place your feng shui envelope. Then give thanks for receiving it!

Two: Feng Shui wealth plants for your entryway

There are two areas of your entryway you should consider when you want to add money attracting plants.

Those areas are, of course, the inside and the outside!

If you have a front porch and have the room, placing a potted plant on both sides of your front door can bring lucky energy to your home.

It slows down the fast-moving Chi energy, and helps it enter your home at an auspicious pace.

plants feng shui front door 1

Choose plants that you find attractive, and that don’t block the doorway when you are using it. You don’t want there to be obstacles that block good energy from entering!

Good outdoor plants for your porch that attract money are: geraniums (red is particularly lucky!) and jade plants.

Both have rounded leaves, which is what you are looking for when you’re choose a plant for money and good luck!

If you can’t place plants outside, or if you want to place plants both inside AND outside, house plants that are great for inside your entryway are:

lucky bamboo
money trees
succulents with rounded leaves

or any other kind of house plant that you love and are excited to see grow! If you’d like more ideas for money attracting plants, click here: feng shui plants for wealth.

Three: fountains!

Moving water symbolizes free-flowing, abundant energy, so fountains are amazing prosperity boosters for your entryway!

You can set up a small, table top fountain in your entryway (make sure the water flows towards the interior of your home and not outward!)

Fish tanks with goldfish are also great for your entryway!

If you want to place a fountain on your front porch or on your front lawn, this will also attract wealth energy towards your home.

Again, make sure that you pick one that flows water towards your entrance and not away from it. You want the energy flowing into your house and not out of it!

Four: Add crystals!

You can add crystals both inside your front door and outside of it!

Crystals carry certain vibrational frequencies, and we know that “like attracts like!”

Adding crystals that carry wealth frequencies means you’re raising the vibration of wealth in your home.

Crystals that work especially well for this are citrine and pyrite.

You can place them in your entryway if you have a space for them, such as an entryway table or even an entryway closet!

If you want to keep them outside, a great place is inside a potted plant, or on a windowsill on your porch.

Anywhere you can tuck the crystals will work!

If you want to display them openly so you can look at them and raise your vibrations, go for it! But also keeping them inside pots or inside entryway console tables works too.

The point is the intention behind placing the crystals. Crystals like to have a job and purpose, so as you place them, imagine all of the wealth and abundance flowing into your life!

And every time you see them, imagine that money and prosperity growing larger and larger!

feng shui pyrite money

To learn more about the different feng shui crystals for wealth, click here!

Five: Add a feng shui money bowl!

A feng shui money bowl is really fun way to attract more wealth and abundance, and the entry way is a perfect place to put it!

If you have an entryway table that you can set up as your wealth manifesting area, you can place your money bowl there.

feng shui money bowl

Money bowls are meant to be displayed so that you can see it and attract more and more wealth into your life.

Click here to see the easy steps for creating your feng shui wealth bowl!

Six: Add movement!

Adding movement to your front door area stirs up the Chi and creates energy flow, which attracts more vibrant, fresh energy!

Any time you can stir up the Chi in your front area, it means new opportunities will be attracted into your life.

A great way to do this in your front door area is to add a flag, windchime, or other wind catcher to your entryway.

If you can do this outside, it will make your front door even more attractive to exciting opportunities because it tells the universe: Look at me! Here I am! But placing one inside works too. I even have a purple wind catcher in the window of my money area!

Seven: Add a candle!

Candles represent fire energy, which is fast-moving and attractive to more wealth and opportunities!

Adding a candle to your entryway and lighting it every day with the intention of bringing more money into your life is an easy way to attract more money to you and your home.

feng shui entry table

You can even write down your intention on a small piece of paper (whether it’s a specific amount of money, a new job, a raise – whatever you’re trying to call in) and place it under the candle.

Then, when you light it, focus on your intention as if it’s already happened and feel the feelings you’ll feel when it does!

You can leave the candle lit for just a minute or two, or for however long you’d like each day. Do this for at least 9 days in a row (9 is a lucky feng shui number!) and see what happens!

Now that you know which items you can add to your front door area to attract more money and abundance, how should you display them?

In feng shui, the two most important questions are: Do you love it? Does it have a purpose/intention?

This means you can place your items anywhere you want, as long as you love it and you set your intentions.

Don’t add any of the wealth items if you don’t like them — if you do, you won’t feel connected to it or worse, you might even have negative feelings every time you see it!

So only add things that you really like or that you are really open to.

For example, if you want to add a wind chime, pick one that you thing looks great! And then be open to the wind chime actually working to stir up the energy and attract more money.

As long as you’re open to it working (you don’t necessarily have to fully, 100% believe!) the feng shui will work its magic!

If you really want to get the good energy flowing in your entryway, you can set up a small abundance area and place as many of the lucky money objects there that you want!

The more excited you can get about creating a beautiful, auspicious entry, the more luck and money will be attracted to your home.

So go all out if you want! Or just use one or two objects and switch them out whenever the mood strikes you.

With feng shui, any time you have an urge to shift things around or add new things — follow that instinct!

Often you’ll find that you are instinctively placing things in a way that creates good feng shui. You just have to trust yourself!

If you haven’t gone through the other feng shui tips for money luck, you can find them here:

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{even more} feng shui tips for money luck! 7 tips for attracting wealth to your door!

Iva Ursano

Friday 21st of August 2020

Great tips! I love your site.