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What to Keep in Your Wallet to Attract Money, Wealth, & Abundance!

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If you’ve been around the feng shui circles for a while, or if you are into money manifestation, you probably know that your wallet is an important piece for manifesting wealth and abundance.

Any place that keeps or holds your money is important because how you treat your money reflects how you feel about money.

And if you want to attract money, you should respect it and treat it well.

There are two ways to manifest more money with your wallet (or purse!):

feng shui your wallet
▶ keep abundance items in your wallet to attract wealth

This post has more info about how to feng shui your wallet and purse, but let’s discuss what to keep in your wallet to attract money!

what to keep in your wallet to attract money: coins, cash, and more

Here’s what to keep in your wallet to attract money!


Keeping cash in your wallet at all times helps you feel more abundant.

Plus, keeping cash in your wallet will attract more of it!

▶ Abraham Hicks says to keep $100 in your wallet and play the $100 prosperity game.

The prosperity game is the game of “spending” the $100 over and over.

Basically, you can go to the store (or online shopping!) and see how many different things you could buy with the $100.

You vibrationally spend the $100 over and over, which raises your vibration.

This also helps with the law of assumption, because you become the person who can spend $100 over and over!

As you attract more and more money, you can use bigger and bigger numbers. But keeping $100 in your wallet is a good start.

If you don’t have $100, start with what you have!

You can easily start with $1 or $5, and graduate to bigger and bigger numbers as you attract more money!

▶ In feng shui, keeping $108 in your wallet is also considered lucky – 8 is the number of abundance, and 9 (1+0+8 = 9) is the number of completion, which is a feng shui lucky number.

For an even bigger feng shui boost, you can keep the $108 in a small red envelope in your wallet to activate it and attract more!)

feng shui coins tied with red ribbon

Silver or Gold Coins, or Feng Shui Coins

Silver and gold are abundance colors, which means they attract more wealth (like attracts like!)

If you don’t want to keep coins in your wallet or if you don’t have a place in your wallet to keep them, you can also use 3 feng shui coins tied with red ribbon.

Wealth Crystals and Stones

Keeping small abundance crystals in your wallet can also attract wealth!

A few of the best abundance crystals to keep in your wallet are: pyrite, green jade, clear quartz, citrine, and carnelian.

A Cinnamon Stick

Keeping a cinnamon stick in your wallet will boost the wealth energy and attract abundance.

No one really knows where this trick came from, but my hunch is that it came from the spice trade.

Cinnamon can be used for protection and cleansing bad vibes, so keeping cinnamon in your wallet will do double-duty!

If you don’t want to keep a cinnamon stick in your wallet, you can use a few drops of cinnamon oil or even use a small pouch of loose cinnamon powder.

20 dollar bills next to coins and notebook

Your money goal

If you have a specific amount of money you’d like to manifest, you can write it on a piece of red paper or on regular paper but with a red pen.

Red is activating in feng shui, and it is also considered a color of abundance!

Keep this piece of paper in your wallet, but remember to switch it out for a different number once you’ve manifested the amount you wrote!

A Lucky Wallet Item

There are lots of feng shui items for luck and abundance.

You can find a small lucky keychain, a crystal, feng shui coins, or even a printout of a lucky object and keep it in your wallet to attract abundance.

If your wallet has a zipper, you can attach it there, or you can just keep a small lucky object inside of your wallet.

Be sure that you choose something that makes YOU feel lucky – it’s important that you have a personal relationship with this item so it will be powerful for you!

hand holding the infinity symbol next to red wallet

A Prosperity Symbol

If you don’t want to keep a lucky item in your wallet, you can use a prosperity symbol on a small slip of paper and keep it in your wallet instead.

You can draw one, print one, or even buy one as a sticker and stick it inside of your wallet!

Some ideas for prosperity symbols are:

  • Infinity symbol (or the number 8!)
  • The number 8 or the number 9 (these are feng shui prosperity numbers!)
  • The mystic knot

High Limit Credit Cards

One of the best feng shui wallet tips is to not keep all of your credit cards in your wallet.

Credit cards can represent debt (especially if you have a limiting belief that debt is bad!) so keeping them all in your wallet can block wealth energy.

Instead, keep one credit card in your wallet (especially if it has a high credit limit!) if it makes you feel abundant.

Otherwise, don’t keep your credit cards in your wallet.

money in a paperclip

Business Cards

If you own a business, you can keep your business cards in your wallet to represent attracting more clients and customers to your business!

Place them with the intention that you’ll always be ready to hand one to a potential customer and that they’ll be replenished often!

Bonus: Keeping 21 Grains of Rice in Your Wallet

Keeping 21 grains of rice in your wallet is thought to attract wealth!

Food is often used on wealth altars (or in your feng shui wealth vase) as an offering to the Gods (like the Goddess Lakshmi) and in feng shui, food represents being able to share abundance with others.

Keeping 21 grains of rice in your wallet pays tribute to that belief.

You can keep them in a small vial, or just loose in your wallet.

Just make sure to replace them if they start to crumble or disintegrate.

As you can see, there are so many things you can keep in your wallet to attract wealth.

You don’t have to do them all – instead, you can rotate them and see which one you like best!

Start with one and see how it works for you.

And make sure that you choose the one that feels the most abundant to you.

money in a paperclip on top of a calculator

Things to Remove from Your Wallet (According to Feng Shui)

Of course, there are also things you shouldn’t keep in your wallet if you want to attract money.

Essentially, these things can bring down the wealth energy and make it harder to attract abundance.

First, keep your wallet clean, organized, and in good condition to keep the energy clean and ready to receive wealth.

Then, go through your wallet at least once a week and remove the following:

  • Old receipts/trash
  • Torn money
  • Lots of credit cards
  • Old business cards you won’t use
  • Unpaid bills

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what to keep in your wallet to attract money
what to keep in your wallet to attract money