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Manifest Anything In 5 Days with the 5 x 55 Manifestation Method!

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The 5 x 55 manifestation method is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your manifesting toolbox.

It helps you make a direct connection with your desires so that they can manifest quickly and easily – sometimes in just 5 days or less!

manifest anything in 5 days with the 5 x 55 manifestation method

What is the 5 x 55 manifestation method?

The 5 x 55 manifestation method is a quick and easy way to manifest your dreams in just 5 days.

It’s a way to get into the vibration of having what you want every day for 5 days.

If you have studied manifestation or have listened to any Abraham Hicks work, you’ll know that manifestation can happen in as little as 17 seconds.

If you can hold the vibration of having what you want for at least 17 seconds, you become a vibrational match to what you want, and you begin drawing it to you.

Using the 5×55 method is a way to hold the vibration of what you want for longer than 17 seconds.

It helps you get into the habit of a manifestation process.

5 x 55 manifestation technique with girl writing in a journal

How does the 5 x 55 manifestation method work?

It works by helping you focus your energy on the vibrational frequency of your desire.

Often times when we are trying to manifest something, we accidentally get into the vibration of NOT having what we want.

The 5 x 55 manifestation process is a way to make sure that we are getting into the vibration of HAVING what we want.

And doing it for 5 days is a way to concentrate the energy so that the Universe will move what we want towards us.

Writing down what you want every day imprints it on your subconscious mind, helping you believe that it can happen.

Once you start moving towards what you want, the Universe moves too.

Using the 5 x 55 manifestation ritual harnesses the power of repetition and helps you create a manifestation practice for yourself that you can use any time you’d like.

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What is the meaning of 5 x 55?

The angel numbers meaning of 555 is:

Your life is about to change. You are choosing a new path. The changes in your life are divinely inspired. Be open to new beginnings!

How to do the 5 x 55 method of manifesting:

  • Decide what you want.
  • Create an affirmation around what you want.
  • Write the affirmation 55 times a day for 5 consecutive days.
  • Release your hold on your desire and let the Universe work for you!
  • It is done!

Step one: Decide what you want.

We are manifesting things all the time, but a lot of times we are doing it by accident.

The law of attraction is always working for us.

Sometimes we just get into a habit of manifesting things we don’t really want.

For the purposes of using the 5 x 55 manifestation formula, the first step is to choose something specific that we want to manifest.

It can be something big, like a certain amount of money, a new job, a date or a text from a specific person — the only rule is that it needs to be something that you BELIEVE you can have.

If you want to manifest something that you don’t really want or don’t believe you can have, it’s going to take longer for the method to work.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t work, but if you want it to work fast, choose something that you believe you can have.

girl holding journal in front of face

If you are new to using the law of attraction, or this is your first time using the 5 x 55 method of manifestation, you can choose something small.

For example, choose that you want to receive a sign from the Universe that you can have whatever you want and that the method will help you get it.

It’s a good idea to choose something that you wouldn’t normally see in everyday life.

Like maybe you want to see a monkey wearing a red jacket.

Or you want someone to give you $27.

Choose something specific so that you will know for SURE that the method worked.

Once you’ve decided what you want, it’s time to create a positive affirmation to use for the next 5 days.

Create the affirmation.

The affirmation should be: specific and written in the present tense, as if you already have what you want. For example:

Thank you, Universe, for showing me a monkey wearing a red jacket. I’m excited to know this method works!


Thank you, Universe, for the $27 I received!

An easy way to create your manifestation affirmation is to think about it like this:

If someone came up to you on the street and gave you what you asked for, what would you say?

Or if you were describing that moment to someone else, how would you say it?

If you were writing a thank you note to the Universe in one sentence, what would it be?

Of course, you want this affirmation to be short enough that writing it 55 times won’t take you 3 hours.😉

girl on couch typing on laptop

For the next 5 days, write out your affirmation 55 times on a piece of paper or in a manifestation journal/notebook.

While you’re writing, feel the positive feelings of it happening.

Again, if someone came up to you on the street and gave you what you wanted, how would that FEEL?

What thoughts would you be thinking?

What positive emotions would you be feeling?

Feel those feelings as you write your affirmation.

It is done! This or something better!

This is an important step in the method: you have to release your manifestation to the Universe.

Stay in the receptive mode and allow your manifestation to come.

If you hold on too tightly, checking over and over to see if your manifestation has happened, you will get into the vibration of NOT HAVING what you want.

You’ll be manifesting not having it instead of having it.

Try to think of it this way: If you order food at a restaurant, you expect to for that food to come to your table.

You don’t usually have to double-check and see if it’s coming.

You expect your order to come.

Try to feel the feelings of what you’re ordering from the Universe in the same way.

Expect it to come. Release it to the Universe for it to deliver to you. It is done!

girl on couch typing on a laptop

Does the 5 x 55 method work?

YES! All manifestation techniques like the 5 x 55 manifestation method work.

Manifestation happens at all times, the difference is whether or not you’re manifesting on purpose.

Using a method like the 5 x 55 technique means you’re manifesting on purpose, with something specific.

It will work as long as you believe it will work.

If you DON’T believe it will work, why are you doing it?

You have to give the Universe room to work on your behalf.

If you don’t believe it will work, then it won’t.

The Universe can’t override your intention.

So at least give it a try with the expectation that it could work.

What if the 5 x 55 method doesn’t work?

What if you went through the entire process and it didn’t seem to work?

The important thing to remember is that it hasn’t worked yet.

If your manifestation didn’t happen within the 5 days, that doesn’t mean that it won’t.

You have to still believe that it can happen.

Sometimes manifestations need a bit of time for the Universe to rearrange things for you.

You have to still believe you can have what you want and that it will happen.

Everything you do towards getting what you want is going to add up until your manifestation spills over into your reality.

If it’s been a while, and your manifestation still isn’t coming, it’s time to take stock of where you are.

Journal on the following questions:

Did you really want it?

Was it something that you REALLY wanted or only kinda-sorta wanted? Was there something else you wanted more?

Did you believe you could have it? If not, why not?

Disprove your limiting beliefs. Hint: every limiting belief you have isn’t true. You can always have the essence of what you want.

Did you give it enough time?

Don’t take stock too soon. You can still have it!

Sometimes putting a timeline on a dream or manifestation can put you in the vibe of “it’s not coming.”

Did it happen in a way you weren’t expecting?

Sometimes we want something to happen in a certain way, but it might happen in a completely different way and you just didn’t notice.

For example, if you wanted to win $500 in the lottery, maybe it didn’t happen.

But you might get a random check in the mail for the $500.

The Universe brought you what you wanted in a completely different way.

Make sure you don’t discount that just because it wasn’t the way you thought it would happen.

Was your desire specific enough?

If you said something like “Thank you, Universe, for the extra money.”

You might have manifested $10 extra and not noticed.

Try something specific so you won’t miss it when it comes!

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Should you do the 5 x 55 manifestation method on more than one manifestation at a time?

It’s usually recommended to only focus on one manifestation and one single affirmation at a time. Otherwise, you’re going to be writing things all day long!😄

Instead, why not do this:

Make a list of things you want in your dream life.

Write down everything you want and possibly even a timeline for them (if it feels good to you to do that!)

Write until you can’t think of anything else to add.

Choose ONE specific goal to work on with the 5 x 55 manifestation technique.

Pick the biggest desire you have on your list, that you want to happen fastest.

Then after using the 5 x 55 manifestation method for the complete 5 days, start immediately on a different manifestation.

This will do two things:

Focus your energy and also help you let go of the other manifestations when you’re working on a new one.

That way you don’t hold on to them too tightly and you give them room to happen.

Also writing down what you want clarifies it to the Universe.

You might even find that other things on your list happen on their own before you even do the 5 x 55 method!

You can also try other manifestation techniques on each thing you want!

Try a bunch of different ones and see what you like the best!

Other manifestation techniques like the 369 manifestation method, a vision board, or a manifestation journal can be fun things to try.

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Do you have to write in a journal for the 5 x 55 method to work?

No, you don’t have to use a journal or write your affirmations down in order for the method to work.

If you can feel the feelings of your dream coming true, you can use any method you want. You can:

  • Use your computer and type your affirmations.
  • Use a note on your phone or tablet.
  • Write it on a scrap piece of paper.
  • Say them out loud into a voice memo.
  • Use them as a mantra during meditation.

However, the “true” way to use the 5 x 55 method is to write them by hand in a notebook or journal.

But if it’s easier to use your phone or computer for the affirmation writing process, then do that!

If you find that you can’t concentrate on your affirmations, try a different way the next time.

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What is the best time of day to use the 5 x 55 method of manifestation?

The best time of day is one where you can focus.

You just need a quiet time, by yourself.

Some people find that writing the affirmations first thing in the morning helps them focus and start the day in a positive way.

Others find that doing the process right before bed helps them manifest more quickly.

Try different times of the day and see which works best for you!

5×55 manifestation affirmations and examples

Let’s go through some 5 x 55 manifestation examples you can use!

Feel free to use any of these or just make up your own affirmations.

Don’t forget: feel the feelings of what you write happening!

The most powerful affirmation for you will be the one you connect with the most.

If you can’t feel the feelings of the affirmation when you’re writing it, try a different one.

You can’t get it wrong, but definitely make it fun and exciting!

Use the affirmation that makes the most sense for you and your situation.

stack of books and journals on a coffee table

5×55 manifestation examples for job

Thank you, Universe for my new job!
I now have my perfect job, easily and effortlessly!
I am so grateful for my new job at _.
I love my new career and all of the opportunities it gives me!
Job opportunities fall right in my lap!

5×55 manifestation examples money

Thank you, Universe, for the $5000 I received!
I am so grateful for the raise of $____ I received.
My income increases every month, easily and effortlessly.
I always make more than I spend.
Money loves me and loves to be in my bank account!

5×55 manifestation examples love

Thank you, Universe, for my perfect partner.
I manifest love and romance with ease.
Our love grows stronger and stronger every day.
Everything works out in my favor.
I have more dates than I know what to do with!
_ texted me today! _ asked me out on a date today!

5×55 manifestation examples: health

Thank you, Universe, for my healthy body.
I enjoy moving my body every day.
My health improves every day.
Every day I love my body more and more.
My body allows me to live my best life every day.

Again, choose the affirmation that works best for you. You can even use a combination of the affirmations or examples above if they resonate with you.

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