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why am i so unlucky with money? 9 things to NEVER keep in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!

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why am i so unlucky with money? 9 things to NEVER keep in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!

Why am I so unlucky with money?

Do you find yourself saying that a lot?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t get ahead?

Do you feel like there’s just not enough money coming in, or that it goes out as fast as it comes in? 

Have you noticed you’ve had a string of bad luck with money recently?

While in western feng shui, we believe you create your own luck – part of creating that luck is creating a home that’s full of good energy — especially in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!

In feng shui, there are things that carry lucky energy and things that carry unlucky energy. 

If you’re feeling like you’re unlucky with money, there are unlucky things you’ll want to move out of your home’s wealth corner in order to create a more welcoming money environment.

This will help remove the negative energy and replace it with more positive money energy!

feng shui prosperity corner - 9 things to never keep in your home's feng shui prosperity corner

Before we get started with the list of unlucky money items, let’s first get to know your home’s feng shui prosperity corner.

According to the bagua, your home is divided into 9 areas that correspond with the different areas of your life. 

The feng shui prosperity area is the far back left corner of your home, when you’re standing at your front door, looking inside.  (Click here to learn more about the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home.) 

Once you know where your home’s feng shui prosperity corner is, you can now make sure the following items are stored somewhere else.

Here are 9 items you shouldn’t keep in your feng shui prosperity corner if you want to create better luck with money!

One: Trash cans!

Most of us don’t even think about where we place our trash cans – right?

If you happen to keep your trash cans in your money area, that could create bad luck! 

In feng shui, trash represents negative energy – it carries the energy of old, used items that need to be taken out of the house. 

Plus a lot of times it’s overflowing, smells bad, and is messy and annoying. 

You definitely don’t want to keep that energy in any area of your home — but if you’ve had bad luck with money, you don’t want it in your wealth area!

feather dishes with crystals and jewelry, (feng shui unlucky with money)

What should you do if you can’t move the trash cans? 

You need to make them as neat and tidy as possible! 

Make sure the cans have a lid, that the trash isn’t overflowing, and that you take it out frequently. 

Make sure the area around the trash cans is clean. Don’t let it build up and accumulate negative energy!

And that goes for trash cans all over your house – not just in the money area.

hanging candle holder and couch - activating feng shui prosperity corner


Clutter represents decisions that we haven’t made, things we don’t know what to do with, and stuck energy

Think about how you feel when you open that closet that’s full of things you know you need to go through.  It doesn’t feel great, right? 

Clutter holds that energy – that’s part of the reason it can be so difficult to deal with!

It’s also why someone else can come in and make decisions quickly – they don’t carry that emotional attachment to the items that you do. 

If you have a lot of clutter in your home’s wealth area, it can definitely affect the energy in that space. 

Take some time and clear it all out – and everything counts!

Even clutter in cabinets and closets — it has to go if you want to clear out that unlucky money energy and make room for new money!

couch, side table, hanging plants

Three: Financial paperwork that represents debt or old financial patterns you want to change. 

Do you keep your old receipts, old bank statements, credit card statements, other debt statements, or bill statements in your money area? 

The money area of my home contains a small office area and I realized when I first started working with feng shui that keeping the old financial statements in this area just adds to that old money history! 

The first thing I did was move that paperwork to a different area of my home. 

When you’re working to change your money story, keeping that old stuff around, recreating that energy any time you look at it isn’t a great idea.

Some ideas for storing that paperwork: create digital copies and shred the originals (if possible.)

Make sure you throw out old statements and receipts once they are past the IRS recommendation date.

And get rid of old bills once you’ve paid them! 

tea kettle and copper cups - feng shui changing bad money luck

If you do want to keep your current bills in your money area, I recommend doing a money ritual that represents those bills being paid. 

Write your intention statement and keep it on top of the bills you’re working on paying right now. 

Let the Universe know that you want that money to come in quickly and easily. 

You can even create a folder or binder that’s a money intention binder – everything that goes into that binder is paid in full. 

Set those intentions and watch the Universe create magic!

feather dish with crystals - tips for prosperity area
lady holding cleaning bucket and mop - keep prosperity corner clean

Four: Dirt/Grime/Dirty Windows/Dust. 

Keep your money area clean and fresh! 

Keep the floors clean, the baseboards clean, and the windows clean. 

Set your intentions every time you clean your money area that you are bringing new, vibrant energy to your finances! 

Windows are also very important in feng shui, because they represent how you see the world, how you see yourself, and new ideas and opportunities. 

You want to clean them well a few times a year if possible, so that the fresh, fire energy has a way to enter your space and burn off the old, stale energy.

It’s also a good idea to open them a few times a month to clear out the stale, old, unlucky energy!  

Sweeping, dusting, and cleaning all represent clearing out the old to make room for the new. 

We all know that we should keep our homes clean, but from an energetic standpoint — neglected areas represent neglected areas of your life. 

So when you want to bring new, lucky money in – clean your home with intention and watch what happens!  (Click here to learn more about how to use feng shui when you sweep to increase your manifestation power!)

jar of coins and plant - plants raise feng shui prosperity

Five: Dying plants. 

No plant hospitals in your money area! 

When you are working on creating good money luck, the last thing you need is a plant in that area that’s being nursed back to life. 

(Even if you do feel like that’s the symbolism behind your finances — it COULD be one of the reasons the plant isn’t thriving in that area in the first place!) 

Clean the dead/dying plants out of the money area and place a new, growing one in its place. 

The new plant will represent the new growth you desire! (Click here for a list of feng shui plants for wealth to keep in your money area!)

plant, crystals, and journal on table - change bad luck plants

Six: Broken items, unfinished projects, and leaky faucets. 

Anything broken should be fixed ASAP, and definitely don’t let your money area become a broken items graveyard! 

Broken items represent things that you haven’t had time to deal with — and it represents neglect for both you and your home. 

Dealing with them ASAP is always good feng shui, but especially when you don’t want to be BROKE financially!  

The same is true of unfinished projects — if you are working on something and find yourself neglecting it over and over — either get rid of it, finish it, or put it away! 

Don’t let the unfinished energy sit for months.  It builds up the stagnant Chi and makes a part of you frustrated every time you see it.

Leaks represent money draining away from you — so if you have a leak anywhere in your home, fix it as soon as you can. 

And if you have a toilet in your money area, keep the lid closed when it’s not in use.

plant & computer on table - how to use prosperity corner

Seven:  Items that make you unhappy. 

If you have things you’re holding onto that make you feel frustrated, stuck, annoyed, sad, or otherwise unhappy every time you look at them — it’s time to deal with them. 

If you have to keep them — don’t keep them in your feng shui prosperity corner! 

It’s very similar to the clutter energy: every time you look at an item negatively, those energetic feelings are hanging around in that area of your home. 

When you’re trying to increase your wealth and money luck, you don’t want to negativity in the money area of your home. 

That old stuck energy has to go!

Just an extra tip here:  Try to only keep things you LOVE in your home.  Your home should be a sanctuary — not a storage facility for things you don’t like or that make you unhappy. 

Give yourself permission to move past those things!  Don’t hang onto things because someone gave them to you, or you spent money on it, or it makes you feel ungrateful if you get rid of it. 

Instead, give those items a new life.  Release them from your feelings and let someone else have them who might really enjoy them!

stack of journals - bad feng shui money

Eight:  Speaking of old items and old energy – don’t keep things in your money area that represent old areas of your life that aren’t relevant to where you want to go. 

This goes for old pictures, old clothes, items you want to donate, old furniture you don’t use — anything that you wouldn’t buy today, wear today, or want to look at today! 

Old pictures can be put away and replaced with new, fresh pictures that represent where you’re going in your life, not where you’ve been.  And you can update old furniture and donate old clothes. 

Don’t hold yourself to old images of yourself — ESPECIALLY when you’re creating a new, vibrant life full of money and good energy!

journals and tea set on table - decorate feng shui money area

Nine:  Lots and lots of red or firey colors.  Red, orange, bright purples — they represent fire energy in feng shui. 

A little fire is GOOD to create new growth and stimulate fresh energy.  But a LOT of red represents out of control burning and your money going up in smoke. 

The same is true of keeping a lot of candles or even light bulbs in this area.  One or two is good — but a lot can be too stimulating and create too much chaotic energy. 

We want positive, calm energy in our money areas, not fast, out of control energy!

Bonus feng shui tip for when you feel unlucky with money:

Every area of your home and life relates to every other area of your home and life. 

Your money area doesn’t exist in a vacuum, just like your money doesn’t exist in a vacuum! 

If you’ve been working on your home’s wealth area and still not seeing the results you want, it’s time to look elsewhere in your home and see what else is out of balance.  

journals and candles on table - unlucky money energy

It’s also good to keep in mind that sometimes unlucky money energy is just old patterns and old circumstances that you’re now having to deal with — it’s not a result of what you’re CURRENTLY doing. 

So approach your relationship with money in a new way, and let yourself off the hook for past mistakes. 

Sometimes the unlucky energy is sticking around just because we consider ourselves unlucky. 

Use these feng shui ideas for money and wealth to help you generate a new way of seeing yourself!  Show yourself that you are different and your money will respond differently. 

Now that you know what not to keep in your money area, you should check out:

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why am i so unlucky with money? 9 things to NEVER keep in your home’s feng shui prosperity corner!


Thursday 22nd of July 2021

I’ve rented a room in a shared house, how can I apply the feng shui energy when so many different energies and vibrations are around? I really would like to have your saying towards this subject. Thank you in advance and keep up your great job. You’re doing amazing

Lorna Cresson

Monday 5th of July 2021

hi Lorna here, i place my jade plan in front of my entrance door on the right side corner of the door is that ok


Thursday 6th of May 2021

I rent a room out which one would be my money corner ?


Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Our house must be always clean and with pleasent scent. Harmony in home brings harmony in every part of our lives.


Monday 8th of March 2021

Hi Can i put red,orange and dark purple cussions in my living room