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the feng shui wealth colors that boost abundance and prosperity (how to use color to manifest more money!)

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the feng shui wealth colors that boost abundance and prosperity (how to use color to manifest more money!)

Did you know that in feng shui, you can increase your abundance and prosperity by using certain colors that attract wealth? Not only can color help attract luck and good fortune, but also using it with purpose can help you manifest money and abundance quickly – just by using more color in your home!

These days, a lot of us use more neutral colors in our homes. That can be a great thing when it comes to making our homes calm and peaceful, but it can blunt your manifestations because neutral colors equal more neutral, calming energy. 

While neutral, calming energy can definitely be a good thing when you want to rest and rejuvenate, it also means less active Chi (energy) circulating in our homes,  and that translates to less manifestation energy in our homes. 

If you’re finding that you’re trying to attract more wealth – like a new job, or a raise or just a financial windfall, one of the ways you can energize your manifestations is by adding feng shui wealth colors to your home.

Think of feng shui as a way to use your home as a vision board — you use it to tweak things in your home ON PURPOSE in order to bring you what you want.

feng shui wealth colors for money and abundance

Let’s first discuss the colors most associated with abundance, and then we will discuss where to put them and how to use them according to feng shui principles.

What are the feng shui wealth colors?

Purple:  purple is the color of opulence, abundance, and royalty.  It is the color most associated with decadence, luxury, ambition, and power.  This is because in ancient times, purple wasn’t easy to come by, so only royalty and the wealthy had access to it.  They would wear it to show off their money and power.  

Green:  In the US, green is the color of money!  But it’s also the color of growth and opportunity. Green means go!! And green also means “grow.” Just like you want your money to grow.

Gold:  Gold is also the color of money and power.  Think: the gold standard for money.  Gold bars.  Gold jewelry.  All of these things represent money and wealth.

best wealth colors in feng shui

Red:  Red represents the fire element in feng shui – which means expansive, quick-moving energy.  Red can be used to increase the power of any area of your life that you want to turn up the heat on. It burns away stagnant energy and creates room for expansive growth.

Brown:  Brown is associated with the wood element in feng shui, and that means stability, which is definitely something you want when it comes to money!

How do you use these colors in your home according to feng shui principles?

The feng shui wealth colors mentioned above best go in the money corner of your home. 

According to the bagua (the feng shui map of your home that tells you which areas of your home correspond to the different areas of your life – click here to see a picture of the bagua and find out how to apply it to your home!), the money corner is the far back left corner of your home when you are standing at your front door looking in. 

Any of the colors above can be placed in that area to attract more money and abundance in your life. 

Instead of trying to add each color, just pick the one that speaks to you the most or that most compliments your current decor and add a few accents in that area.  This could be pillows, curtains, small decor items – anything that you love and that speaks to you will work!  You can even add crystals in those colors to your money area if you want!

feng shui colors attract money

If you don’t like any of these wealth colors, or you don’t want to add anything else to that area, another trick you can use is placing colored paper or fabric in your drawers, under furniture, or taped under tables or inside cabinets.  If you go that route, the color most associated with the money corner is purple.

Now that we’ve talked about the colors associated with the money corner, there are also OTHER areas of your home that represent abundace:  your career area and your fame/reputation area.

The wealth colors associated with the career area are:

Black: Black is the main color associated with your career area.  Black represents knowledge, power, and a commanding presence (all things you want in your career or business!).  A little black goes a long way, so don’t worry that you have to paint your walls black or get black furniture.  You don’t! 😉 

Blue: Blue is associated with the water element in feng shui, which is the element of your career area.  Blue represents fluidity, peacefulness, and flow.  Water represents an abundance river flowing into your life and home.

Again, use the bagua to locate your career area.  Then add black or blue accents or colored fabric/paper to that area to boost your career and attract more money.

The feng shui colors associated with the fame/reputation area are:

Red: Red is the color of fire, and that is the feng shui element of your fame/reputation area.  Fire represents ALL EYES ON YOU!  Plus a simmering hot reputation where everyone knows your name and you are famous for what you do.  Of course, it doesn’t *literally* mean you’re “famous,” it just means you have a good reputation in your career and everyone wants to work with you!

Purple:  The fame area is next to your money corner, and purple is also considered a fire element color.  So purple also works in your fame area.

Once you’ve used the bagua to locate your fame area, use the tricks above to add in your accent colors. 

Bonus tip: the fire element is also associated with bright lights and sunshine.  So you can open the curtains in this area to let more light in.  Or you can also add a lamp or change out the light bulbs in this area to higher wattage bulbs and shine a light on yourself and your reputation!

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the feng shui wealth colors that boost abundance and prosperity (how to use color to manifest more money!)


Saturday 26th of September 2020

Hi. Does the bagua map work in The same way in the southern hemisphere?


Friday 30th of October 2020

Yes it does! xoxo

Alison M

Saturday 9th of May 2020

This was good info. I'm getting a new home it faces south & the colors are neutral colors (beige house & light beige trim) what colors should the front door be for prosperity & happiness to flow into my home. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


Friday 24th of April 2020

Very helpful. for the people who wants to know Good Feng Shui colors for money.