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Feng Shui Bracelet Meanings & How to Make it Work for You!

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Feng shui bracelets can be a fun and beautiful way to enhance your personal energy.

They can support you while you manifest your dreams.

They can help you set your intentions.

But will a feng shui bracelet work for you?

Here are 4 ways to know if a feng shui bracelet will work for you:

Do you need extra help setting and keeping your intentions?

If you are having trouble manifesting something you want (like money, a partner, a new job, a new home, etc) then this is where a feng shui bracelet can help!

A feng shui bracelet can be worn as a way to reinforce your intentions. Several times throughout the day, you can focus on your bracelet as a way to realign your energy and focus on what you want.

4 ways to know if a feng shui bracelet will work for you!

Do you love crystals and other objects that help you recalibrate your energy and realign your frequency?

Feng shui bracelets are made from different crystals (that depend on what you’re focused on manifesting) so they help align your energetic body to the frequency of what you want.

If you love crystals, a feng shui bracelet can really help you align your vibration!

Do you love having a charm or lucky object that helps you focus and feel grateful?

If so, a bracelet that has a charm or symbol can help you focus on being grateful for your manifestations before they arrive.

Each feng shui bracelet can carry the energy of your dreams and help you focus your intentions to reach your goals.

Do you believe that a feng shui bracelet, crystals, and charms can work for you?

Are you ready to give them a try with an open mind and the possibility that they will work for you?

If so, a feng shui crystal bracelet can be a really fun way to help bring your dreams to life!

feng shui bracelet with obsidian pixiu

Let’s dive into all of the different aspects of feng shui bracelets and how to choose one that will work for you!

What is a feng shui bracelet?

A feng shui bracelet is a bracelet made of specific crystals and feng shui items that help you create luck, good fortune, and serendipity in your life.

The basis of feng shui is creating an environment that is supportive of your dreams and goals. 

A feng shui bracelet is an extension of that. 

It can help reinforce your dreams and align the energy of your personal aura to help you manifest it!

If you are having a hard time holding the vibration of your dreams, feng shui bracelets can help you. 

Wearing a bracelet and then using it in your manifestation rituals can help you bring your dreams to life!

What are feng shui bracelets made of?

Feng shui bracelets are made of various crystals and sometimes Chinese symbols or good luck charms. 

The most traditional feng shui bracelets are made of obsidian. 

They also have the pixiu – a creature that represents good luck and good fortune. 

Obsidian is a crystal known for its grounding and protective properties.

It protects you and your environment from negative energy and stress. 

It helps stabilize your energy, which is helpful when you are trying to manifest things into your life!

It also stimulates growth, which is great for attracting wealth and abundance! 

The pixiu is a creature that represents good fortune and wealth. 

It is said to protect from evil spirits and attract good fortune in your life!  The traditional feng shui obsidian bracelet includes both of these items. 

Sometimes it will also contain jade, citrine, or pyrite which further enhance the wealth energy of the bracelet!

how do feng shui bracelets work?

feng shui bracelets work by aligning your energetic field with your goals or what you’re trying to attract. 

Feng shui bracelets work in the same way that crystals work. 

They help you align the energy in your body with whatever it is you’re trying to attract. 

In fact, if you set a strong intention and then choose a feng shui bracelet to enhance that intention, it will work even better!

For example, let’s say you want to attract wealth and abundance. 

You’ve created a feng shui vision board.

You’ve done all of the feng shui tips for wealth. 

You are working on feeling the vibration of having the wealth you want. 

You can choose a feng shui wealth bracelet that will increase that intention!

Whenever you wear your feng shui bracelet for wealth, you can reinforce your intention for wealth throughout the day. 

Every time you look at your bracelet, feel the feelings of having the wealth you want. 

The crystals in the bracelet will then be programmed to your intention and hold those wealth vibrations. 

The more you reinforce feeling the feelings of having the money you want, the more the intention will increase! 

Eventually, those wealth intentions will spill over and start manifesting in your life!

crystal bracelets on blue dish

What does a feng shui bracelet do?

In addition to reinforcing your intentions for your manifestations and life goals, feng shui bracelets can help align your energy. 

The whole basis of feng shui is that the items in your life carry their own energy, which affects you and your life. 

Feng shui bracelets just help align the energy in a positive way so that it’s easier to attract the life you want.

Are feng shui bracelets real?

In short, yes!

But as with everything in your life, your intentions and beliefs carry the most weight.

So if you believe a feng shui bracelet will help you, it will. 

If you believe a feng shui bracelet WON’T work, then it won’t!

It’s the same thing with anything you add to your space. 

If you don’t set the intention and belief that it will work, then don’t add it to your space at all.

Only keep the things you love and want to have in your home – that includes jewelry!

Do feng shui bracelets work?

Again, it depends on whether you believe they will work! 

It’s the same with crystals and any item you add to your home.  If you add it to your home, then at least be open-minded that it will work for you. 

Just like creating a feng shui wealth bowl or rearranging your furniture – only do it if you are open to the technique working for you. 

If you go into any feng shui cure absolutely believing it won’t work, then your manifestations will be spotty at best. 

While nothing BAD is going to happen if you try it (the worst that can happen is that things remain the same!) if you’re open to a feng shui bracelet working for you, then you can be pleasantly surprised when things start to change!

This is also why you should choose a feng shui bracelet that helps you with your intentions but that you also love to wear. 

Don’t just choose one so it will “work” for you. 

Pick one you love so you enjoy wearing it and it increases your good feelings towards your goals and manifestations.

bracelets hanging on tree branch

Are feng shui bracelets bad? Are feng shui bracelets safe?

Feng shui bracelets are made of tiny crystals and/or feng shui good luck charms – which means there is nothing dangerous about them. 

If you try wearing a feng shui bracelet, the worst that can happen is that nothing happens! 

Wearing a feng shui bracelet isn’t going to bring you bad luck, bad fortune, or bad outcomes. 

The only “bad” thing that can happen is that things remain the same. 

Now if you believe that wearing a feng shui bracelet will make something bad happen to you, then that’s a negative belief that can definitely manifest in things you don’t like happening to you. 

If that’s the case, I would recommend not wearing a feng shui bracelet and instead trying a different feng shui cure to help you with the things you want.

when should you wear a feng shui bracelet?

The perfect time to wear a feng shui bracelet is when you feel lead to wear one!

I have used a lot of different feng shui techniques in my home over the last few years, and only recently started wearing a feng shui wealth bracelet just so I could write this post and see the effects for myself! 

I felt led to wear one and write this post. 

But I love crystals, I love minimalist bracelets, and I already add crystals to my pockets and clothing whenever I want to reinforce my intentions. 

Since I am actively working on increasing the wealth in my family, I chose a feng shui wealth bracelet to boost that intention. 

If you have something you deeply want in your life, such as a relationship, wealth, a new job, new friends, or some other intention you deeply desire, wearing a feng shui bracelet can help you! 

Only wear one if you really want to boost your intentions and use it to reinforce your good thoughts towards what you are manifesting. 

which feng shui bracelet is best?

Always wear a feng shui bracelet that you love! 

That is how you choose the best feng shui bracelet and the one that is going to work for you.

It makes no sense to pick a feng shui bracelet that doesn’t have any meaning for you. 

The best feng shui bracelet is the one you will wear and make you happen when you look at it! 

You can also choose a feng shui bracelet that is made specifically for the intention you’ve set: a feng shui wealth bracelet has crystals that attract wealth energy, a feng shui love bracelet has crystals that attract love energy – so pick one that will help you enhance your energy and help you attract what you want.

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

A feng shui bracelet’s meaning depends on the different charms and crystals that make up the bracelet.

Some of the common feng shui bracelet meanings are:

Wealth – typically the feng shui wealth bracelet has black obsidian crystal beads and a pixiu charm.

Love – the feng shui bracelet for love usually has rose quartz beads

Peace and prosperity – amethyst beads and a pixiu charm.

Good luck – Green aventurine or jade beads

Business prosperity – citrine or tiger’s eye beads

stack of feng shui bracelets

How to wear a feng shui bracelet?

Generally, you should wear a feng shui bracelet on your left hand. 

In traditional feng shui terms, your right hand is the hand you give things with, and your left hand is your receiving hand. 

So your right hand is what you use when you give things to others, and your left is the hand that accepts gifts. This means you should wear your feng shui bracelet on your left hand.

However, in western feng shui schools of thought,  you can really wear it on any hand you want. 

So if you’re left-handed and you’d rather wear your bracelet on your right arm because it feels better to you, then you should wear it on your right arm. 

If you wear your bracelet on an arm that makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s going to interrupt the energy behind wearing it, which will defeat the purpose of wearing it to feel good!

how do I activate my feng shui bracelet?

The best way to activate your bracelet is with your intentions. 

Even while you’re purchasing a feng shui bracelet, you’re setting the intention! 

Choosing a feng shui bracelet for a specific purpose, like to attract abundance and wealth, is setting an intention.

But you can also activate a feng shui bracelet by setting a very specific intention before you put it on for the first time.  Here’s a ritual to activate your bracelet:

  1. Cleanse your feng shui bracelet by burning sage or palo santo, and passing your bracelet through the smoke.  While you’re doing this, imagine the bracelet being cleansed of all energies within it.  This way you can program your bracelet with your own intentions.
  2. Once you’ve cleansed the bracelet, write down a specific manifestation you’d like the bracelet to help you bring into your life.  Would you like a specific amount of money? Would you like to meet someone new? Would you like a new job? Whatever the intention is, write it down in a brief sentence that is as specific as possible. 
  3. Once you’ve written down your intention, place the bracelet on the piece of paper.  Then feel the feelings of having what you wrote down on the paper.  If you wrote a specific amount of money, imagine someone walking up to you and handing you that amount of money.  How do you feel? Feel those feelings for a moment.  If you asked to meet a significant other, feel the feelings of seeing that person in front of you.  If you asked for a new job, imagine what it will feel like when you receive the phone call telling you that you have the job.  Whatever your intention is, feel the feelings of it already being yours. 
  4. Once you’ve done this, put on your bracelet.  You’ve programmed it with your intentions, and you’ve activated its energy!
  5. Every time you put on your bracelet, feel the feelings of having what you want.  This reinforces your energy and aligns it to the frequency of your dreams happening!
  6. Be open to receiving what you want – or even something better!  Allow the universe to bring you your wildest dreams!

How to activate pixiu bracelet:

To activate the pixiu bracelet, perform the same steps as above:

  1. Cleanse to remove energies the pixiu bracelet is holding.
  2. Write down your intentions for how you want your pixiu bracelet to work for you! Imagine your pixiu holding your intention and going to work on your behalf to summon wealth and abundance!
  3. Place your bracelet on top of your written intention. Feel the feelings of your pixiu gathering wealth and abundance for you.
  4. Put on your bracelet.
  5. Once you’ve put on your bracelet, touch the pixiu bead and thank it for helping you attract abundance!
  6. A few times a day, touch the pixiu bead. Thank it for working on your behalf. Interact with your pixiu as you would a beloved pet! Send it thanks and good vibes and trust that it is working for you!

how do I cleanse my feng shui bracelet?

The easiest way to cleanse your feng shui bracelet is to burn sage or palo santo and pass your bracelet through the smoke for a few seconds. 

This cleanses your feng shui bracelet of all energies and programming so that you can set a different intention. 

Other ways you can cleanse your feng shui bracelet:

  • Put it outside under the full moon.
  • Place it on a small bowl of sea salt, so the salt can absorb the energy.

Because the feng shui bracelet can be made of different types of crystals, I don’t recommend cleansing it with water or direct sunlight. 

Some crystals can be eroded or dissolved completely in water.  And direct sunlight can also cause crystals to fade. 

Want to learn more about how to cleanse the energy in your home and life? Click here!

woman holding palo santo to cleanse feng shui bracelet

Can I sleep with my feng shui bracelet?

Absolutely! If you want to sleep with your feng shui bracelet on, you definitely can! 

However, if you are affected by the energy of crystals and find that you aren’t sleeping well while you’re wearing your bracelet, then don’t wear it while you’re sleeping. 

You can sleep with your feng shui bracelet next to your bed – but the same rule applies. If you find that you’re having insomnia at night or you are having weird dreams, you might need to keep it in a drawer or out of your bedroom entirely at night.

Where should I keep my feng shui bracelet when I’m not wearing it?

You can keep your feng shui bracelet with your other jewelry so that you remember to put it on while you’re getting dressed in the morning. 

You can create a feng shui wealth bowl and keep your bracelet on top (if it’s a feng shui wealth bracelet.) 

Or you can also create a dish that holds a crystal that relates to your intention (rose quartz for love, for example, or clear quartz can amplify any intention you give it.) Rest your bracelet on the dish or large crystal so that it will absorb the extra intentions while you sleep! 

If you don’t want to do those things, you can also just keep it somewhere special or with your other jewelry when you aren’t wearing it.

tray with candles and buddha statue

What are the feng shui bracelet rules?

There aren’t a lot of hard rules in Western feng shui, but for your feng shui bracelet, the rules are:

  1. Only wear one that you love! Don’t pick one just because it’s “good” feng shui. The same rule applies to everything in your home or life: only keep items you love! If you don’t love it, it won’t carry good energy and the whole point of a feng shui bracelet is to enhance the good energies in your body!
  2. Pay attention to how you feel when you wear it.  If you find yourself not wanting to wear it anymore, it might be time to give it a rest (even if your manifestation hasn’t “arrived” yet) – always trust your energy and intuition!
  3. There’s no 100% wrong way to wear it, store it, or activate it. Do what feels best! Trust yourself!

What about a feng shui lucky charm bracelet? Are certain charms better than others?

Traditionally, the feng shui lucky charm would be the pixiu – the chinese creature of good luck and good fortune.  But in western feng shui, most bracelets don’t have to have a charm at all. 

If you want a charm, then you can definitely wear a crystal bracelet with a charm, or add your own charm to your feng shui crystal bracelet. 

Make sure that you choose one that has meaning for you, so that every time you see it it will reinforce your intentions.

If you don’t want a “traditional” feng shui lucky bracelet, any crystal bracelet and charm will work!  Just make sure you program it so it can help you manifest your dreams!

What if my feng shui bracelet doesn’t work?

Most of the time there are a few reasons a feng shui bracelet doesn’t work:

You didn’t set a specific intention.

If you just set an intention for “more money” that could come as a penny you find on the sidewalk! Be as specific with your intentions as possible so you will know for SURE when it’s occurred.

You haven’t given it enough time. 

The Universe isn’t on our timeline. And the magic actually happens when it looks like it didn’t work.  That’s when faith in the universe comes into play and the universe can bring you your dreams!

You didn’t believe it would work. 

I know that sounds really “woo-woo” and like a cop-out answer, but if you’re wearing a feng shui bracelet and you just KNOW it’s not going to work – then the Universe can’t override your intention. 

At the very least you should wear it with the feeling of being open to it working for you. 

It’s the same with all feng shui cures – any time you use feng shui in your life, be open to the Universe responding.  Even if that is just a tiny, tiny sliver of belief or a feeling of “why not try it.” Give the Universe room to respond!

Now that you know all about how a feng shui bracelet works, why not give it a try? Find one you love and set your intentions. You might just find that the Universe responds beyond your wildest dreams!

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