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feng shui good luck crystals (10 crystals to make you lucky!)

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If you need more luck in your life, feng shui and crystals can help!

While good feng shui can always help you attract more luck and good fortune, adding feng shui good luck crystals to the mix can boost those good vibes even higher!

feng shui good luck crystals (10 crystals to make you lucky in life!)

Here are the best feng shui good luck crystals (and where to put them according to feng shui!)


small citrine crystal

Citrine is a feng shui crystal for good luck in wealth and business. 

It’s often called the merchant stone or success stone, bringing you good luck in financial endeavors. 

It can help you manifest new opportunities for wealth and abundance, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a new job or success in your career. 

A light yellow color means it represents the earth element in feng shui, so place it in your health area or abundance area!

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map so you can see where to place your crystals!)


aventurine crystals on white background

Aventurine is the stone of opportunity and good luck, so it’s associated with luck in gambling and playing the lottery. 

It is the stone of action and opportunity, which means it can help you make lucky decisions. 

Aventurine is green, so it represents the wood element (growth and stability) and money! 

Aventurine is best placed in your feng shui prosperity area to stimulate growth and luck in your finances,  or in your family/legacy area to bring growth and stability to your long-term goals and legacy.


red carnelian crystals on white background

Carnelian is the stone of courage and self-confidence, so it brings good fortune and good luck in achieving your dreams. 

It helps you go after the things you want with clarity and decisiveness. 

Carnelian is usually a mix of red and orange, which represents the fire element in feng shui. 

Keep carnelian in the fame/reputation area of your home to boost success and self-confidence, or in the wealth area to bring more luck to your finances.


group of green jade pebbles

Green jade is a growth crystal, bringing good luck to the creation and achievement of your dreams. 

Jade is considered a “lucky charm” in feng shui, and you can find lots of feng shui items made from it. 

Green jade represents the wood element, which creates growth and stability (think of the plant growing tall, but also having deep roots!) 

Place green jade in your home’s feng shui money area to help you achieve your financial dreams, or in your family/legacy area to bring more stability to your long-term achievements. 

Jade is also great to wear as jewelry when you want to enhance your personal creativity and good luck!

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye crystal

Tiger’s eye represents courage, fearlessness, self-empowerment, and inner strength.

As a feng shui lucky stone, it is thought to protect you from bad luck while giving you the courage to go after your dreams without fear. 

Tiger’s eye is usually ranges from yellow to brown to deep red, and is striped like a tiger. 

Yellow, brown, and earthy reds are earth element colors, so place tiger’s eye in your home’s health center for strength of body, mind, and spirit. 

You can also place it in your love/relationship area to bring stability and harmony to relationships, or in your home’s spirituality/knowledge area to bring enlightenment and success to your decisions.

Clear Quartz

hand holding clear quartz tower

Clear quartz is the chameleon of feng shui crystals for luck, meaning you can program it to hold and amplify any intention you choose! 

You can use clear quartz to bring good fortune to any area of your life. 

First, cleanse it by burning sage or putting it in the windowsill during a full moon. 

Second, hold the clear quartz and set the intention for the good fortune you’d like to bring into your life. 

Third, place it in whichever area of your home best supports that intention. 

Fourth, let the crystal do it’s work! 


small malachite crystal

Malachite represents good energy and focus, helping you break the chains that are holding you back while giving you the courage to go after your dreams. 

Malachite can help you bring good fortune to any endeavor you choose.

It can also clear confusion and bring spiritual guidance, helping you create transformation, good luck, and serendipity! 

Malachite is a deep green color, which represents the wood element in feng shui. 

It will bring growth and stability to your dreams. 

Place it in your home’s wealth area to break free from financial instability, or in your home’s family/legacy area to bring long-term transformation to your legacy. 

Malachite can also be used on your desk if you’d like clarity and growth in your career.


labradorite palm stone

Labradorite is the spiritual stone, representing magical help from the Universe. 

It can help you be in the right place at the right time, or help you have a flash of insight that seems to transform your life like magic! 

Labradorite is usually grey and blue, but it can also have flashes of gold, pink, or purple! 

It represents the water element, which represents fluidity and flow, as well as wealth and abundance. 

Place labradorite in your career area to bring insight and guidance in your career, or in your wealth area to help you transform your finances! 

You can also meditate with labradorite in your home’s wisdom/spirituality area to tap into spiritual guidance from the Universe.


group of amazonite crystals

Amazonite is the crystal of new endeavors, hopes and dreams, and opportunities. 

If you’re feeling stuck, discouraged, or like nothing is happening the way you’d like it to, Amazonite can clear that energy and help you feel hopeful again. 

Amazonite can help you let go of what’s holding you back so that you are more able to go with the flow – opening yourself up to the good fortune and opportunity that the Universe has in store for you! 

Its light blue color (usually sprinkled with smoky quartz!) represents water and earth – grounding you while also helping you go with the flow. 

To use Amazonite as a feng shui luck crystal, place it in your wealth area to bring good luck and more flow in your finances.

You can also place it in your career area to bring new opportunities your way!


red garnet crystal

Garnet is a stone for taking action and making your dreams manifest into reality.

It helps with courage, creativity, and passion.

It can help you re-energize your life and figure out which direction to take, which can realign your life with the divine luck of the Universe.

While red garnet does have fire energy, it tends to be a darker, deeper red, which gives it more grounded, earth element properties. 

You can place red garnet in your home’s health area, to bring harmony, courage, and personal success.

Or place it in your home’s knowledge/wisdom area to boost your connection to the Universe and gain spiritual wisdom.

Tourmalinated Quartz

tourmalinated quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz contains both clear quartz and black tourmaline, which means it blocks negative energy while also amplifying positive energy. 

When you are branching out and trying new things, tourmalinated quartz can protect you from negative thinking and outside influences, giving you the courage to go after your dreams. 

It can help you stop self-sabotage while opening you up to flashes of insight from the Universe. 

Because the base crystal is quartz, you can program it to help you in any area of your life, which means you can keep it in any area of your home. 

Once you’ve decided which area you’d like to use it in, program your tourmalinated quartz so that it brings you luck in that area while protecting you from negative energy.

Rose Quartz

three rose quartz freeforms

If you need to be lucky in love or romance, rose quartz is the crystal you want! 

Rose quartz is the crystal of love and passion – which means you can use it for your romantic relationships, but you can also use it to help you bring love to any other area of your life as well. 

Keep rose quartz in your bedroom or relationship area to help your romantic relationship, in your health center to help you with self-love, in your family/legacy area to help with relationships in your family, or even in your helpful people area to bring love and good vibes to other relationships in your life. 

box of amethyst crystals

How do you use feng shui crystals to boost the luck in your life and home?

If you’ve never used crystals before, I recommend starting with the one that speaks to you the most. 

Your intuition will help you choose the one that will most work with your energy, so if you found yourself excited about one of the lucky crystals above, that’s the one I would start with. 

Where do you buy feng shui good luck crystals?

One of the best places to buy crystals is etsy, but you can also find them on instagram and even Amazon!

If you’ve never purchased a crystal before, you don’t have to choose a large or expensive one. 

Small pocket stones work just as well as large, decorative ones!

amethyst sphere

Where should you place your feng shui good luck stone?

Crystals like to have a job, so choosing the area of your home that corresponds to the area of your life you’d like to bring more good luck to means you’ll get the double boost of luck from feng shui AND the crystal. 

If you have a small pocket crystal, you can also keep it in your pocket during the day, or wear a feng shui bracelet that contains the crystal. 

This will bring you personal lucky energy too! Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home.

How do you program your feng shui good luck crystal?

Programming is setting the intention and purpose for your crystal so that it knows what you’d like to manifest.  Here’s how to program your crystals:

  1. Cleanse the crystal.  You can sage it or set it in your windowsill under a full moon.  This removes all of the energies the crystal is currently holding and let’s you set a new intention.
  2. Create an intention statement.  Be very clear about what you’d like to bring into your life. For example, if you’d like the crystal to bring good luck to your job hunt, you might write something like “Thank you for bringing me good luck and good fortune in my new job!”  You can be super specific, and even create a feng shui vision board that supports what you’d like. Or if you’re open to all sorts of possibilities, be more general but set an intention that makes you excited!
  3. Hold the crystal and feel the feelings of having exactly what you want.  If you want a new job, what would it feel like to receive the email with the job offer? If you’d like to win the lottery, what would it look like to hold the winning ticket? Feel those feelings for a few moments.
  4. Thank the Universe and say “this or something better!” Then place your crystal in the area of the bagua that corresponds with your desire, or if you’re wearing it, put it on.  Every time you think about it, thank the Universe for bringing you the good fortune you want, and feel the feelings of having it!

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