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feng shui for good luck and wealth (7 feng shui tips to prevent bad luck and increase good fortune!)

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feng shui for good luck and wealth (7 feng shui tips to prevent bad luck and increase good fortune!)

Feng shui can help you create a harmonious and peaceful home, but did you know that it can also make your home a magnet for good luck? Using just a few feng shui basics can help you create a home that attracts good luck, good fortune, and wealth. These feng shui tips will increase your good luck and wealth while preventing and changing bad luck! 

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Start with the front door.  The front door is considered the “mouth” of your home, which means it’s how luck, opportunity, and fortune find you!  A welcoming front door and entryway are vital to creating a home that’s a luck and wealth magnet. 

Some basics for creating a lucky front door are:  

  • Make sure your door, porch, and entryway are clean and decluttered.
  • Make sure the door opens freely, that all of the hardware works and that nothing is behind the door when you open it.  (Items that stop the door from opening all the way also stop the luck and money from entering!)
  • Make sure the porch light works (if you have one!)
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the walkway to the door – don’t have plants or other items directly in front of the door so that it’s difficult to enter.
  • Also check to see if there is anything blocking your door on the walkway from the street or driveway. You want a clear path for the good luck to find you!
  • Finally, if possible, don’t keep the trashcan in front of your front door – if it’s not possible to move it, place it in attractive containers or find another way to keep it contained so that it doesn’t block the Chi (life force energy) from entering your home!

(Because the front door is such an important part of feng shui and attracting energy and opportunity to your life, click here to learn how to feng shui your front door for even more luck and good fortune!)

Take a look at the plants and landscaping in and around your home. 

  • Do you have dead plants in your home? 
  • Is your yard well maintained?
  • Is there a lot of dead or dying landscape?
  • Does your house look like plant hospital? 

Dead or dying plants, landscaping, and otherwise neglected outside maintenance can also affect the luck and opportunities you attract in your life. 

spruce up your entryway for good fortune

While it might seem like a good idea to try and “save” dead or dying plants, it actually represents draining energy – which can drain you in all areas of your life, including fortune and luck!

Some people believe that plants absorb negative energy, protecting you from becoming sick or attracting bad luck — so bless the plants that are dead or dying and replace them with something fresh and vibrant! 

If you have a front yard and/or front porch – make sure the plants in those areas are living and vibrant as well. 

If you can’t control the plants, grass, or landscaping, at least make sure it is trimmed and well-maintained and as inviting as possible. 

You might be surprised at how this one change can make a huge difference in your luck and good fortune!

Speaking of plants — adding fresh flowers to your home will add to your luck and opportunity! 

Aside from having a lot of attractive, colorful energy (which is always attracts good vibes in feng shui), fresh flowers also make your space feel special. 

Just think about how you feel anytime someone surprises you with flowers!  Instead of saving them for a special occasion, making as many days as possible feel special attracts good fortune and good energy to your home. 

Treat yourself a few times a month to fresh flowers, and make sure that you choose ones that you love!  Throw them out as soon as they start to turn brown and die, and thank them for bringing their vibrant, exciting energy to your home and life.

Create better flow.  Once the good energy is in your home, you want to keep it moving! 

Two ways you can do this are to declutter and create better flow with your furniture. 

Make sure you can move easily throughout your home, and that nothing is blocking the doorways or hallways.  Arrange furniture so that it’s circular and/or balanced in each room (if possible). 

Arranging furniture so that people can easily conversate and move around means the energy is high and can move freely too! 

Add color to your home that attracts money and good luck.  The colors that are most attractive for money are: green, gold, and purple.  The colors most attractive to good luck are reds, oranges, and bright pinks. 

If you don’t want to add the color to your furnishings or accessories, you can add pops of color inside drawers and under furniture with colored papers or fabrics.  Line your drawers with colorful shelf paper or place some bright fabric under your couch cushions. 

The colors don’t have to be visible to attract great energy and luck (but it helps if you do add colors that you love and that you can see on a regular basis so that you’ll feel lucky and vibrant!)  (Click here to learn more about the feng shui wealth colors and how to add them to your home to attract more money!) 

Add some lucky objects.  We all have items in our lives that we consider “lucky” or even colors that we wear when we want to have a good day. 

The same is true of your home and feng shui — there are specific items you can add to your home to boost your luck and abundance. 

feng shui good luck

Choose one that speaks to you and that you are adding for a specific purpose — you don’t have to add every single feng shui lucky object in order to attract good luck.  Just pick one and use it as your good luck totem!  Click here to see the feng shui items for good luck.

▶ Add a bowl of fruit to your kitchen counter or dining room table.  A big bowl of fresh fruit is a feng shui luck and prosperity magnet! 

A bowl of oranges is always considered lucky, but all fruit (especially if you will eat it and not just display it!) is attractive to money and abundance. 

A bowl of fresh fruit represents abundance that is shared with the whole family, and the bright, fresh colors attract all of the good vibes and energy to your kitchen, which is the heart of your home’s abundance and luck.

What about how to feng shui your home to get rid of BAD luck?

Do you have one area of your life that you’d most like to attract good luck to, or in which you’re currently experiencing some “bad” luck? 

In western feng shui, NOTHING can override your own free will, and that means that objects aren’t inherently good luck or bad luck. 

There are definitely some things that, if they are dirty, neglected, cluttered, or have negative energy attached to them can reflect that energy into your life, creating some kind of negative outcome. 

But that doesn’t mean that if you have something in your home and it’s considered “unlucky,” that all of a sudden you’re going to start coming across horrible luck in your life. 

In feng shui, what is going on on the outside (in your life) is usually reflected in your home, and vice-versa. 

But that doesn’t mean that, for example, if you break a mirror that you’re going to attract bad luck. 

What it means is that everything in your life adds up and spills over — whether that is good energy or bad energy.

That being said, if you ARE experiencing negative things happening to you, or if you have a certain area of your life that you’d like to become MORE lucky, one thing you can do is consult the bagua to determine which area needs a little boost to attract new, fresh and lucky energy.  

The bagua is the feng shui map of your home. It shows you which areas of your home correlate with the different areas of your life. 

So if you’d like to bring good luck to your finances, you’d add some feng shui boosts to your money area. 

If you’d like to create good luck for meeting a new romantic partner, you’d enhance your relationship area. 

If you’d like to get into a specific college (or if one of your children would) you’d enhance the knowledge and spirituality portion of your home, and possibly helpful people and travel as well.

If you’re experiencing bad luck in a certain area, you also want to look at the bagua for that area and see if there are things in that area that are being neglected. 

Is it full of clutter?

Are there dead and dying plants in that area? 

Are there broken objects or home maintenance projects that need to be addressed or finished?

Is there a leak or a bathroom in that area?

Are there burnt out light bulbs, or do the floors need a good scrubbing or a new rug?

Is there a lot of furniture or stuff hiding in closets in that area?

Clutter blocks energy flow, which can create bad or non-existent luck. Decluttering your whole home can raise the good luck of every area and every person who lives there!

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to use it in your home!)

Another thing that can be considered bad luck in feng shui is a poison arrow.  Poison arrows are sharp corners (of walls, of furniture or cabinets, or from other types of objects) that point directly at you when you are in a room, sitting in a chair, or even laying in bed. 

Any time a sharp corner points directly at you, it “poisons” your energy field, causing your nervous system to remain on high alert and making you feel unsafe. 

Most of the time these feelings are in your subconscious – you have no idea why you feel uncomfortable (or you are just “used to it” and don’t notice it anymore!) 

If you’ve had a string of bad luck lately, check your home for these kinds of corners — especially any room where you spend a lot of time. 

Slightly shifting furniture so that the corners no longer point directly at you can help a ton.  You can also place fabric over table corners, place plants in front of sharp corners, or even hang crystals from the ceiling in between you and the corner to disperse the negative energy.

What about bad money luck, specifically?

One area that almost everyone wants to know about is creating good luck with money (and getting rid of bad money luck!)

There are three areas of your home that correlate the most with money luck.  Your actual money area, the career area, and the entrance of your home. 

The entrance of your home is how good luck and good fortune enter, your career area is most correlated with your business and job success, and your money area is directly tied to wealth and money. (Click here to see a picture of the bagua to figure out which areas of your home these areas are!)

 If you’ve been experiencing bad money luck, check these areas for everything we talked about above: poison arrows, clutter, dirt, grime, dirty windows or mirrors, home maintenance or broken objects, leaks, or even things like toilets or drains in any of those areas.

Anything you can do to clean up those areas and make them fresh and clean will help cure your bad luck!

Spruce everything up with the intention that you are clearing that negative money energy out of your life and making room for the new, lucky energy to enter. 

Declare to the universe that you are unavailable for any bad money energy!

While you’re at it, open the windows (to release stagnant energy and let fresh air and lucky Chi (life force energy) to enter.)

And also consider smudging the space in order to really get rid of the negative, bad luck energy! (Click here to learn more about smudging and removing negative energy!)

Then, after you’ve cleaned and decluttered your money areas (with intention) it’s time to add some good luck energy to those spaces!  

For your money area: add some red! In feng shui, red envelopes are considered lucky wealth attractors. 

You can place a red envelope with a few high denomination coins in your money area to boost the wealth in your life. 

If possible, you can even add $108 of physical money (whatever currency you use) to the envelope for even more good luck!  The money in this envelope will attract lucky energy, causing your wealth to grow. 

But if you don’t have $108, just place 8 coins in the envelope.  You can even use feng shui coins if you’d like! 

Many people like to take the red envelope a step further and keep a red envelope with money in their wallet or purse.  I usually just keep my red money envelope in my money area, just to give it some extra lucky energy.

(Click to see feng shui coins on Amazon)

For your career area:  Black is the color that rules this area!  Add some black objects to this area – black picture frames, black accessories, or even just some black paper inside of drawers or under furniture to give your career a boost. 

Water also rules this area, which is why it’s lucky to keep an aquarium or fountain here if you’re looking for more luck in your business or job.

For your front door: A favorite feng shui cure for bringing good fortune to your front door is a wind chime.  Look for one with either 6, 8, or 9 metal rods like this one:

(Click to see wind chimes on Amazon)

If possible, you want to hang it on the right side of your front door (the right side when you are facing the door from the outside) between the door and the street. 

Wind chimes stir up the Chi energy, bringing new opportunities and fresh energy your way!  The noise also creates bright, cheery Chi energy, drawing more luck to your home.

If you can’t hang a wind chime, or don’t want to, just make sure you follow the guidelines for your front door above and create as much fresh energy as possible!  Click here for more ideas for your front door.

Now that you know how to increase your luck (and get rid of your bad luck!) you might want to try:

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feng shui for good luck and wealth (7 feng shui tips to prevent bad luck and increase good fortune!)