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{even more} feng shui tips to attract money (six secret areas you might have overlooked!)

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{even more} feng shui tips to attract money (six secret areas you might have overlooked!)

When thinking about how to use feng shui for money and abundance, most people think of the obvious: working on the abundance area of the bagua. But there are other money areas in your home that you should consider as well.

(If you’ve never used the feng shui bagua, click here to open it in a new window so that you can refer to it as you apply these money tips!)

even more feng shui tips to attract money - including 6 secret areas most people don't know about!

Here are the 6 secret feng shui money areas that most people don’t know exist. 

You can use these tips to help reinforce your intentions and amplify your money magnetism.

1 – every room of your home has a wealth corner. 

Each room of your home has a wealth corner.  If you’ve studied the bagua and how to apply it to help you feng shui your home for money flow, you know that your home has a wealth corner. 

But here’s a secret most people don’t know:  the bagua can also be applied to each room of your home. 

You can apply the bagua to each room in the same way that you do when you apply it to your whole house:  align the bottom of the map with the entrance of each room.  Standing at the door, looking into the room, your wealth corner is the back left corner. 

When you are using the bagua for wealth and applying it to each room, the first thing you want to do is see if there is clutter in that corner. 

FYI: closets count! If there is a closet stuffed full of things in the wealth corner of your bedroom, for example, make sure you clean it out!  Once you’ve done that, you can apply other feng shui cures for money in that corner. 

You don’t have to go overboard – you are essentially just reinforcing your original intention to help more money flow into your life.

2 – the career area of your home is your secondary wealth center.

The career area of your home is considered the secondary wealth corner because your career usually directly affects your income. 

even more feng shui tips for attracting money into your life

Because of the way the Western bagua is oriented, the career area is usually at the front of the home, and might even be in your entryway.  If it is in your entryway, you’ll want to click here and read the tips for applying feng shui to your front door

Otherwise, the same rules apply to this area as they do to every other area:  make sure it’s clean, open, and free of clutter. 

If you’d like a quick tip you can use to boost this area:  the element that rules the career area is water.  You can add a small fountain, the color black, or even a picture of water to this area for a quick feng shui boost!

3 – the third money area of your home that you don’t want to forget: helpful people/travel

The helpful people/travel area also affects your wealth because you often need other people to help you with your career or income. 

Whether you need a raise at your job (and need a helpful boss), or need customers if you own your own business, this is where you should look! 

Often too, YOU have to be a helpful person in order to create more money, or you might even need to travel. 

First, make sure this area is clutter-free so that energy can move freely. 

YES, if your garage happens to fall into helpful people, it also counts!

Second, a quick feng shui cure you can use for this area is to turn a light on for a few hours every day.  Especially if this area happens to fall in a room that you don’t use during the day, or your garage.   Turn on a light for at least 3 hours a day for at least 9 days.  You can also change the light bulb to a higher wattage.  This increases the fire element, which activates the chi in the room.

4 – the secret feng shui weapon for keeping your wealth flowing: keep your toilet lid down!

The fourth area you don’t want to miss: the bathrooms. 

Flowing water down the drain represents chi flowing away from the home.

Keep your toilet lids down and make sure there aren’t drips in the faucets.  You can also add a plant to your bathrooms to help balance the water flow.

5 – the fifth secret feng shui money area applies to almost every room: your furniture

Your furniture should always be in the command position. 

What is the command position?  It represents the arrangement of furniture in your home so that when you are sitting (or lying in your bed) the doorway is never behind you.  You want to be able to see someone entering the room at all times. 

don't forget to feng shui these areas if you want to attract more money

The theory for this is that if you are in the room and the door is behind you, your body and awareness are always on high alert.  When you can see the doorway, your nervous system can rest and you will feel safe in your home. 

The command position is also the position of power.  Your desk, for example, should face the door because you are in charge of your work.  When you think about it, the boss doesn’t sit in the corner, facing the wall!  The boss sits front and center.  

The command position is important for money because you want to be in charge of your wealth! 

Four areas you want to check to ensure the furniture is in the command position are: 

  • your living room furniture (if possible, arrange it so that you can see the door no matter where you sit in the room)
  • your bed (you want to be able to see the door but not be directly across from the door)
  • your desk (you want to be able to see the door while you’re at the desk, but also have a solid wall behind you, if possible)
  • your kitchen stove.

If you find that there are certain things you can’t move, like your stove, you can place a small mirror behind the stove so that it reflects the door and you can see it while you cook.  This will also work for your desk if you can’t move it!

6 – always feng shui your desk for abundance!

The sixth area that helps you attract money in feng shui is: your desk. 

We already talked about the position of your desk.  But you can also apply the bagua to your desk! 

Align the map so that the bottom is closest to you when you’re sitting at your desk. 

I like to keep an amethyst crystal on the back left corner of my desk (in the money corner) because purple is the color associated with that money area of the bagua.  You can also add a lamp to this corner, to activate the fire energy and amp up the chi! 

Other things you can do to feng shui your desk: 

  • Make sure that your desk is clean, tidy, and not full of clutter. 
  • Don’t keep old receipts, bills, or trash in your desk.  Make sure that your computer is clean and dust-free.
  • You can also declutter your computer files and email inbox to make room for new energy to enter your work! 

Another tip for your desk:  you can keep client lists in your bottom right corner (the helpful people corner) or put pictures of places you’d like to travel in this area to give it a boost!

Bonus feng shui money attracting tip: 

In feng shui, everything counts.  You can’t just use feng shui for one area of the home and expect it to overpower the rest of your space.  BUT, because everything counts, using even just a little bit of feng shui can raise the overall vibe of your home. 

That said, if you’ve used a few feng shui cures for money but the money still isn’t coming, make sure that you look at your space as a whole and look for any other areas that need attention. 

This especially applies for areas that need decluttering or repairs – fixing them will help your feng shui money cures because they will help raise the chi of your home (and your own, personal chi!) 

Also keep in mind:  You don’t have to apply each and every money cure in order to get results. 

It’s actually way better to start with one or two and then add one every few weeks or months than it is to apply them all at once.  (Unless applying them all makes you really excited, in which case – go for it!!)

But only applying one or two will help grow your confidence in your feng shui ability and also show you just how fast and easy it can be to use feng shui for money manifestation. 

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{even more} feng shui tips to attract money (six secret areas you might have overlooked!)


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