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How to do the 369 manifestation method TODAY & make it work!

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If you’ve tried lots of different manifestation methods (or been on tiktok or social media recently) you might have come across the 369 manifestation method. This is fastest manifestation techniques to help you manifest your dreams, so let’s get into it and check out how it’s done!

What is the 369 manifestation method?

The 369 manifestation method is based on inventor Nikola Tesla’s philosophy that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 were divine numbers of manifestation.

He believed 3, 6, and 9 were sacred numbers and the keys to the Universe.

That’s because each number has a meaning:

The number 3 represents a direct link to the Universe.
The number 6 represents inner strength.
The number 9 represents divine completeness.

how to do the 369 manifestation method today and make it work for you!

How does the 369 method work?

The 369 method works by helping you believe that your manifestations are coming.

It helps tune your vibration to positive results of having what you want.

By writing down your intention statements throughout the day, the method helps you remember to concentrate on your manifestations coming true.

You are focusing on having what you want, instead of focusing on not having it!

Instead of only using affirmations, positive thoughts, visualizations, or other manifestation methods, the 369 method combines those methods with the power of 369.

The basic concept of the 369 method is that it helps you anchor your belief into your subconscious mind so that you can get it more quickly.

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How to do the 369 method:

  • Write down what you want 3 times in the morning.
  • Write it 6 times throughout the day.
  • And finally, finish each day by writing it 9 times in the evening.

Now, that is a simplified version of how to do the 369 manifestation method.

So let’s get into how to make the 369 method work for you!

First step: Decide what you want.

The important thing is to choose something specific, but that you believe can happen.

If you choose something like “I want to win the lottery” or “I’d like to win a large sum of money,” – you could win $20 on a lotto ticket.

It’s a lot better to pick something more specific.

In the lottery case, a specific number is best. Say, $5000.

If you’re going to the trouble of using the 369 method to attract what you want, it should also be something that you believe can happen.

For example, if you want to win the lottery: Do you believe you can win? If so, do you believe that you’ll win the amount you want to win?

It’s easy to write down a large number, but if you don’t believe it can happen, you won’t be able to get your energy behind it.

If you want to attract a certain amount of money but your belief system tells you that you can’t win the lottery, it might be better to just tell the Universe you’d like to attract that amount of money and leave the “how” you’ll attract it up to the Universe!

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How specific should you be?

That depends.

You want to attract something you actually WANT, but you should also leave room for the Universe to bring you something even better!

Let’s say you are trying to attract a new job. You might write something like:

Thank you, Universe, for my new job at _ company (whichever company you’d really like to work for) doing job (whichever job it is you really want) making $__/year (whichever amount you’d like to make.)

Or you could also just say:

Thank you, Universe, for my perfect job opportunity (whichever job title or duties you’d really like) making $____ (whatever amount you’d really love.) This or something better!

The key is to write something that excites you but not to get so specific that it throws you out of balance when you think about it.

Besides, sometimes what we THINK we want isn’t the best thing for us and the Universe will send us something even better than we can imagine!

Next step: Create your intention statement.

Now that you know what you want, and how specific you want to be, it’s time to write your intention statement!

This is the statement you’re going to write down using the 369 technique.

How do you write an intention statement?

The key to manifesting with an intention statement is that you need to write your intention in the present tense, or in past tense (as if it’s already happened.)

For a new relationship, you could say something like:

I love my new romantic partner and how perfectly we align.


Thank you, Universe, for my romantic partner who is mentally, physically, and spiritually attracted to me.

An intention statement should be:

▶ Positive (Avoiding words like: can’t, don’t, won’t, no longer – focus on the thing you want, not the thing you don’t want!)

In present tense or past tense (as if it’s already happening, not happening sometime in the future.)

▶ Believable.

This is more than just a positive affirmation that you don’t really believe can happen.

Write something that you can actually see happening in your mind’s eye.

▶ Of great significance to you.

Make sure you are manifesting something you REALLY want so you’re excited to use the method every day.

▶ Clear.

Your statement should declare your crystal clear intentions to the Universe.

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Step Three: Use the 369 manifestation method every day for 33 days.

Commit to the process every day and see how quickly it works for you!

Step Four: Take inspired, positive action.

If you are writing out your intentions and affirmations and you suddenly get an idea to do something – DO IT!

That is guidance from the Universe and it can help you get what you want.

If you’re writing out your statements about a new relationship a big promotion and you suddenly get the urge to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, it might seem random to you.

But it isn’t!

Who knows where that phone call can lead.

The Universe will give you inspired guidance to lead you to what you want. Be open to it!

Bonus Tips:

Use the 17-second rule

According to Abraham Hicks, if you can hold a thought or feeling for 17 seconds, you activate the vibration and what you want will come more quickly.

As you’re writing your intention statement, feel at least 17 seconds of pure thought about having what you want. It is done!

Think good thoughts towards your manifestation.

Whenever you think about what you want, make sure you reinforce that you’re getting it!

Throughout the day, any time you think about it, feel the feelings of having what you want.

If you find yourself feeling negative emotions (that you won’t get it or it’s never going to happen) tell yourself that you’re doing things in a new way.

You are now getting everything you want!

Then use the 17-second rule again and feel the feelings of getting your desired outcome.

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How long does the 369 manifestation method take to work?

How quickly the 369 manifestation method works for you depends a lot on how fast you believe it will work for you!

It can work immediately if you believe it can!

If you try using the 369 manifestation process and believe it WON’T work, then it might never work for you!

The key to making the 369 method work for you is to have even the tiniest sliver of belief.

Go into using the method with the belief it WILL work for you, and you’ll be astonished by how quickly the Universe will bend over backward to bring you what you want!

What if you use the 369 method for 33 days and it doesn’t work?

If you’ve used the method for 33 days and it hasn’t worked, you can either:

  • Start over with a new intention statement that is more general and more believable to you.
  • Believe that you’ve done enough and allow more time for the Universe to bring you what you want.
  • Start with a new intention in a different area of your life. If you are manifesting a dream job, for example, after 33 days you could move on to attracting more abundance or health.

Another thing you can do if the 369 manifestation method didn’t work for you is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you really want it?
  • Did you believe it could happen for you?
  • Do you have limiting beliefs? If so, what are they?
  • How do you feel when you think about your intention statement? Does it feel like “nah, this is never going to happen?” If so, try a new statement that is more general and doesn’t bring up resistance.
  • Have you dealt with the underlying problem? If you are trying to manifest more money, for example, how do you feel about money on a daily basis? Are you trying to overcome debt or problems? If so, it might be better to work on affirmations around those areas instead of just focusing on abundance.
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What type of journal works best for the 369 manifestation method?

One: Use a journal where you ONLY work the 369 method.

Don’t use your regular journal. This way the intentions remain clear and consistent.

Two: Choose a high vibe notebook or journal that you love!

Whatever you choose, choose a journal you love!

It doesn’t have to be special or fancy. Instead, pick one that you’ll love to write in!

You’ll be writing a lot every day so it’s a good idea for your journal and pen be what you love to use.

If you don’t have a dedicated journal right now, you can get started with just a piece of paper and get a journal for the next round!

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Should you use a 369 manifestation method book or journal?

Because the 369 method of manifestation is so popular these days, there are printed books and journals you can use to write in.

It’s up to you whether you want a pre-printed journal.

The positive aspect of getting a 369 method journal is that it helps you stay on task with your affirmations each day. Some of them also help you write your intention statements.

However, you don’t really need a 369 manifestation method book to use the method.

It’s one of the most simple manifestation methods so you can do it all on your own! 

There aren’t any “hidden” tips or tricks in these books that make your intentions happen faster.

You already know everything you need to know to make it work for you!

What should you do with your journal when you’re done with the 369 manifesting?

You can take the pages out of your journal and burn them, releasing them into the Universe.

You can bury them somewhere, planting your dreams!

You can throw them away or shred and recycle them.

You can also leave them in your journal and just continue on with another manifestation, working the 369 steps again!

I personally like to keep my manifestation journals so I can look back later and see all of the things I’ve manifested!

The key is to do what feels good for you.

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Can you do the 369 method more than once?

OF COURSE! You can use the 369 method over and over for different manifestations you’re working on! As soon as you finish with one, start on the next one!

Should you use the 369 method on more than one manifestation at the same time?

That depends. Of course you can always work on manifesting more than one thing at a time.

However, it’s usually best to focus all of your energy on one rather than spread it out over different things all at the same time.

I recommend the first time you start using the method, to write a big list of all of your hopes, dreams, and desires.

That way you have a clear list of everything you want.

Then pick one, use the 369 method for 33 days, then move on to another one.

You might find that the other things on your list actually happen while you’re working on something else!

What if the 369 method works fast?

What happens if the 369 method works fast – before you’re done with the whole 33 days?

If it works so fast that you’ve manifested what you wanted before the end of the 33 days, then thank the Universe and move on to the bigger goals you want to manifest!

Never doubt that the Universe can bring you what you want quickly and easily, and before the 33 days are over.

It can happen!

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Can you make mistakes with the 369 method? Can the 369 manifestation method go wrong?

Most of the time the only thing that will go wrong with the 369 manifestation method is your manifestation doesn’t happen within the 33 days.

That usually just means you haven’t gotten what you want YET, not that it won’t happen at all!

Other things that can go wrong with the method are:

▶ Not believing it will work.

Belief is the most important factor in manifestation.

If you don’t believe the 369 method works, even just a little, why are you trying it?

Manifestation is about belief and alignment.

At the very least, you have to have a “maybe it will work!” mentality.

If you go in believing the 369 method doesn’t work, then you’ll have mixed results.

▶ Not sticking it out.

Quitting in the middle of the month before your manifestations happen is a big one.

Using the method helps you create consistency around manifesting.

This creates better results. But if you quit in the middle you aren’t giving it a chance to work for you.

▶ Concentrating on what you don’t want, rather than what you do want.

The point of using this method to help you manifest means you’re ATTRACTING what you want.

If you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll get more of what you don’t want!

Instead, make sure you are concentrating on what you want to happen.

If you want a new job, for example, focus on the new job, not on quitting your old job.

Look at it this way: If you’re talking about your new job, the Universe is hearing “new job, new job, new job.”

And that’s what your vibration is attuned to.

If you are talking about leaving your old job, the Universe hears “old job, old job, old job.”

That just gives you more of what you don’t want!

girl typing on laptop

Can you do the 369 manifestation method on your computer or phone?

While you CAN do the 369 method on your phone or computer, using a journal is usually the recommended way.

If you want to use your phone or computer for the method, try it out and see how it works for you!

I only recommend using it if you can:

  • Concentrate and not get distracted.
  • Really feel the feelings of having what you want.
  • Create a habit around doing it or setting an alarm so you don’t forget.

Using your phone or computer to do 369 means you’re fighting distraction. But if you want to try it, do it! You can always pair it with a meditation or visualization exercise and create a new routine and experience!

In conclusion, does 369 manifestation really work?

YES! If you believe in the power of 369 manifestation then it will work for you!

You are ALWAYS manifesting.

Using the 369 manifestation method is just a way to concentrate on manifesting what you want, not things you don’t want!

Just try it for yourself! Start with something that you believe you can have, and pretty soon the sky won’t even be the limit anymore.

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