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What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!

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If you want to understand Feng Shui and how to apply it to your space, one of the first things you need to understand is the feng shui bagua map.

what is the feng shui bagua map

What is the feng shui bagua map?

The bagua is a feng shui energy map that you can place over your space so that you can accurately apply feng shui cures. 

Each part of the bagua reflects an area of your life, such as health, creativity, family, and money.  

When you use the bagua map, you can easily understand which areas of your space need to change in order to make your life better.

How does the bagua map work?

The bagua map shows you which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life. 

Once you know where the different feng shui areas of your home are, you can then apply feng shui tips to enhance those areas. 

So if you want more abundance in your life, you’d apply feng shui money enhancing cures to that area of your home.  If you want more love in your life, you’d apply feng shui tips to your love area.

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How do I apply the bagua map to my house?

I study and practice Western feng shui, so I use the Western feng shui bagua map.  There are other schools of feng shui, so if you study one of those, you’ll use a different bagua map. 

But if you are new to feng shui or don’t really know which bagua to use, I recommend starting with the Western bagua map because it’s the easiest to understand and apply. 

Here’s a picture of the Western bagua map:

feng shui energy map

As you can see, the Western feng shui bagua map divides your space into 9 equal areas.  

To apply the feng shui energy map, you line the bottom 3 areas of the bagua to align with your front door (or the door you use to enter your home the most, which could be somewhere else!) 

This means the front door will always be in the knowledge/self-cultivation area, the career area, or the helpful people/travel area.  

For my home, we use the front door the most, so our entrance is in the career area of our home.

You then divide your home into 9 equal areas based on the map.  So when you stand at the front door, looking inside your home:

  • The front door (or other entrance) always lines up with either knowledge/self-cultivation, career, or helpful people/travel.
  • The middle sections of your home are always: family/legacy, health, and children/creativity.
  • The far back sections of your home are always: money, fame, and love/relationships.

If your home isn’t perfectly square, you still divide your home into 9 equal(ish) areas. 

My home is a wide rectangle, so my sections are rectangular. 

If your home is a narrow rectangle, your sections will be narrow rectangles.

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The feng shui  bagua map also applies to individual rooms in your home.

The bagua can apply to your whole home, but it can also apply to each individual room in your home. 

So each room has it’s own career area, money area, love area, etc.  Orient the door of the room to the bottom of the map.

Applying the bagua to individual rooms is extremely helpful when you live with others, because you can feng shui your own space and not worry as much about everyone else’s. 

Feng shui is all about intention, so if you try to feng shui your significant other’s office, for example, and they don’t care as much about what you want, the intention won’t work as well. 

Instead, use feng shui in the whole home or in your own room to strengthen your intentions!

The bagua map also applies to your whole property.

Not only does the bagua apply to your home and its individual rooms, but it applies to your whole property as well! 

To apply the bagua map to your property, orient the map in the same way – wherever you enter the property aligns with the bottom of the map. 

This means your yard has a health area, money area, love area, etc! 

When you first learn of feng shui it can be overwhelming to think of not only using tips in your whole home, but each individual room, and then the whole lot. 

Just know that wherever you start, it is good enough and a little goes a long way! 

You don’t have to feng shui everything in order to see results. 

Start with one intention and one or two feng shui cures and then take a break and see what happens! 

You can see a powerful change with just ONE intention, so don’t get overwhelmed!

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What do the colors mean on the feng shui map?

The colors on the map represent the colors most associated with that area.  So purple is associated with wealth, yellow is associated with health, etc. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to paint those areas those colors or that other colors will ruin those areas! 

The colors apply more to feng shui cures and tips for those areas, so don’t worry too much about the colors in your overall decor. 

Always have the colors that you LOVE in your home and don’t just use colors because the map tells you to!

How do you apply the bagua to an irregular space?

In Western feng shui, the bagua is applied equally,  no matter the shape of the home. 

You break the entire floor plan into 9 equal spaces.  If your home is a rectangle, for example, your “squares” might be more like rectangles.

This is okay and is exactly how it should look if you’re doing it correctly!

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Does the bagua apply to your garage?

YES! Every space, even the garage and closets, count.  Feng shui includes every area, even if you’d rather it didn’t.😉

What do you do if you apply the feng shui bagua map to your home and you are missing a space?

Let’s say your home is a “u” shape with patio area that is technically “missing” from the enclosed space of your home. 

The Western bagua would include that space, even though it’s technically outside.  And you would apply cures to that area to balance it out and include it in your home.

You might also have an area that “bumps out” and extends past the bagua squares. 

Those areas would be included as well, and would be considered an extension of whichever area is closest. 

For example, if your dining area is in your wealth area, and extends past the square of the bagua, that area would be considered the wealth area.

It just gives you extra space to boost that area!

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How do you apply the bagua to an upper level?

You apply the bagua to your upstairs spaces by again, orienting the entrance to the upper level to the bottom of the map.

BUT, a lot of times the upper levels contain mostly bedrooms and bathrooms. 

In that case, it might be more helpful to apply the bagua to individual rooms instead of treating the whole upper level as one. 

Think of the bedrooms as personal rooms containing the feng shui intentions of whoever sleeps there. 

In other words, don’t worry too much about your kids’ bedrooms being perfectly feng-shuied. 

You can definitely help them arrange their rooms according to feng shui principles, but you can’t feng shui for someone else. 

And their rooms won’t affect your over-all intentions for your home, so don’t worry!

How do you apply the feng shui map to the basement?

The same way you apply the map to an upstairs level also applies to the downstairs level. 

You would orient the map so the bottom of the map aligns to the entrance.

But again, it might be more helpful to apply the bagua map to the individual rooms.

When it comes to applying the bagua, it’s really more of an art than a science in the Western school of feng shui. 

What’s important is that you should just pick one way of applying it and stick to it. 

This means that you can’t really get it wrong, because your intention is to raise the chi of your entire home, so everything counts.

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How do you apply the bagua if you have roommates or don’t control areas of your home?

What happens if you have roommates and their bedrooms are off limits to you? How do you apply the bagua? 

These areas do count towards the chi of your living space, but since you can’t control them, just don’t count them in your bagua. 

Each person is responsible for their own chi, and it could affect you, but YOUR chi will also affect them!

You can only raise the chi of the areas you control, so don’t get too caught up in feeling responsible for their space.

What if you only live in one room? How do you apply the bagua?

Again, even though the whole home “counts” in feng shui, your feng shui cures WILL work if you apply them only to your personal space. 

Use feng shui in the rooms you control and don’t worry too much about the rest!

How do you apply the feng shui bagua map to an apartment?

The same rules apply – you orient the bagua to the entrance of your apartment. 

The same way you don’t pay rent for other people in the complex, you should treat your apartment as your home and don’t worry about the other people in the building. 

Treat your individual space as yours. Don’t worry about the shared spaces.

Can you apply the bagua wrong?

When it comes to feng shui, your intention matters more than anything else. 

And sure, the different areas of your home are IMPORTANT, but you can’t really do it wrong. 

If your home seems complicated (maybe it’s a weird shape so the bagua doesn’t seem to apply “correctly”) then start by using the map in individual rooms instead! 

Each individual area of the bagua affects every other area. 

Each area also “bleeds” into every other area. 

So look at your home as a whole and decide which areas need energetic attention. 

If you’d like more abundance, cleaning up that far left corner of your home (and each individual room) counts more than worrying about whether your feng shui money bowl is directly in the money area or if it’s technically in your home’s fame area. 

Your intention matters the most and the Universe WILL respond. 

Don’t get too hung up on the technical aspects of each individual area and just get started!

In conclusion, when it comes to applying the feng shui bagua map, it’s really more of an art than a science in the Western school of feng shui. 

What’s important is that you should just pick one way of applying it and stick to it. 

This means that you can’t really get it wrong, because your intention is to raise the chi of your entire home, so everything counts.

what is the feng shui bagua map? table with books, plant, and lamp


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Hi my name is Natalia, I have a question, we built an apartment in side the house, at the back of the house the have there own entrance how should I do it.

Riza Laid

Saturday 26th of December 2020

Hi you article was very interesting, I do also have a question though, how can I apply this bagua map if my front door is located at the front left corner side of the house? But if I would include my front porch area, veranda style, since I am living on the 2nd level (apartment type) that would also leave my entry way on the corner of left front side of the house


Friday 30th of October 2020

Hey Natalia! I would consider that apartment a separate space from the rest of the house. So you can feng shui the main part of the home separately from the apartment. The apartment bagua would start where the apartment front door is, but the main home bagua would start where the main home door is. Does that make sense? xoxo


Thursday 15th of October 2020

Hi There ,

Very Interesting and simple to understand ! In The square if Fame , We have a gap as its an empty Shaft of the building which is a closed and covered and we have no access to it . So how should I treat that corner as fame ? Please advice !


Friday 30th of October 2020

Use the walls around where the fame area would be as your fame area. You can also create a fame area in another room of your home if that works better for you! xoxo


Friday 28th of August 2020

Hello! My house is oddly shaped. We come through the garage,then through the main door to the house. Which is directly the kitchen. On the right is a family room, washer and dryer, bathroom and another door to the back patio and yard. If you go a few inches to the left and straight ahead threw a door way is the living room. the right of that is the front door. Then you go straight then right through another door way there is a bedroom on the right, a bathroom straight ahead, another bedroom on the upper left and our bedroom on the back left. So how would I build my Bagua?


Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Hey Jaye! You align the bagua with the entrance that makes the most sense to you. So if that's the garage door, align the bagua when you're standing at the garage door, looking into the home. If you really feel like the "entrance" to your home is your front door, then align the bagua with your front door.

geraldine vega

Monday 17th of August 2020 entrance door is on the left when i facing a wall and a glass door with wood which divides my living room to our music room. So using the bagua wealth corner is my music or entertainment room?


Thursday 3rd of September 2020

The wealth corner is the far left corner away from the entrance. You stand in the entrance, looking inside your home. The wealth area is the far left 1/3d of your home. So if that's the music/entertainment room then yes!

Patricia Araujo

Thursday 6th of August 2020

Hi, I live in an apartment. My entrance is south facing and I'm in a corner lot so I have westerly exposure in the living dinning room and northerly expose in the bedrooms. the entrance has a small walkway/ foyer that opens into my living room. It also opens to my kitchen to the left and flows into the dinning room and has windows facing west with a door to balcony. There is a wall that my sofa backs up to which is adjacent to my bedroom to the left of the apt. Than to the right is my son's bedroom and in front is. A bathroom in front sitting in the middle of bedroom and living room. How do I use the Bahia map?


Thursday 6th of August 2020

Hi Patricia! You apply the bagua map by aligning it with the front entrance of your actual apartment (not the whole building.) That way it applies only to your space! In Western feng shui it doesn't matter which way your apartment faces, so just align it with the front door and go from there. :) xoxo