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how to create an AMAZING feng shui vision board for 2024!

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It’s no secret that vision boards are a fun way to help turn your dreams into reality.  But did you know that you can increase the power of your manifestations by creating a feng shui vision board?

how to create an amazing feng shui vision board for 2022

What is the difference between a feng shui vision board and a regular vision board?

A “regular” vision board and a feng shui vision board are very similar. 

You can create both of them in any form you’d like, such as digitally, on poster board, in your journal, on a pin board — whichever type resonates the most with you and how you like to manifest.

The difference between the two types of boards is:

A regular vision board is a collection of everything you’d like to manifest, but it isn’t necessarily themed. 

A feng shui vision board actually uses the bagua to help organize your dreams, and can even focus on one specific area if you’d like!

Let’s look at the bagua again before we talk about how to organize your vision board with feng shui:

feng shui bagua map vision board

The feng shui bagua map is a map that divides your home into 9 different areas, which helps you apply feng shui to your home.

It shows you which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life.

But we can also use it to apply feng shui to your vision board! (Click here to learn more about the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home!)

Here’s how to use the bagua map to create your vision board:

First, decide which area of your life/home/vision board you would like to concentrate on. 

You can either choose one area, a few areas, or concentrate on all of them but only apply a few things to each area.

As with all manifesting and vision boards, it’s best to be as specific as possible but also allow room for the Universe to surprise you and bring in what you want (or something better!)

woman cutting pictures out of magazine

Second:  brainstorm all of the things you’d like to manifest in the near future. 

You can get really specific.

For example: I would like to manifest $10,000 extra dollars in the next six months. 

Or: I would like a teal Jeep Wrangler with 4 doors, leather seats, and a sun roof. 

Or you can be more general: I would like a new car. 

It’s up to you and what feels better to you. 

After all, the Universe can only send you something if you believe you can have it!

So if being super specific doesn’t feel good, I recommend backing up a little and being more general with your wishes.

Third, you will start to look for words, affirmations, and/or pictures that represent what you’d like to call into your life. 

If you want a new job, for example, you could find pictures of the clothes you would like to wear at the job, or a picture that represents the type of work you’d like to be doing.  

Fourth: Gather all of your supplies. 

  • All of the pictures you’ve clipped or printed out.
  • The affirmations or quotes.
  • The list of things you really want to manifest in your life.
  • Plus all of your markers, glue, glitter, or anything else you’d like to add!

You can look at my ultimate vision board guide for ideas. Click here!

woman writing on vision board

Now that you have everything you want to put on your vision board, it’s time to apply some feng shui magic!

If you are making a vision board that represents many different areas of your life, then you’ll want to divide whatever you’re using as your base into the 9 quadrants of the bagua. 

Then you will use each of those areas to apply your pictures/words/affirmations. 

For example, if you’d like more money, you place those items in the upper left corner. 

If you’d like a new romantic partner, you place those pictures in the upper right corner.

Don’t worry about dividing the board into 9 exact quadrants – just place your vision board items into the general areas. 

Also if an item could possibly go in more than one area, pick whichever area feels best to you.  

Extra vision board boost: 

If you have a very specific list of things you’d like to call in, write them down! 

If you’re making a physical vision board, like one out of poster board, you can even write those very specific things you want in each bagua quadrant.  Or just put your list on the back of the board. 

This way you can look back on it later and see exactly how the Universe delivered those specific things to you!

If you’re making a digital board, just place your wish list somewhere where you can refer to it later. 🙂

What if you want to make a feng shui vision board that is for one specific item you’d like to manifest? 

You can use feng shui for your vision board in three different ways: 

One, you can just create a whole board that represents the one thing you want. 

For example, if you’d like to have a baby this year, make the whole board about your baby. 

Then you’ll use the feng shui bagua map and place that vision board somewhere in the children/creativity area of your home.  

Or, if you’d like to get a new job this year, create a whole feng shui vision board about your new career. Then place it in the career area of your home.

Two: You can create a vision board that still uses the bagua to represent the one thing, but also use the bagua quadrants for everything that supports that vision coming true. 

As an example, let’s take the baby vision board again:

  • Place pictures of your whole family in the family/legacy area of the map.
  • Use pictures of the activities you’d like to do with your baby in the children/creativity area of the map.
  • Place items representing good health and a healthy pregancy in the center of your board.
  • Place pictures of you and your partner (if you have one/want one) in the love area.
  • Place pictures that represent the kind of parent you’d like to be in the fame/reputation area.
  • Place pictures that represent your doctor/midwife or places you’d like to travel with your children in the travel/helpful people area.
  • If you’d like to be supported at your job or you’d like a new career to help with your baby, put those pictures in the career area of the bagua.
  • If you want to learn about how to be a good parent, you could place affirmations or pictures of books in your knowledge area.
  • If you’d like to buy all new furniture for your baby or other baby items, you can place pictures of those in your money area, or just add pictures that represent having the money to take care of your baby.

Extra tip: You can also use the feng shui elements on your vision board! You can use the colors of the bagua and/or the elements that support those areas of the bagua in the different sections to give your vision board an extra boost!

Here is a sample feng shui vision board I made that shows the different colors of the bagua as the background for each area:

example of feng shui vision board

If you don’t want your feng shui vision board to have all of the different colors, you can also place them on the back of the poster board or pin board to give it extra intention! The colors don’t have to be visible to work.

Where is the best place for your vision board according to feng shui?

There are a few ways you can use feng shui to determine where you should place your vision board after it’s finished.

One: You can place it in the corresponding bagua area. 

If you have a specific board, you can place it somewhere directly in part of your home that goes with that place in the bagua. 

If your vision board is about finding a new romantic partner, for example, you would place it somewhere in the love area of your home. 

You don’t have to place it somewhere visible – you can put it in a drawer, closet, or even under furniture in the area.

Two: You can place it in the part of the bagua that directly supports what you’re trying to create. 

If the new career you’d like to manifest will require new knowledge that you need to learn, for example, you’d put it in the knowledge area. 

If the new career will require new customers or help from someone, you would put it in the helpful people area. 

If it would require travel, you’d put it in the travel area.

Three: If it’s a general vision board and not specific, you can put it anywhere in your home that feels good to you. 

If you have a special place in your home that’s just for things you love, you can put it there. 

Or if you’d like to put it somewhere that supports each area of the bagua, you could put it in the center of your home, because the health area is directly supported by and also supports each other area.

woman putting cut out letters on vision board

Can you have more than one vision board?

Absolutely!! You have more than one dream for your life, right?

You can make as many vision boards as you’d like and keep them in various areas of your home. 

The sky is the limit – you can’t do it wrong, and you can’t screw it up!

Dream and create and bring your visions to life!

Do you have to make your vision board large?

Definitely not! You can use note cards, notebook paper, or even just envelopes full of pictures if you want!

One year I printed off pictures but never actually put them anywhere – they stayed in a folder in my planner.  When I looked later – every thing in the folder had happened! 

The point is to tell the Universe what you want and let it respond.  You don’t have to do anything fancy for your vision board to work for you.

How do you make your vision board manifest?

INTENTION!  Intention is the #1 factor that helps your feng shui vision board manifest.  Belief is #2.  This is why feng shui works so well.

When you have intention behind your actions, you show the Universe that you believe it will work.  And that belief helps your dreams come true. 

Click here to learn even more tips to help your vision board manifest.

how to create a feng shui vision board for 2022

how to create an AMAZING feng shui vision board for 2022!