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Feng Shui Basics: Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Every Home

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When you first start learning feng shui, it might seem like there are a bunch of feng shui rules to follow.

After all, you have to consider energy flow, color, the five elements, balance, lighting, the command position, and a whole lot more!

But instead of making feng shui complicated, let’s break it down to the basic feng shui do’s and don’ts for your home.

It’s really not that difficult to get started when you view it this way.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun!

feng shui principles (colorful kitchen)

Feng Shui Basics: What to Do

DO: Declutter/Make Space for Your Dreams

If it feels like your feng shui improvements aren’t working, consider making a symbolic gesture to the universe: making space for your dreams.

The Universe can’t bring you what you want if you’re holding on too tightly to the things you already have.

After all, as Rockefeller said: Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!

Consider cleaning out one area of your home and doing an intense decluttering session as a way to get the energy moving and show the Universe you mean business.

Give the Universe space to bring you what you want!

feng shui do's and don'ts

DO: Consider all of the Senses

Because every area of your home affects every other area, some things to consider are: colors, light, sound, smell, and touch.

How does each room feel when you enter it?

Does it feel fresh and light and airy?

Do you have areas that feel dark and dreary and that you rarely use?

When you need a change in energy, some easy ways to do that are to open up the curtains (and windows, even for just a few minutes,) turn on the lights, fluff up the textiles or curtains/bedding/throw blankets/pillows.

Add a candle or air freshener or smudge the room.

Play some music to break up the stagnant energy.

You can even vacuum or sweep the corners of the room to get rid of stale vibrations.

Maybe your rooms are full of neutral colors or old colors you no longer love — consider moving them around to different rooms or adding colorful pillows, curtains, or blankets to add a pop of color.

The point is to make your home feel fresh and exciting and full of new energy.

Feng shui principles are all about alignment – making your home a vision board for the rest of your life!

colorful kitchen

DO: One Thing at a Time

When it comes to feng shui, less is more.

Choose one thing to focus on and work on it a little at a time.

Or if you have the time and energy, you can always go all out and tackle a whole-home cleaning, decluttering, or smudging, but the point is to pick ONE thing and stick to it!

Don’t bounce around applying all sorts of feng shui cures all over your home.

Do one or two things and see how the Universe responds!

DO: Clean/Repair/Fix Before Anything Else

If you just apply one feng shui cure, or buy a crystal and put it in your space, it can actually amplify problems you’re already having.

It’s better to start with the energetic cleansing and intention (even though it doesn’t feel as exciting) and THEN apply a feng shui cure (like a wealth bowl or lucky item) or a crystal.

The good news is that means you can apply feng shui principles to your home immediately, without even buying anything or creating anything new.

green couch, coffee table with plant

DO: Consider Everything Has a Voice

Everything around you is energy. This means everything in your home affects your vibration.

Everything is speaking to you on a subconscious level, whether you notice it or not.

That is why so much of feng shui is about cleaning, decluttering, repairing, and moving the energy in your home.

Those may seem like small things, or you might really want an easy fix feng shui cure, but it’s not going to help much if you don’t cover the basics.

Other things to look for that can greatly affect your energy:

  • Clothes you don’t wear (they can hold you in the past)
  • Old pictures reflecting past versions of you or past relationships (especially if you’re having trouble moving on in life)
  • Books that reflect issues you’ve overcome or things you’re no longer interested in
  • Home furnishings that you hate but feel like you can’t get rid of
  • Old vision boards or planners that no longer fit where you’re going
  • Dead or dying plants (no plant hospitals – especially in areas you’re trying to improve!)
  • Anything else in your home that you feel negative feelings about every time you look at it – those feelings spill over into the energy in your home and can affect everything!
  • Negative tv shows, movies, news – the things you watch in your space can also affect your energy and your home’s energy!
living room chairs and coffee table

DO: Set an Intention

Any time you work with a feng shui principle, it’s best to set an intention.

This way every thing you do helps you accomplish something you want.

Intentions can be anything from: I would like more money, to I would like a new job, to I just want to feel better in my home.

But whatever it is, if you start with the end result in mind everything will happen a lot faster!

The more specific your goal is, the faster the energy around you will move because the Universe will know exactly what you want!

For example, if you want to clean up your home’s feng shui wealth area, what is it that you’d really like to happen?

Do you have a specific amount of money in mind?

Is it money in the bank, money you’re earning in your job or business, or would you like to win the lottery?

Write an intention statement that clarifies exactly what you want, and set the intention that the Universe is going to help you get it!

Every time you work on your home’s feng shui wealth area, keep that intention in mind.

Feel the feelings of having what you want. If someone walked up to you and gave it to you, how would that feel?

Feel those feelings every time you work on your feng shui for wealth, and it will infuse your entire home with those intentions!

sideboard with decorative trunks and vase with greenery

DO: Use Your Intuition

Always use your intuition when you’re working with feng shui.

Do you feel like a certain item belongs in a different area of your home?

Do you feel like something is “off” but you can’t put your finger on why?

Did you set out to scrub your baseboards but ended up decluttering a random drawer instead?

Always use your intuition and know that you can’t get it “wrong” and you can’t screw it up.

Because everything is energy, your intuition is picking up on it.

Use it to your advantage because that’s how the Universe (and your home!) speaks to you!

DO: Consider Your Personal Energy & What You Bring to Your Space

One of the biggest influences of energy in your home is YOU!

Don’t ever discount how YOU feel when you’re in your home.

You can do all sorts of feng shui changes in your home, but if your energy isn’t changing then nothing is going to happen!

Be open to the Universe bringing you want you want – or something even better!

Be open to how you feel on a daily basis actually changing.

This is why feng shui is so powerful.

When you’re manifesting, sometimes you don’t know which physical action to take to shift the energy and get what you want.

But if you work on feng shui, you will see the outward changes and then feel the inner changes.

If you want to change your life, you have to change what you’re doing.

So make the feng shui changes you desire and watch the magic happen with your personal energy!

corner of bedroom with bed, table, and lamp

Feng Shui Basics: What NOT To Do

DON’T: Try to Feng Shui Everything at Once

Feng shui can FEEL super overwhelming when you think about all of the things you need to do to get it “right.”

But the BEST thing to do is take it one step at a time and watch the changes happen.

You can do one very small thing that shifts the energy and helps you manifest your desires!

Don’t ignore the simple things – those usually make the biggest difference!

DON’T: Paint Every Room a Different Color Because “Feng Shui Told You to”

When you see the feng shui bagua map it can be tempting to go and paint every room a different color.

But feng shui doesn’t have to be visible in order to work!

Color is just a piece of the energetics of your home.

I would argue not to worry to much about the colors of the bagua unless you’ve done everything else and still feel stuck. Again, use your intuition!

DON’T: Add Things to Your Home You Don’t Like Because It’s “Good Feng Shui”

The reason feng shui works so well is that you’re infusing your home with intention.

You are essentially creating a vision board of your desires and the things you love.

Don’t buy any feng shui tools (like good luck charms) if they don’t resonate with you!

The point of feng shui is to surround yourself with things you love and that have meaning to you.

dining room table and chairs

DON’T: Underestimate Small Changes / Feel Like You Aren’t Doing Enough

Whether it’s cleaning out a drawer, getting rid of clothes, or even polishing a mirror – small things add up over time!

It’s better to do things a little at a time versus doing nothing at all!

Even if you do one feng shui change a month, think of how different your home will feel at the end of a year!

DON’T: Add Feng Shui Cures or Crystals Without Addressing The Underlying Issues

Feng shui enhancements, like crystals, wealth bowls, good luck items, or even fountains are used to enhance energy.

Which means they will amplify the energy already in your home.

Make sure you also have a good foundation of energy cleansing techniques (cleaning, repairing, decluttering) before adding enhancements.

Otherwise, the feng shui enhancements might amplify the very energy you’re trying to get rid of!

DON’T: Let Rooms Go Unused

Do you have rooms in your home that you don’t use often?

Would you use them if you changed their purpose?

For example, do you have a dining room that you rarely use but you could really use a home office?

Consider changing the purpose of the room and USE YOUR SPACE!

Unused rooms collect stagnant energy and Chi.

It’s much better to use the room than to let it sit empty.

bedroom nightstand with lamp and greenery

DON’T: Forget About The Rest of Your Home

It’s easy to get caught up with applying feng shui principles only to the area of your home you’re actively working on.

If you really want a relationship, for example, it can be easy to just work on your home’s love area and ignore the leaky faucet in your bathroom.

But everything works together!

If there is a huge, glaring issue, like an area of your home that you absolutely HATE, don’t assume that it’s not affecting the area of your life that you want to work on.

Sometimes it’s better to tackle something that seems unrelated because it affects the overall feeling you have in your home and life.

If you have an overall issue with clutter, for example, you can start by decluttering in the area you want to improve, but don’t ignore the other areas.

Each area of your home affects every other area, and each area of the bagua is related.

Ignoring the rest of your home in favor of one area can also result in the feng shui cure not working well or not working as fast as it could.

Now this DOES NOT MEAN you have to do everything at once, or that feng shui won’t work because you aren’t “finished” applying the feng shui principles everywhere.

It just means if you have a leak in the bathroom, don’t assume it’s not affecting your money area. Everything works together!

bed in front of window

DON’T: Forget About The Outside

If you live in a home with a yard, don’t forget the outside.

The outside of your home affects its energy because the Chi has to flow through the outside to get to the front door.

Keep things as neat and tidy as possible, especially while you’re making other changes.

You don’t have to do a complete landscape overhaul to have good Chi, but neglecting the outside means the energy that surrounds your home is neglected as well.

Keep things neat, tidy, and in good repair and you’ll be in good shape!

DON’T: Assume It Isn’t Working

Results from applying feng shui principles to your home can come in unexpected ways.

It can also take time for the Universe to bring you the things you want.

Don’t apply a feng shui tip to your home and then assume it won’t work.

Your belief in feng shui doesn’t have to be 100% certainty, but you do need to allow for the possibility that it will work!

Otherwise, why bother? Have a little faith that you will see results and watch the Universe work its magic!

round dining room table with chairs and chandelier

The whole point of using feng shui in your home is to fill your home with positive energy!

If you are using feng shui to beat up on yourself or feel like your home isn’t ever going to be good enough, it’s time to stop that.

Use these feng shui do’s and don’ts to realize that you can take everything a little at a time!

Making small changes and creating a home that you love is more important than any feng shui rule or principle.

Have fun and your home will be full of good vibes in no time!

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feng shui do's and don'ts for your home
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