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Feng Shui Items for Good Luck, Good Fortune, and Wealth in 2024!

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Feng shui is all about setting up the energy flow in your home so that you can attract good fortune, good luck, and new opportunities from the Universe.

The energy flow equates to all areas of your life running more smoothly, with old energy falling away and being replaced by fresh Chi!

One way you can use feng shui to your advantage is to add feng shui items for good luck to your home.

Adding just one or two feng shui lucky items to specific areas of your home or office can help attract auspicious energy to that area of your life!

Let’s discuss the best items for good luck and where to place them!

Feng Shui Items for Good Luck (& Their Meanings!)

feng shui laughing buddha
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Feng Shui Laughing Buddha

The feng shui laughing Buddha statue represents the monk Budai, who was known for his happy, joyful personality and his love for children.

A laughing Buddha statue attracts positive energy, joy, happiness, good fortune, and abundance!

It’s perfect to place near your front door, in your feng shui wealth bowl, on the wealth corner of your desk, or in the wealth corner of your home or office.

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feng shui coins tied with red string

Feng Shui Coins

Feng shui coins (or Chinese coins) represent good luck, good fortune, wealth, abundance, and financial success.

They can be used as a feng shui cure for wealth and good fortune, or they are often included as parts of other feng shui wealth and good luck items, like feng shui frogs, goldfish, or the yuan bao.

You can place feng shui coins on or near your front door, in your feng shui wealth bowl or feng shui wealth vase, in your home or office’s wealth area, or even in your wallet to attract good luck and good fortune!

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20 items that attract good luck according to feng shui
lucky bamboo in glass bowl on small table with candles

Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is plant that is often given to new homeowners, new business owners, or even newlyweds to attract success and good fortune.

You can purchase lucky bamboo plants with specific numbers of stalks to attract specific intentions, like marriage, wealth, good luck, or even a long life.

You can place a feng shui lucky bamboo plant near your front door, in your entryway, near your business’ cash register or front door, on your desk’s wealth area, or even in your home’s love and relationship area to increase good luck!

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evil eye amulets

Feng Shui Evil Eye Symbol

The evil eye symbol is often used as a symbol for protection – warding off evil spirits and even the jealousy or bad wishes of others.

Because it’s used to ward off negative energy, that means it will be much easier to attract good luck and good fortune into your home.

Place the feng shui evil eye symbol near your front door or even in your front yard to protect everyone in your home from negative energy.

You can also wear an evil eye symbol to protect yourself as you move throughout your day!

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feng shui metal and wood wind chimes

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

In feng shui, wind chimes are used to attract fresh energy while breaking up old, stagnant energy.

They do this with both movement and sound.

They can also be used to attract specific blessings, good luck, and good fortune to different areas of your life, depending on the imagery, materials, and number of rods they have.

You can place feng shui wind chimes outside, near the front door of your home or business. You can also place them in different areas of your home, like your home’s wealth area to stir up energy and attract attention from the Universe!

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feng shui mandarin ducks for attracting good luck in love and marriage

Mandarin Ducks

In feng shui, mandarin ducks are used as a way to strengthen a marriage or attract a romantic partner.

They represent good luck, good fortune, and auspicious Chi in your long-term relationship.

They’re often given as wedding presents to increase luck in marriage.

But they can also be used as a feng shui item to attract good luck in a new or current relationship or romance.

You can place feng shui mandarin ducks near your front door to attract a new romantic partner, in your bedroom to strengthen your relationship or marriage, or in your home’s love area to activate it and increase romance in your life.

For even more auspicious relationship energy, try using mandarin ducks made out of rose quartz!

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dream catchers hanging outside

Dream Catcher

A feng shui dream catcher is used to attract good luck in two different ways.

One, it can be used outside of your home (like on your porch or patio) or in a window to attract good fortune and protect your home from negative energy.

Two, dream catchers can be used in the bedroom, to attract good dreams and “catch” and protect you from bad dreams or psychic attacks while you’re sleeping.

The best way to hang a dream catcher for good feng shui is to place it where you won’t be sitting, laying, or walking directly under it. That’s why it’s best to place it on a wall or window, and not hanging from the ceiling.

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feng shui water fountain for good luck in wealth

Feng Shui Water Fountain

Feng shui water fountains are used to move water energy, which is the energy of wealth and abundance.

Bubbling, gently flowing water energy attracts good fortune and directs it into your home (and therefore your life!)

You can place a water fountain outside of your home or business (place it so the water flows towards the entrance) or even place one in your home’s wealth area, near your business’ cash register, or on your desk’s wealth area to increase abundance and good fortune.

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aquarium with plants and tropical fish

Fish Tank

A fish tank is also a great way to add moving water to your home or business.

Plus, if you stock your fish tank with a few goldfish, it will attract even more auspicious Chi!

The key is to make sure your aquarium is healthy and well-maintained because cloudy or dirty water and unhealthy fish will attract stagnant energy, the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to attract good luck!

Fish tanks are great in your home or business’ wealth area or entryway. Avoid placing them in your bedroom because the water can be disruptive and also water down your relationship!

koi fish painting

Koi Fish

Koi fish (and goldfish) are members of the carp family, which are traditional Chinese symbols of wealth and good fortune.

Owning koi fish was a symbol of prosperity that could be shared with others, which is the most powerful kind of prosperity in feng shui.

Because koi fish can grow quite large, you can use imagery or statues of koi fish to add this energy to your home or business.

Place them near the front door or in the wealth or career area. Or you can add a koi fish pond to your yard to stir up the auspicious energy all around your home!

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pink orchid in a pink pot

Feng Shui Lucky Plants

In addition to the lucky bamboo, there are other plants that attract good fortune in feng shui.

In fact, a lot of plants attract good fortune, positive vibes, and auspicious energy because they are living, breathing things that attract growth and fresh Chi.

Some of the luckiest plants in feng shui are jade, pothos, the money tree, and even fresh flowers!

You can add plants throughout your home or business to help cleanse the energy, balance the five elements, and attract good luck throughout your life.

feng shui money frog on american money

Feng Shui Money Frog

The feng shui money frog or three-legged toad is one of the most well-known feng shui items for good luck.

The money frog is usually gold. He sometimes has red crystal eyes, and he usually has a feng shui coin in his mouth (and sometimes he’s sitting on a bunch of them!)

The money frog is said to attract (and catch) good fortune while warding off negative energy. Place him near your front door, near your business’ cash register, on top of your wealth bowl, or in your home’s wealth area.

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feng shui faceted crystal ball hanging in a window to attract good luck

Feng Shui Faceted Crystal Ball

A faceted crystal ball is often used in feng shui to attract and disperse energy.

They can be hung from ceilings to soften energy from poison arrows or direct energy away from stairs or doors aligned with other doors.

But you can also hang them in windows to attract good luck and good fortune!

Crystal balls are made of faceted glass that cast rainbows throughout the room.

They are often hung from red strings, which increase the fire element and attract good luck!

Place one in a window in whichever area of the bagua you’d like to attract good fortune. You can even hang one from your office window or business window to attract good fortune there too!

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crystal lotus candle holder on top of wood

Crystal Lotus Flower

The crystal lotus flower attracts positive energy and turns bad luck into good luck!

Lotus flowers grow through mud, which represents overcoming challenges and rebirth.

The crystal lotus flower is great near the front door to attract new beginnings, in the health area to increase strength and stamina, or even in your meditation area or knowledge and wisdom area to increase spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

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feng shui turtle next to a string of feng shui coins

Feng Shui Tortoise / Turtle

In feng shui, turtles represent good luck, prosperity, wisdom, endurance, and a long life.

Turtle imagery, figurines, or statues can enhance any area of the bagua, creating stability and attracting good fortune.

They’re especially lucky in your career area or the career area of your desk, attracting longevity and wealth.

They’re also great outside in the yard or near the front door to attract good health, success, and also protect against negative energy.

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feng shui dragon turtle

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is a creature with the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle.

It’s often sitting on a bed of feng shui coins and usually has a smaller turtle (or turtles) on its back.

The combination of the dragon and turtle references two of the Chinese celestial animals, making it an especially lucky symbol.

It attracts good luck, success in your career, longevity, support, and protection.

Place it near the front door to increase success and good fortune, or in your home’s travel and helpful people area to attract supportive mentors and helpful professionals.

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feng shui gem tree with green aventurine and amethyst

Feng Shui Gem Tree

A feng shui gem tree is a tree made of wire and crystals that can help you attract good luck in health, finances, love, and more!

The type of good luck the gem tree helps you attract depends on the crystals in the tree.

You can place your gem tree in the area of your home that correlates with the area where you’d like to attract good luck.

Or you can place it near your front door, near your cash register, or on the wealth area of your desk!

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feng shui lucky cat figurine on red pillow

Feng Shui Lucky Cat

While the lucky cat symbol actually originates in Japan, it still has a place in feng shui.

The lucky cat symbol is a cat with one paw raised in the air (as if it’s waving hello.) It welcomes in good luck, good fortune, and even good friends and neighbors!

Typically, the left paw raised welcomes good luck in prosperity, while the right hand welcomes good luck with friends, neighbors, and positive energy.

Place the feng shui lucky cat outside the front door (facing out to welcome and attract good luck!) or even in a front window (also facing out.) You can also place the lucky cat in your home’s wealth corner or the wealth corner of your desk for good luck in finances.

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bowl of lemons

Bowl of Citrus Fruit

A bowl of citrus fruits represents an abundance of good fortune that can be shared with others.

Traditionally, a bowl of lemons or citrus fruit in your kitchen or dining room means that you have food that you can share with others, which means you are truly abundant!

Citrus fruits are also known to attract positive energy and abundance on their own because they uplift the energy and attract fresh Chi.

gold pixiu on black string

Pixiu (Also Known As Pi Yao)

The Pixiu is a mythical creature that attracts good luck, wealth, and good fortune.

It is a creature with a dragon head and either a lion or dog body.

It’s known for attracting abundance and good fortune, and then protecting it so that wealth grows and grows.

The Pixiu is usually worn as part of a feng shui bracelet, and depending on the crystals in the bracelet, can bring you good luck in finances, success, health, or even love!

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How to Choose A Lucky Feng Shui Item for Your Home or Business

There are so many different feng shui items for good luck, how do you know which one will work best for you?

One – ALWAYS choose your lucky item based on the one you like the most.

That assures that you’ll have a connection with the item, which means it will work best for you. Don’t choose one just to have one! Choose one that you like so you’ll be proud to display it in your home, office, or business.

Two – You only need one or two lucky items!

You don’t have to own every lucky item on the list. In fact, usually less is more! It’s better to display one or two lucky items instead of having them all over your house. Sometimes when you have too many it can actually attract the opposite of what you want because you’re focusing on NOT being lucky.

Three – If you don’t want to display a feng shui good luck item in your home, consider wearing a bracelet or keeping a small lucky totem in your wallet, purse, or car.

It doesn’t have to be in your home in order to work!

Four – Choose an item based on the kind of luck you’d like to attract or the place in your home where you’ll place it.

This can help you narrow down your choices and make it easier to pick one!

Five – Trust yourself.

You can’t get it wrong. Choose whatever your intuition tells you to choose and it will be perfect for you!

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