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feng shui bagua series: feng shui knowledge and wisdom area

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Do you need insight into a problem? Do you want to learn something new? Does someone in your home want to go back to school? Are you ready to advance in your job but you need new skills or to learn a new role? Or are you are looking for spiritual insight or enlightenment?

If so, it’s time to learn about the feng shui knowledge and wisdom area of your home!

feng shui knowledge and wisdom

The knowledge / wisdom /self cultivation area of your home is the front left third of your home, when you’re standing at the front door and looking inside.

If you divide your home into 9 equal areas, the knowledge area is the front left third.

Here’s a picture of the feng shui bagua map so you can visualize this area:

feng shui bagua map

For more information about the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home, click here!

The feng shui wisdom and knowledge area is responsible for:

Spiritual growth
Learning new things
Building skills
Personal growth
Making clear decisions

When the wisdom and self cultivation area of your home is in balance, you’ll find that:

Clarity and answers to questions come quickly and easily
Learning new skills or knowledge is faster and recall is better
Spiritual connection feels deeper
You feel more balanced and grounded
You feel mentally sharp and can easily concentrate on tasks
Personal growth happens at the right place and right time
Your sense of who you are feels secure

feng shui knowledge decor

When the knowledge and wisdom area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

You or family members struggle with school
Learning new skills becomes difficult
You feel confused or frustrated often
The answers you seek don’t come or seem unclear
You don’t feel grounded, or everything seems confusing and stuck
Relationships are frustrating and you don’t seem to understand each other
You or family members have trouble concentrating

Items that enhance the knowledge and self-cultivation area:

Books of all kinds, but especially in the areas you’re trying to learn or deepen skills

Meditation nook or other spiritual tools that deepen your spirituality and wisdom

Pictures or statues of spiritual guides and advisers or people you admire spiritually

Pictures of people you’d like to learn from or you admire intellectually
Home libraries

Items that represent knowledge and wisdom to you or relate to your career or field of study

Peaceful and serene home decor items

Healthy plants with rounded leaves (representing growth and stability)

Landscape pictures depicting lush, calm imagery

Artwork or pictures of mountains (that don’t feel super overwhelming to look at)

Home school area or study area

Home office

knowledge area tips

Decorate this area with:

Blues, blacks, watery colors; Green earthy colors also work well here
Lots of healthy plants
Wooden furniture
Metal accents (like metal picture frames)
A reading nook, study nook, or meditation space
Lamps or upward pointing lights
Square shapes

Items to avoid in the knowledge and self-cultivation area:


Clutter in this area contributes to mental confusion and struggle with learning or receiving answers.

Make sure to clear clutter from closets, under furniture, and even from the garage if it falls in this area!

Objects that relate to where you’ve been, not where you’re going.

Items such as:

Books that relate to your old career when you are trying to move into a new one.

Pictures of you in your old career or old job, when you are trying to advance.

Pictures of old relationships or outdated photos.

Items that relate to anything in your life that you are trying to move on from.

Old personal development books that are no longer relevant. Such as books about divorce, when you’re long past divorce and ready for a new relationship.

feng shui for self cultivation

Lots of bright, fiery colors.

The knowledge area is associated with serenity and grounding energy, and too many bright or fiery colors can disrupt that and cause chaos.

Use reds, oranges, and bright yellows as accent colors only in this area.

Objects that make you feel bad about yourself or have a negative personal meaning to you.

The knowledge / self-cultivation area is really about feeling stronger within yourself, so anything that counteracts that feeling for you can cause stress in this area.

Also check for: leaks, broken items, or unfinished projects.

Any of these items can cause confusion or inability to complete tasks, so remove them or repair them ASAP!

Feng shui cures for the knowledge and self cultivation area of your home:

When you want to give the knowledge / wisdom / self cultivation area a boost, an easy way to do it is to first decide your intention.

For example, is someone in your home starting school or a new job? Adding something to this area that represents that new phase in life is a great way to give this area some new intention and fresh vibes!

wisdom area feng shui

Add an uplight or bright lamp!

An uplight (a light that points light up, towards the ceiling) or a bright lamp can “shed light” on the area you are boosting.

This is a great general cure for every area of your home, but it works especially well in the knowledge area, when you want to give a boost to bright ideas, studying, or self-improvement.

Adding a bright lamp or uplight brings attention to this area and shows the Universe that you are ready for something great to happen!

Add a symbol of what you’re trying to achieve.

Let’s say you are getting a degree – print out a certificate or symbolic diploma with your name on it and keep it in this area!

You can also add decor items related to your goal – like a gavel if you are in law school, or a stethoscope if you are in nursing school.

Add something that represents your goal and that helps you feel excited every time you see it!

wisdom self-cultivation area

Add a picture of someone you admire in your field of study or job, or spiritual master you admire.

This is a great area for a small vision board (that you can display or keep hidden if you’d like) that is a collage of everyone you admire in your field of study or who you’d like to be like in your life.

Keep pictures of people who inspire you to be your best self and place them in this area with the intention that it will fuel your pursuits and it will!

What should you do if the knowledge and wisdom area of your home is missing or inaccessible?

Sometimes when you’re working with the bagua, the knowledge area of your home might appear to be missing.

The reality is that no area of your home is actually “missing,” it’s just that everything moves inside the walls of your home.

Use the walls in the adjacent areas (in this case, the legacy/family area and career area) as your knowledge area.

Put your pictures, library, or other feng shui cures as close to this area as possible and don’t worry too much about it being “missing.”

The same is true if the knowledge/spirituality/self cultivation area is someone’s bedroom or it’s otherwise inaccessible – use the areas just outside of this area to boost your intentions!

You can’t really “feng shui” for someone else, and placing your cures in someone else’s space can water them down anyway.

Instead, use the areas around it (like a hallway or walls in the outside rooms) or instead, use the bagua in a different room – like a living room, den, or family room, and boost the knowledge/self cultivation area in that specific room to set your intentions.

You can’t screw it up, and you can’t get it wrong, and intention is the majority of the work here! So do what you can, with what you have!

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