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Harmonize Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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In feng shui, your front door is one of the most important areas of your home.

It’s the “mouth of Chi” which means it’s how fresh energy enters your home and circulates through your life.

But did you know that the exterior of your home is ALSO important in feng shui?

In order to enter your front door, Chi (life-force energy) has to move all around the outside of your home first!

So everything around your home is very important.

It can either attract good energy, good fortune, and auspicious Chi so it easily enters your home, or it can block or “dirty up” the energy before it even gets to your front door.

feng shui exterior house colors (pink house with white trim and stone roof)

Feng Shui & Exterior House Colors

Color is so important in feng shui.

Not only do colors have their own meanings and symbolism in feng shui, but they are also important for balancing the five elements, activating areas of the feng shui bagua map, and even for attracting good luck and good fortune.

One thing that a lot of people overlook in feng shui is exterior house colors.

Most likely because exterior house colors aren’t super easy or quick to change, whereas it’s a lot easier to change interior colors.

But that doesn’t mean exterior colors aren’t important in feng shui. They are!

And you don’t have to overhaul your entire home exterior to add color!

You can add exterior color with trim, shutters, garage door colors, flower pots, and more.

row of colorful houses - turquoise, orange, and blue homes

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors and Their Meanings


Red is associated with the fire element in feng shui.

The fire element is the catalyst for change. It is associated with passion, power, vitality, and enthusiasm.

Too much red can cause energy to move extremely quickly, creating feelings of burnout, anger, and frustration.

As an exterior color, red can draw attention from the Universe. It can help you create change and forward momentum.

It can also help you feel more excited for life!

For even more info about red in feng shui, check out this post: How to Use Red in Feng Shui to Increase Love, Luck, and Abundance!


In feng shui, the color green is associated with the wood element.

The wood element attracts growth, forward momentum, change, and new beginnings.

Green is also associated with health and harmony.

And because green is often the color of money, it also attracts wealth and prosperity.

Using green as an exterior house color will attract abundance.

It will also attract better health and well-being for everyone in your home.

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Yellow is available in a wide range of vibrancies and hues, which means it has two different meanings in feng shui.

Bright, fluorescent yellows represent the fire element.

It is a catalyst for change.

It also attracts happiness, excitement, and joy.

Lighter, pale yellows and deep, earthy yellows represent the earth element.

The earth element is associated with stability and foundation.

Pale yellows and deep, earthy yellows represent creativity, inspiration, positivity, optimism, and imagination.

Using bright yellow as an exterior house color will attract attention and excitement.

Deep or pale yellows will attract inspiration, energy, and positive energy.

pink and yellow beach houses with lush landscaping


Depending on the hue and vibrancy of the color orange, it can be associated with either the fire element or the earth element.

Bright, hot oranges are associated with the fire element.

The fire element attracts attention and fast-moving energy.

Bright oranges are associated with ambition, success, enthusiasm, and high energy.

Deep, rusty oranges are associated with the earth element.

The earth element is what creates the foundation and stability for life.

Earthy oranges are associated with courage, creativity, playful energy, confidence, and bravery.

Using orange as an exterior color will attract attention while increasing joy, ambition, and achievement.


White is associated with the metal element in feng shui.

The metal element is associated with mental clarity, productivity, and focus.

The color white represents purity, innocence, minimalism, tranquility, and peace.

Using white as an exterior color can attract fresh starts, enhance creativity and productivity, and even help you take charge of your life.


Gray is also associated with the metal element.

The metal element is the element of focus, productivity, logic, and clarity.

The color gray is also associated with sophistication, practicality, reliability, and stability.

Gray is a sophisticated neutral.

Using it as an exterior color can increase balance in your life.

It also conveys dependability and maturity.


The color pink is associated with the love and romance area of the bagua map.

It is known to attract love, romance, playfulness, and compassion.

Bright, vibrant pink represents passion and hot, fiery energy that is similar to the color red.

Light, pale pink, on the other hand, has a more soothing, calming energy.

Pink as an exterior house color will increase love, romance, and strong relationships between everyone in the home.

house with purple paint and purple shutters


The color purple is a mixture of both red and blue, so in feng shui it is usually associated with the fire element.

The fire element attracts attention and helps energy to move more quickly.

Purple is associated with wealth, opulence, and royalty.

Using purple as an exterior color can attract abundance and prosperity!

Purple also increases inspiration, spirituality, and success.

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Turquoise represents the water element.

The water element is responsible for wealth and prosperity flowing into your life!

Turquoise is also associated with communication and self-expression.

Using turquoise on your home’s exterior can attract freedom and adventure, increase relaxation and tranquility, and even protect your home from negative energy.


In Western culture, we often associate the color black with mourning and death, but in feng shui it has a completely different meaning!

In feng shui, black represents the water element, which is the element of abundance and prosperity.

Black is also associated with the career area of the bagua.

It conveys power, strength, mystery, and professionalism.

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house with brown paint and white trim


Blue also represents the water element in feng shui.

The water element is associated with abundance, good fortune, and prosperity.

Blue also represents dependability, confidence, knowledge, tranquillity, and relaxation.

Using blue as an exterior color can attract success in your career while increasing confidence, peace, and serenity.


Brown is associated with the earth element.

The earth element is the foundation of life.

It represents stability and a strong foundation.

Brown is also associated with comfort, security, authenticity, and respect.

As an exterior color, brown will attract better health, increase feelings of safety, and attract stability in all areas of your life.


Beige represents the earth element in feng shui.

The earth element is associated with creating a strong foundation in life.

It attracts stability and groundedness.

Beige is also associated with neutrality, calmness, warmth, comfort, and timelessness.

Using brown as an exterior house color can attract reliability, practicality, and simplicity, and help you create a strong, stable home environment.

beach houses with bright exterior paint colors - pink, green, teal, and yellow

Quick Summary of Exterior House Colors and the Five Elements

In short, you can choose a feng shui exterior house color based on the element you would like to increase or attract into your life.

Fire Element: The catalyst for change. It represents activation, passion, vitality, and inspiration.
Colors: Red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright pink, and bright purple.

Water Element: Good fortune and abundance. It is also one of the foundations of feng shui, because the words feng shui mean “wind” and “water.”
Colors: Black (and all deep colors that are mixed with black) and all shades of Blue.

Metal Element: Focus, mental clarity, productivity, logic, and organization.
Colors: Grays, Whites, and all metallic colors like silver, gold, bronze, and copper.

Wood Element: Growth, forward momentum, and new beginnings.
Colors: All shades of green.

Earth Element: Stability, grounding, and a strong foundation.
Colors: Deep yellows, golden yellows, burnt oranges earth tones, and all shades of brown.

cottage house with red paint and white trim

Choosing The Best Exterior House Color According to Feng Shui

With so many different exterior house colors, how do you pick the best one for your home according to feng shui?

Note: Always choose a color you like.

Don’t choose an exterior color you hate just because it’s “good feng shui.”

If you hate the color of your home, it will only generate bad vibes for you!

Liking your home is the MOST important part of feng shui!

Three Ways To Choose an Exterior House Color with Feng Shui

One: Choose a color that goes well with the other exterior materials and colors on your home.

Think about the outside of your home as a whole.

If you have a green roof, for example, you already have the color green, which is the wood element.

Do you have brick or rock on the exterior? That’s the earth element (and depending on the color, it could also be another element!)

How many windows do you have? Those are the water element.

So you could choose a color that enhances or balances another one of the five elements.

Or you could choose one that complements an element you already have.

Two: Choose a color that represents an intention you’d like to attract or enhance.

You can choose a color that helps you attract a certain feeling in your life.

Or that will help you strengthen a certain area of your life.

If you’d like to strengthen relationships with your family, for example, you could choose green.

Green is the color of the family and legacy area of the bagua map, and it represents good health, harmony, and wealth.

Or if you’d like to increase creativity in your life, you could choose white.

White is the color associated with the creativity area of your home, and it represents a blank slate, tranquility, and peace.

Three: Choose a color associated with where your home sits on the bagua map.

Another way to choose a color is to figure out where your home sits on the bagua map of your entire lot.

You can apply the feng shui bagua map to the land you own.

So if your home sits in the career area, for example, you could choose black.

Or if your home sits in the children and creativity area of your lot, you could choose white.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to overhaul your entire home to add an exterior color that’s good for feng shui!

You can use accent colors on trim, shutters, or even decor items on your porch.

Or you could even paint your front door.

What is the Luckiest House Color in Feng Shui?

The luckiest house color in feng shui is very subjective, meaning if you HATE the color of your house is it really going to be lucky for you? Probably not!

Ideally, you want to love your home and that includes the exterior color.

So the luckiest house color in feng shui is the one that you love.

If you don’t care about the color of your home, the luckiest colors are: red, green, blue, and black.

Red is one of the luckiest colors in feng shui, which is why it’s such a popular color for your front door.

Purple, green, blue, and black are all associated with wealth and abundance, so they are also very lucky colors.

You can also choose the best exterior paint color based on your personal lucky color.

For more information about feng shui lucky colors (and choosing the luckiest color for you), you can check out this post: your feng shui lucky color & how to use it to attract good luck & good fortune!

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