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Feng Shui Butterfly Meaning (Symbolism, Uses, & Placement!)

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While the butterfly has long been used as a symbol for transformation and rebirth, in feng shui, the butterfly symbol has a very specific purpose.

In feng shui, the butterfly represents love and romance.

In fact, seeing a butterfly means you’re about to receive good news in the romance department!

Let’s go through how to use the feng shui butterfly symbol as a feng shui cure in your home!

feng shui butterfly

What does it mean when you see a butterfly?

Seeing butterflies everywhere or finding a butterfly in your home can have a few different meanings.

In feng shui, butterflies represent young love or a sign that you’re about to meet a romantic partner.

They can also represent transformation, or actively changing something in your life.

You can use the butterfly symbol to actively create change in a specific area of your life, or to attract a new romantic partner.

Outside of feng shui, butterflies are a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis.

Butterflies break free from their old, physical bodies.

They find the ultimate freedom, becoming not only beautiful but also physically free.

They’re able to transform their entire lives to fly free and go anywhere they want.

Everything about them changes. This process represents resurrection, change, transformation, renewal, and ultimately, hope for a better future.

If you feel like seeing a butterfly has a deeper meaning for you, you aren’t wrong.

The Universe is always communicating with us!

Only you can really know what seeing a butterfly means to you.

Especially if you’ve been asking the Universe to see a sign – seeing a butterfly can be your answer!

Feng Shui Butterfly Meaning for Love & Romance

In feng shui, the butterfly is used as a symbol of young love.

One of the reasons it’s known as the symbol for young love comes from the Chinese love story known as The Butterfly Lovers or Liang Zhu, which is a tragic love story of forbidden young love.

Butterflies are considered creatures full of love and budding romance.

The feng shui butterfly can be used to attract a new romantic partner or to rekindle your current relationship.

colorful butterfly illustrations

How to Use the Feng Shui Butterfly Cure for Romance

To call in a new romantic partner, you can place a butterfly in:

Your love and relationship corner is responsible for love of all kinds, not just romantic love.

It also represents self love and close, harmonious relationships with others.

Placing a butterfly here can attract love and harmonious relationships of all kinds.

Your bedroom represents your relationship with your partner (or future partner) and also rest, relaxation, and romance.

Placing a butterfly here can help you attract a romantic partner.

But it can also help you rekindle your current relationship so that you feel like new lovers again!

Your front door is how fresh Chi (life-force energy) enters your home and life.

You can place a butterfly here to help you attract new, fresh romance into your home and life.

As with all feng shui cures, before placing your butterfly in your chosen area, make sure you set your intentions for what you’d like the butterfly cure to do.

Your intention can be simple or super specific.

If you’d like to date and meet new possible romantic partners, set the intention that the butterfly will help you have an active social life that brings you new friends and dates.

If you’d like a specific romantic partner, set the intention that the butterfly is going to bring that person to you.

If you’d just like more love in general, you can set that intention too!

yellow, orange, blue, and brown butterfly illustration

Using the Butterfly Symbol for Transformation

Of course, butterflies don’t only represent love and romance.

Butterflies also represent transformation and freedom, with the ability to persevere through challenges and reach new heights.

You can use this energy combined with feng shui to cause transformation and move forward in your life!

Place a butterfly in:

Your home’s health area: to help you (or someone in your household) with a health transformation.

Your home’s career area: to help you transform your current job or attract a new one!

Your home’s knowledge and wisdom area: to help students in your home achieve their goals and ambitions or to transform knowledge into wisdom.

Your home’s family and legacy area: to transform relationships with your extended family or help you transform the legacy you leave behind.

Your home’s wealth area: to enhance and transform your finances.

Your home’s fame area: to help you reach goals, attract recognition, or transform your reputation.

Your home’s children & creativity area: to help you be more creative, finish projects, or help any children in your home through a transition.

Your home’s travel and helpful people area: to help you travel to new places or attract helpful people & mentors into your life, or to attract help with a transition that requires help from others.

Near your front door: to attract a new beginning or fresh start.

To see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to apply it to your home (or individual room) see this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!

butterfly illustration

Butterfly Color Meanings in Feng Shui

With all things feng shui, color carries specific meanings.

The same is true of the butterfly symbol.

The color of the butterfly you use in your feng shui cures (or that you happen to see, if you asked for a sign from the Universe) can help you bring that color’s energy into your life!

Red: passion, love, romance, fire, activation, action, strength
Orange: enthusiasm, encouragement, youth, spontaneity, warmth
Yellow: happiness, optimism, positive energy, intellect, perspective, confidence
Green: prosperity, growth, good fortune, luck, generosity, health, harmony
Purple: royalty, luxury, spiritual growth, wisdom, enlightenment
Blue: security, loyalty, “true blue,” responsibility, trust, peace, honesty
Pink: compassion, love, romance, nurturing, intuition, feminine energy, playfulness
White: purity, cleanliness, innocence, perfection, openness, hope
Black: power, elegance, sophistication, strength, protection
Brown: stability, grounding, protection, reliability, dependability
Gold: luxury, wealth, success, achievement, accomplishment

For more information about color, you can see this post: feng shui color meanings: using color energy in your home

How to Add the Butterfly Feng Shui Symbol to Your Home Decor

Some easy ways to add the butterfly to your home are:

  • Decor accents, like curtains, pillows, or blankets.
  • Artwork, pictures, or paintings
  • Home decor objects, like statues or carvings
  • Print a picture of a butterfly and add it to a drawer or behind a piece of artwork if you’d like to add the butterfly feng shui symbolism without anyone seeing it.
  • Use dishes with butterflies, like a mug, plate, or bowl.
  • Wear it as jewelry to carry the transformation or love meaning with you throughout the day.

One caveat here: if you aren’t a specimen collector, avoid displaying dried butterflies in your home.

Even though they are beautiful, they can carry negative connotations and stagnant energy.

That’s the opposite of what you’d like to attract!

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feng shui meaning of seeing butterflies everywhere
what it means when you see butterflies everywhere according to feng shui