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Everything You Need To Know About Chi In Feng Shui

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Could you use more positive energy in your home?

Would you love to attract more wealth, abundance, good health, or good luck into your life?

Would you like everything in your life to flow more easily?

If so, learning about Chi (and how to circulate it in your home with feng shui) can help!

What is Chi?

Simply put, Chi is life-force energy. It is the energy that flows through every person, living being, and even inanimate object that exists.

Chi is pronounced as “chee.” It can also be spelled as Qi or Ki.

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What is Chi in Feng Shui?

In feng shui, Chi is the energy that exists in your home and your life.

Feng shui is all about how to optimize energy flow throughout your home, and how that energy translates into more flow in your life.

Feng Shui means “wind” and “water.”

When you think about how wind or water would flow into and through your home, you are really thinking about how Chi energy would flow.

Feng shui helps you attract new, fresh Chi energy into your home and then help it flow through your home.

And as that energy flows through your home, your life responds.

If energy gets stuck in your home, then areas of your life can get stuck also.

There is always a correlating response between how energy moves in your home and how your life flows.

You can also direct and attract Chi energy to specific areas of your home to get those areas of your life to respond.

(This is the basis of the feng shui bagua map. To see the feng shui map of your home and how to apply it, see this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home!)

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How Chi Flows in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Chi flows around the outside of your home and enters your home from the front door.

This is why the front door is one of the most important areas in feng shui.

A welcoming, inviting front door will welcome positive and auspicious Chi from the Universe!

Once Chi enters your front door, it flows throughout your home and affects different areas of your life according to the feng shui bagua map.

The bagua map shows you which areas of your home correlate to the different areas of your life.

Stuck Chi

Chi energy can get stuck when energy flow is blocked.

This can happen because of things like blocked walkways, blocked doorways, and too much clutter.

It can even happen when a room goes unused or you haven’t cleaned and refreshed an area in a while.

Chi That Moves Too Fast

Chi that moves too quickly can cause frustration, chaos, misunderstanding, and even anger and arguments.

Think about a rushing river, crashing around rocks or other obstacles in its path.

It’s not an easy flow, and it’s certainly not relaxing or inspiring!

This can happen when your home has a lot of fire energy, bright lights, bright colors, or even if your home is located on a busy street.

Chi That Moves Too Slowly

Chi that moves too slowly can cause lethargy, tiredness, and a feeling that nothing is happening in your life.

It can feel like every day repeats itself and there’s nothing to be excited about.

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Leaking or Draining Chi

Leaking or draining Chi happens when Chi exits your home instead of circulating.

This can happen when your front door is directly across from large windows, another door, a hallway, or a stairwell.

Energy flows in the door and then basically leaks out through an exit.

Draining Chi happens in bathrooms, sinks, or other drains in your home.

Energy flows down through the drain instead of moving around your home.

Balanced Chi and Yin/Yang

Balanced Chi is important in feng shui.

It means that energy flows easily and doesn’t get stuck.

There’s a natural flow to your life and you don’t feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Things move easily into and out of your life.

Energy balance in feng shui is expressed through Yin and Yang.

Yin energy is softer, feminine, and receptive energy.

It is restorative and restful.

It is associated with peace and relaxation.

Yin energy is great in bedrooms, meditation rooms, and any room where you’d like to rest and relax.

Yang energy is aggressive, masculine, and activating energy.

It is the catalyst for change.

It is fast-moving, energizing, and makes things happen.

Yang energy is great for active areas of your home, like kitchens, family rooms, and home offices.

Most of us will enjoy our homes more when they have a mix of yin and yang energies.

If a room is too active, for example, you can feel restless or like you can’t concentrate.

If a room is too restful, you might feel more tired or like you don’t have any motivation.

You can also think about the yin and yang energy of your life outside of your home and balance that energy with your home.

If your life outside of your home is very active, driven, or stressful, for example, you might want your home to be more restful, relaxing, and peaceful.

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Positive Chi

When we discuss Chi in feng shui, we are usually talking about how to increase positive Chi energy in your home.

Positive Chi is the energy that is responsible for good fortune, good luck, and abundance.

It is generated in your home by filling it with things and people that bring you joy and happiness.

It can also be attracted by paying special attention to your home, adding things like feng shui cures, and even setting the intention that your home will be full of positive Chi!

Signs your home has positive Chi are:

Negative Chi

Negative Chi is energy that is decaying, draining, or detracting from the life-force energy in your home.

In feng shui, negative Chi is thought to attract bad luck, frustration, anger, disagreements, and even things like illnesses or things going wrong in your life.

Negative Chi is created by things in your home that drain energy or attract negative energy.

This can be literal drains, like in your sink or toilet.

Or it can be things like clutter, broken items, dirt, grime, deferred home maintenance, or unfinished projects.

The goal of feng shui is always to minimize negative Chi and generate and circulate positive Chi!

Some Signs of Negative Chi in Your Home Are:

Attracting Fresh Chi

The easiest way to attract fresh Chi into your home is to clean, declutter, and fix broken items.

Cleaning and decluttering remove negative energy and also stir up the energy that’s stuck and stagnant.

While you’re cleaning, you can also open a few windows and blinds to let in fresh air and fresh Chi!

And once you’ve done that, you can also feng shui your front door to attract positive Chi from the Universe.

And of course, you can apply different feng shui tips throughout your home to keep the good Chi circulating!

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