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Feng Shui Fire Element (Everything You Need to Know!)

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The feng shui fire element is responsible for activating energy.

It is fast-moving, Yang energy (masculine energy) that causes things to move.

When you think about the feng shui fire element, you can think of the literal meaning: how do you describe fire?

It’s hot, fast-moving, burns through things quickly, cleanses the earth, and is associated with bright colors (bright red, bright orange, and bright yellow.)

The same is true of the feng shui fire element!

feng shui fire element (red confetting hearts)

When you add the feng shui fire element to your space, you are activating energy.

You are causing Chi (life-force energy) to move more quickly.

Fire energy draws the attention of the Universe, causing things to happen.

The five elements are all about balancing the energy in your home.

It’s important for the energy to move freely so that it is harmonious and happy, not stuck and stagnant.

If you have too much fire energy in your home or life, it can cause instability and burnout.

The energy moves too quickly and it can be overwhelming.

If you find that things keep changing or you feel a lot of anxiety and like you can’t sit still, that can be because of too much fire energy.

It can also cause insomnia or restless sleep (and all of the associated health issues related to that!)

woman in red dress holding red heart balloons

If you don’t have enough fire energy in your home, however, it causes the opposite problem!

Things can feel stuck and stagnant.

It’s harder to move forward or get things going.

Projects get stuck or take a long time to finish.

You find that you don’t want to be at home or rooms feel stuffy and energetically “dead.”

This is why it’s so important to find balance and know how to work with the five elements.

You can adjust them in your home based on how things are going, and you can use them to your advantage to get things moving!

Feng Shui Fire Element Colors:

The feng shui fire element colors are bright and showy. They get your attention and make you stop and look them!


All shades of red are associated with the fire element.

Bright red and bright pink are the strongest fire element colors.

The more pure the color, the stronger the element.

Lighter pink is fire mixed with metal, so the energy is more Yang (feminine, soft, slower-moving.)

Bright, hot pink is more pure, so very Yang (fast-moving, active.)

Red and Pink are the color of passion and romance.

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is also activating and attention-grabbing.

It is the color of sunshine.

While darker and lighter shands of yellow relate more to the earth element, bright, vibrant yellow is the fire element.

Bright yellow is the color of happiness and joy.


Orange is a mix of yellow and red, so it’s great to use if you don’t necessarily like either of those colors.

Orange is activating but a little more gentle than red or yellow.

It is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, and having a zest for life.

red heart balloons

Fire Element Shapes:

  • Triangles
  • Shapes with sharp points (stars and hearts, for example)

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor:

Feng shui fire element decor is anything that has active energy.

Items that are bright colors or that have sharp edges.

Items that you use or interact with, like electronics, toys, games, and creative supplies.

Items that use electricity, like lamps or light fixtures.

And of course objects with actual fire, like fireplaces and candles.

This is a brief list of feng shui fire element items you might have in your home:

  • Lamps
  • Light Fixtures
  • Candles
  • Triangle shapes
  • Bright, intense colors (red, orange, and yellow)
  • Items that use electricity
  • Electronics (tv, phone, tablet, computer)
  • Items with sharp edges
  • Sunlight
  • Active items (like board games, toys, cds, dvds)
  • Creative items (like instruments, art supplies)
  • Sharp objects (knives, scissors)
  • Stove top, oven, microwave, toaster oven
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire element crystals
  • Cactus plants

Anything else that has active energy or stressful energy is also a fire element item. Use your intuition!

woman blowing heart confetti out of hands

Fire Element Art Work:

Another home decor item that can carry fire element energy is artwork. Fire element artwork is: bright, colorful, and active.

Examples of fire element artwork:

  • Pictures or paintings of someone actively doing something, like skiing or running
  • Artwork or pictures of the sun
  • Modern artwork with lots of bright colors and bold brush strokes
  • Artwork in the red, orange, or yellow color family
  • Artwork with triangles or with sharp elements to it, like spikes or sharp edges
  • Artwork depicting something dangerous (like sharks or cactus plants)
red heart lock among silver heart locks

Feng Shui Fire Element & The Bagua Map

The area of the bagua associated with the fire element is the feng shui fame and reputation area.

This is the area that is responsible for your reputation, how others see you, how much attention you receive from others, awards and achievements, and even goals and ambitions.

Using the fire element in this area activates it and draws attention to you.

It can help you gain recognition, get a promotion or be acknowledged for your work, and help in areas of your life where it’s important to have a good reputation.

Feng Shui Fire Element & the Element Cycle

In the feng shui element cycle, the fire element feeds the earth element (fire creates ash, which replenishes the earth.)

You can add fire element items to the feng shui earth element areas of the bagua to feed, nourish, and activate them.

The earth element areas of the bagua are: the love and relationships area, the health area, and the knowledge and wisdom area.

The in the 5 element cycle, the fire element weakens the metal element.

This means it weakens its energy and slows it down (fire melts metal.)

Adding too much fire to the metal areas of the bagua can cause confusion and stagnation.

The metal areas of the bagua are: The children and creativity area, and the travel and helpful people area.

In addition, the fire element is fed and strengthened by the wood element (fire burns wood.)

You can add wood element items to the fame and reputation area to feed it and keep it going!

two people embracing behind heart balloons

The Destructive Element Cycle:

The fire element is weakened by the feng shui water element. You can add water element items to areas that have intense fire or activity to help slow down and balance the energy.

Some examples of water element items are:

  • items with curves and soft edges
  • soft blankets and pillows
  • actual water, like fountains or fish tanks
  • pictures or artwork of slow-moving water
  • watery colors (blues, deep teals, blacks)
  • glass objects
  • mirrors
woman holding heart balloons

Feng Shui Fire Element Person

When it comes to the five elements, every individual person also has traits related to the five elements!

Depending on what school of feng shui you practice, you can also have a personal element associated with your birthday and personal direction.

In Western feng shui, however, the fire element is generally expressed by personality traits or what you are currently drawn to in your life.

For example, fire element energy is associated with:

  • Excitement
  • Passion
  • Love
  • Activity level (you’re super active, always on the go)
  • Leadership
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Lack of focus (too much going on)

You can reduce and balance fire element energy by balancing the elements within your home. You can also balance fire energy by changing your habits and adding things like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Rest
  • Quiet activities (like reading or journaling)
  • Self-care
  • Grounding or earthing

The Feng Shui Fire Element and Your Career

The fame and reputation area of your home, desk, or office are all closely related to your career success.

It affects your reputation with your bosses, managers, and clients.

It can help you receive recognition at work or get a promotion.

It can help you with certifications or awards.

And it can also help you achieve your career-related goals and ambitions.

Adding a bit of the fire element to your career area can also help speed up the energy and attract career success.

Even though the career area is associated with the water element, you can still use the fire element here for activating purposes.

Turning on a lamp, burning a candle, or adding a specific fire element here with the intention of activating career energy can create a spark and help get things moving in the right direction!

You can also add the fire element to your entryway with the specific intention of attracting good career energy and new opportunities to your front door.

The Feng Shui Fire Element and Your Bedroom

When it comes to using the fire element in your bedroom, a little goes a long way!

Because the bedroom should be a place for rest, relaxation, and romance, using too much of the fire element can actually disrupt sleep.

Instead, just use a few key pieces of decor, like a fire element painting, or a few red pillows.

You can also use pink instead of red, which still incorporates the passion and romance aspect of red, but without the active energy. This post has more info: how to feng shui your bedroom.

Feng Shui Fire Element Q & A

What element complements fire?

The wood element complements the fire element. It feeds and nourishes the fire element, making it stronger and more stabile. Adding the wood element to the feng shui fame area will increase it and help you with your fame and reputation!

How do you reduce the fire element in feng shui?

In feng shui, you reduce the fire element by adding the water element. You can do this with actual water elements, like fountains or aquariums. Or you can use pictures or artwork featuring water. You can also add blue, black, and aqua decor elements or water element crystals!

What is the feng shui fire element direction?

While Western feng shui doesn’t deal with directions, other schools of feng shui do. The directions that nourish the fire element are: center, south, southwest, and northeast.

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