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9 Lemons (Feng Shui Meaning, Uses, & Best Practices!)

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Would you like more prosperity, good fortune, or abundance?

Do you need more positive energy in your home?

Could you use some uplifting vibrations, well-being, or loving energy in your life?

If so, it’s time to try the magical energy of 9 feng shui lemons in a bowl!

What is the spiritual meaning of lemons?

Traditionally in Chinese culture, lemons represent abundance, good fortune, and positive energy.

And lemons have even been thought to cleanse and absorb negative energy, making room for positive Chi (life force energy) to enter your home.

Citrus fruits are powerful cleansers and positive energy magnets, known for their fresh and uplifting scents and cleaning power.

This is why they’re used so often in cleaning products and in wellness spaces to freshen the air and create a more positive mood and environment.

Think about how great your home feels after a deep cleaning – it’s from refreshing the Chi in your space AND the uplifting energy from the Citrus oils!

9 lemons feng shui meaning: Bowl with fresh lemons on table in living room

9 lemons (feng shui meaning):

In feng shui, the number 9 is the most auspicious number.

9 represents good fortune, good luck, and everlasting love!

Combining the number 9 with lemons in a bowl combines the power of lemons (energetic cleansing and uplifting energy) with the auspicious energy of the number nine to create a powerhouse of attractive energy to the Universe.

9 lemons in a bowl in feng shui means that you not only have luck, abundance, and good fortune in your life, but you also have enough to share with others (the best kind of good fortune!)

The key to 9 lemons in a bowl in feng shui is that they are meant to be used.

All auspicious energy is meant to be used and regenerated throughout your home and life.

If you hold onto your good fortune too tightly, the Universe doesn’t have room to send more to you!

It is important to use the lemons to show yourself (and the Universe) that you will circulate your good fortune and use it to generate even more good vibes.

So use the lemons for cooking, lemon water, cleaning, or sharing with friends and family.

Replace them as often as you need to!

You do not have to keep 9 lemons in the bowl at all times.

Just replenish them as needed and keep the good energy circulating!

lemons in a wooden bowl

Where should you place the bowl of 9 lemons for good feng shui?

The best places to keep your bowl of lemons in feng shui are:

  • The Kitchen
  • The Dining Room
  • Near the Front Door
  • On Your Desk

The kitchen is an abundance center in your home.

It represents good fortune and good health.

Keeping the bowl of 9 lemons here represents attracting health and wealth!

Bowls of lemons or bowls of citrus fruit attract better health and vitality, good fortune, and abundance that can be shared with your entire household. See this post for more info: how to feng shui your kitchen!

The dining room represents harmony and a strong family bond among everyone in your household.

Keeping the bowl of lemons here will help everyone get along, create stronger and happier relationships, and promote sharing and cooperation.

It can also cleanse any negative vibes or frustrated energy between family members.

While keeping the bowl of lemons in your dining room will always symbolically help your household, the key is that you should also USE your dining room.

If you don’t use your dining room on a regular basis, using it more often will also help foster stronger relationships!

Otherwise, it’s better feng shui to keep your lemons in the kitchen so they will be used!

lemons in a wooden bowl

Your front door represents new opportunities, fresh energy, and abundance entering your life.

It’s also where you will greet guests and welcome Chi into your home.

Keeping lemons here will attract more positive energy and attention from the Universe.

It will also help cleanse any energy that enters your home!

You can also add a little lemon juice to the water when mopping your entry or washing your front door to attract even more positive vibes! See this post for more info: how to feng shui your front door!

Your desk at work or in your home office represents success and prosperity in your job.

Keeping a bowl of lemons on your desk can help draw in good luck and good fortune in your career.

They can also absorb negative energy and help you share positive energy and good fortune with others in your work place. This post has more info about your desk: how to feng shui your desk!

Can you use fake lemons in a bowl for feng shui?

Fake lemons definitely have their place in feng shui, especially in areas where it’s not practical to keep fresh lemons.

However, fresh lemons are always better energetically!

Lemons don’t spoil very quickly, so they are one of the more practical fruits to keep in a bowl.

Plus they have so many uses that you really can’t go wrong by keeping them around!

But if you would rather have fake lemons, make sure that you keep them clear of dust so that they don’t attract stagnant energy!

bowl of fresh and sliced lemons

How many lemons bring good luck?

Do you have to have 9 lemons?

No! While the number nine is considered one of the luckiest numbers, using your lemons to stir up the Chi in your home is more important than just keeping 9 in the bowl at all times.

Here are the feng shui meanings of other numbers:

8: 8 lemons in a bowl represent continuous abundance and business prosperity. The number 8 looks like the infinity symbol, meaning everlasting wealth and wellbeing.

7: The number 7 is often considered unlucky because it represents the 7th month of the year (ghost month) in Chinese culture. The number 7 itself, however, is not inherently unlucky. 7 also represents life-force energy, certainty, and the search for self. 7 lemons in a bowl represents drawing in fresh Chi (life force energy,) and creating a strong sense of self. It also represents children and creativity!

6: represents emotions and positive, supportive energy from helpful people

5: five represents change, and the 5 element cycle in feng shui.

4: The number 4 is sometimes considered unlucky because the Chinese word for the number four sounds like the word for death. But the number four also represents stability, security, and a strong foundation with deep roots.

3: 3 is a number that represents family, growth, and vitality. It symbolizes leaving a legacy on earth that outlasts our physical bodies.

2: The number two in feng shui represents love relationships (pairs!) 2 lemons represent a strong, positive, and harmonious relationship!

1: The number 1 in feng shui is the number for new beginnings, fresh starts, being whole in yourself, and having independence. It also relates to your career and life path.

As you can see, numbers have so many different meanings in feng shui.

None of the numbers is unlucky because not only do you create your own luck, but luck energy is a combination of everything going on in your life.

Keeping lemons in a bowl (and feng shui in general) is all about creating a supportive, happy home.

Your intention matters the most!

So start with as many lemons as you want, and USE THEM!

Set the intention that the lemons will enhance your home’s energy as well as attract even more good fortune and abundance from the Universe and they will! No matter how many lemons you have.

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