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feng shui tips for working from home – 6 tips to increase productivity & joy!

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feng shui tips for working from home – 6 tips to increase productivity & joy!

Since many of us have recently found ourselves working from home, our homes are becoming even more central to our lives.  How our home feels to us, the energy in our homes, and having our own sacred spaces are even more important. 

Here are some feng shui tips for working from home that will help your home maintain its positive energy while supporting your whole family!

feng shui tips working at home

One: Have a designated work space. 

Now that our homes have become even more multi-purpose, it is more important than ever to maintain work and home separation. 

If you find that when you’re working from home, you’re working A LOT more (you can’t turn it off) or you’re working A LOT less (you’re distracted, always) creating a designated work space can be extremely helpful.

In feng shui, everything in our space counts towards how we feel about it. 

If your work is stressful, your work items hold that stressful energy. 

If you love your work, your work items hold the joyful energy (which means it can be difficult to stop working to let your body and mind rest!)  

Even if you are working from the dining room table or couch, being able to put away your laptop or work papers every evening can help you feel that you have work time AND family time. 

As much as possible, keeping your work space and work time separate can help you feel more balanced and in control.

If it’s not possible to have a designated work space where you can close the door or put your work away each day, consider a room separator or room divider to block the work space from your family space. 

If you can put your laptop and work bag/papers away, consider putting them in a closet after you’re done working for the day/week. 

Two: Whenever possible, keep your workspace out of the bedroom. 

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If you find that you do need to have your desk in your bedroom, putting your work away every night is even MORE important because you need to be able to rest and recharge. 

Electronics and work paperwork can hold very active energy and that means your brain and body can’t rest at night. 

If you can’t put your computer, phone, or papers away, then a room divider or even a sheet over your work area each night will help block the energy and help you relax.

Three: Keeping your space clean is a MUST. 

Being at home and out of your work routine can feel extremely chaotic, especially with other people around all day who aren’t necessarily on the same schedule you are. 

The more organized and decluttered your space is, the more the energy in your home will move freely.  Clutter, trash, items that aren’t put away, things you need to do to keep your home running but can’t do while you’re working… all of those things can create chaotic, stuck energy. 

Each night, putting your home to “bed” — putting everything away, taking out the trash, turning the lights off, and saying good night to your home can create a sense of peace, calm, and well-being for your entire home. 

Not only will it help you rest each night, but it also means everything is ready to go for you in the morning! 

Working from home can take us all out of our routines, so it’s important to create new ones that help reset your energy each day. 

Just like you need to rest and recharge, so does your home!  Putting things away every night and keeping things clean and decluttered means that your home and your own, personal energy will be ready to start the next day with new, fresh energy.

Four:  Open the windows and let the sunlight and fresh energy in! 

Sunlight is fire energy, which helps activate and cleanse your space of old, stagnant energy. 

feng shui ideas work at home

Fresh air helps circulate the Chi (good energy) and let in new, clear energy. 

Opening your windows up even for just a few minutes in the morning can let in new, vibrant energy that helps you think more clearly and be more energetic.  

Five: Turn on the lights. 

Add a lamp to your work area, turn on the overhead lights, or add an upward lighting floor lamp to your workspace to uplift your work energy!

You can also up the wattage of the light bulbs in your workspace to activate the fire energy (more light = fire energy).

Keeping your work area well lit means you will have more bright ideas and more energy!

Turning them off when you’re done every day can also help separate your work time from your after-work time.  

Six: Create a work ritual.

When you work out of the home, most likely you have a routine that you do every morning to get ready to leave the house. 

Everything you do is a work ritual that gets you ready for the day. 

You probably even have a routine for when you GET to work each day – something that’s become a habit as soon as you get to the office so that you feel ready to work. 

When your routine is interrupted, it can make the whole day feel off. 

If you’re new to working from home, it’s important to create a new set of rituals that help you get your vibration ready to work. 

Think of all of the things that you would normally do in the morning to leave the house, and pick and choose the ones you want to do while you work from home. 

Even if they seem “pointless” because you aren’t leaving the house – they are never pointless! They help you create a new set of habits and keep your energy up! 

Most people who work from home feel better if they get “ready” for the day — put on real close, comb your hair, even put on makeup and shoes!  Anything that creates a new routine for you that makes you feel great counts. 

You might even consider a whole new morning routine if you don’t want to do any of the things you would normally do. 

Maybe start working out in the morning, or meditating before work.  You could also light a candle and some palo santo.  Or do something such as play upbeat music when you sit down to the computer. 

What’s important is that you create a routine that gets your home and your energy ready for the day! 

Rituals and routines are grounding.  They also help you stick to habits because they anchor you, which makes it easier to build new habits and new routines.

Now that you know a few feng shui tips that can increase your happiness and joy in working from home, why not pick one or two and get started? Once you see how well they work, you’ll be ready to try even more! 

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feng shui home work tips
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feng shui tips for working from home – 6 tips to increase productivity & joy!