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how to make a feng shui wealth vase that attracts money & prosperity!

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A feng shui wealth vase is a traditional feng shui cure to attract more money, wealth, and abundance to your life and family. Similar to a feng shui wealth bowl, you can create a wealth vase to put in your home any time you want to summon more wealth energy.

feng shui wealth vase

The difference between a wealth vase and a wealth bowl, however, is that a wealth bowl is more personalized.

You can add lots of different things to your wealth bowl that YOU believe represent money and abundance.

A feng shui money bowl is also meant to be displayed so that you can see it often and remember your purpose for attracting abundance to your life or business.

A feng shui wealth vase however, is very specific.

It is full of items that hold abundance energy in feng shui and it’s not meant to be displayed.

A wealth vase is perfect if you want to create a feng shui wealth cure but you don’t really want to display it in your home.

You can keep it behind other objects, in a cabinet, or even in the closet in your bedroom and it will still work its magic!

Here are the items you need to create a feng shui wealth vase.

One: Find a vase you love!

Traditionally, a wealth vase is usually blue and white, but in Western feng shui, you will just choose a vase you love!

Choose a vase that is more narrow at the top.

Your vase also needs a lid so that you can close up the ingredients after you create it.

Otherwise, a vase can be made of pretty much anything you’d like, so choose one that makes you happy and that feels abundant to you! You can even use a glass jar if you’d like!

Two: Dirt!

Traditionally the dirt should come from a wealthy home and be given to you, but for our purposes, use a little dirt from your home, a river bank you love, or even your favorite plant.

Just make sure the dirt has good energy and it will represent abundance and stability in your finances.

wealth vase dirt

Three: Five types of grains, seeds, or beans.

These represent an abundance of food, so choose foods you love!

If you don’t have a preference you can use five types of rice, five types of beans, or five types of seeds – any will do!

wealth vase food

Four: Symbols of money.

Coins in your country’s currency or feng shui coins work well here.

Small money crystals also work well!

Also gather things that represent wealth and abundance to you.

You can write out your intentions as specifically as possible for your wealth and success, and also gather or print out pictures that represent the things you’d like to attract into your life.

These can be pictures of the home you’d like, or car you’d like, or your family — anything that represents an abundance of riches and success.

They can even be pictures of art or nature that make you feel abundant and free!

Choose a few items to add here — a few pieces of money, a few crystals, a few magazine cut outs or print outs, and/or a sentence or two that details what your intentions are.

Five: Five pieces of fabric (or felt) and five different colors of ribbon or yarn in the following colors: blue, green, red, yellow, and white.

These represent the five elements, which fuel the creative cycle in feng shui. You can also choose one piece of fabric that contains all of the necessary colors if it’s a piece of fabric you love!

wealth vase fabric

How to assemble your feng shui wealth vase!

Putting your wealth vase together is simple, but it’s a process that’s full of intention!

One: Set your intention.

What do you want to happen after you assemble your wealth vase? What is it you want to attract most?

Keep in mind that your wealth vase is for your overall abundance intention — tradition even states that once you’ve created your vase, you shouldn’t open it again!

In Western feng shui, however, you can refresh your wealth vase every year or so, such as New Years’ Day or on the Chinese New Year, but just keep in mind when you’re setting your intention that it’s for long-term wealth goals and intentions!

The feng shui wealth vase is for accumulating wealth into your life and GROWING it, so setting an intention to fill your bank accounts and creating a nest egg is a great place to start if you can’t really think of a long term money goal that excites you.

Two: Layer your ingredients in the following way –

Soil goes on the bottom.

This represents your wealth growing and being cultivated by the earth’s stability and abundance! This is a solid foundation to grow your money and stability in your life.

The next layer is the seed/food layer.

The food represents an abundance of energy to grow your dreams. Layer the five types of rice, seeds, beans, or whatever you chose on top of the dirt layer. You want to fill your vase to the top, so layer the grain or beans pretty full in the jar/vase but leave room for the rest of your wealth items!

The wealth layer.

This is where you put the money, pictures, and words you’ve gathered that represent your growing wealth and abundance. As you put this layer in, really feel the feelings of having the abundance and stability you desire for yourself and your home.

vase feng shui coins

Once the vase is full, it’s time to seal it up!

Put on the lid, then: layer the five pieces of fabric over the top.

Layer them in this order: blue, green, red, yellow, and white, so that the white is on top.

Braid the five pieces of ribbon, then tie the ribbons over the fabric!

This represents sealing the energy of wealth and abundance in the container and then creating and building it in your life!

Your feng shui wealth vase is complete!

Place it in a cabinet, in the closet in your bedroom, or behind a piece of art or other decoration – but choose a room that is special to you.

When should you refresh your wealth jar?

You can refresh it yearly, like on New Years’ Day or the Chinese New Year. Or refresh it whenever your wealth intentions change — like when your vision has expanded and you’re ready to call in more abundance than you previously thought possible!

You can also leave it alone and never refresh it – just get it out and dust it every once in a while! It’s completely up to you and how you feel – trust your intuition!

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how to make a feng shui wealth vase that attracts money & prosperity!

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