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How Do I Feng Shui My Entryway? EASY Feng Shui Entryway Tips!

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In feng shui, your entryway and front door are two of the most important areas of your home.

Your front door area and entryway are how fresh Chi enters your home and starts to circulate.

And of course, the basis of feng shui is to optimize your home so that Chi circulates throughout your life!

If your front door and/or entryway stops the flow of Chi, then that energy will get stuck and not circulate (or will be greatly diminished.)

So it’s important to create an inviting entryway area so that energy flows, bringing with it all of the good luck and good fortune you deserve!

Here’s how to feng shui your entryway for positive energy and good fortune!

how to feng shui your entryway

10 Easy Feng Shui Entryway Tips for Attracting Positive Energy


Of course, the first step to creating good feng shui in your entryway is to declutter and organize.

Clutter creates stuck, stagnant energy.

It’s hard to welcome fresh Chi into your home if it’s getting hung up on clutter (even useful clutter, like shoes and coats!)

Declutter, clean, organize, and create a system for storing all of your coats, shoes, and other belongings.

It will go a long way towards helping Chi circulate!

Pay Attention to the Front Door

Again, your front door is very important in feng shui.

And that includes the inside of your front door, not just the outside!

Make sure that your front door opens freely and fully (doesn’t hit anything behind it.)

Clean it thoroughly and make sure all of the hardware works well!

Create A Place to Welcome You Home

When we talk about how to feng shui your entryway, we are talking about the main front door – the traditional one that is seen from the street.

Even if you don’t use your front door, your entryway is symbolic.

It’s where you greet guests (and energy!)

Create an area in your entryway that will welcome you and your guests into your home.

You can use a small table, a shelf, or even just a nice rug and piece of artwork.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be neat, tidy, and welcoming!

If you have the room, you can personalize and decorate your entryway to your heart’s content!

The key is to make it uplifting so that you feel welcomed whenever you enter your home.

And yes that goes for when YOU enter your home, not just your guests!

feng shui entryway decor ideas - table with flowers, artwork, and lamp

Add a Plant or Fresh Flowers

Another way to spruce up your entryway is to add a plant.

Plants cleanse the air, add much-needed wood and earth element energy, and give your entryway living, breathing Chi energy!

Good feng shui plants for your entryway are:

  • Plants with rounded leaves, like succulents or violets.
  • Pothos
  • Money Tree
  • Tall plants that draw your eye upward, like parlour palms.
  • Lucky Bamboo

(for more ideas, see these posts: feng shui plants for wealth (8 plants that attract money and abundance!) & 18 feng shui lucky plants that will actually bring good fortune in 2022)

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a live plant, you can add fresh flowers!

Fresh flowers are a great way to make your entryway feel special.

Instead of saving fresh flowers for special occasions, treat entering your home as a special occasion!

Add a Crystal

Depending on what type of things you want to attract into your life, you can place a crystal in your entryway to attract that energy!

If you want to attract wealth and good fortune, you can choose a wealth crystal.

If you want to create a safe, protective bubble in your home, you can choose a crystal for protection and grounding.

If you want to attract love, you can use love crystals! The options are limitless.

mirror, vases, and bowl of pinecones on entryway table

Add a Lamp

Lamps add fire element energy, which is a catalyst for change and activation.

Adding a lamp in your entryway can help the energy circulate and move more quickly into your home.

Add Artwork

Adding artwork to your entryway will also uplift the energy.

Your entryway will set the tone for your entire home, so choose artwork that feels happy and uplifting.

You can also choose artwork that correlates with the bagua area of your entryway (in Western feng shui , that would be the career area, the knowledge and wisdom area, or the travel and helpful people area.)

If you want to attract abundance and good fortune, you can choose art or photographs of moving water.

Choose one where the water is flowing towards you when you look at it, and where the overall water isn’t too turbulent (so don’t choose a picture of huge, crashing waves because that can attract turbulent Chi!)

Add a Fountain

If you have room in your entry for a small, tabletop fountain, you can use that to attract wealth and abundance instead of a photo or artwork.

Moving water represents wealth coming into your home, so a small fountain will stir up the wealth Chi!

entryway with lamp, bench, plants, and small decor items

Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror to your entryway can help direct Chi into your home.

Make sure that the mirror isn’t directly across from the front door, which would make the Chi bounce out whenever the door is open.

Also, try to place the mirror so that you can see yourself when you pass by it – don’t place it too high or low.

Add Color

Color is a really fun way to activate your entryway.

You can choose a color that relates to the bagua area of your entryway, or just choose a color you love or your feng shui lucky color!

The most important factor when choosing a feng shui entryway color is that you LOVE it.

If you don’t want to paint your entryway or foyer, you can add color with: a rug, artwork, or home decor like a vase or pillows, flowers, or picture frames.

There are tons of ways to add pops of color to your entry without painting a thing.

entryway table next to stairs and large plants

Feng Shui Entryway Q & A

What if you have stairs facing your front door?

If you open your front door into a set of stairs, or if a set of stairs is directly across from the front door, it’s true that the Chi can move up through the stairs instead of throughout your lower level.

The key here is how close the front door is to your stairs.

If you have room, you can place plants between the door and stairs to soften the energy and direct it around the stairs.

You can also hang artwork that is eye-catching so that you are drawn into your home.

Stand in your doorway and let your eye roam.

If your eye is drawn inside your home and not immediately up the stairs, that is the way the Chi will flow too!

Don’t overthink it too much.

If you’re really worried about the stairs, you can also hang a crystal from the ceiling between the door and stairwell (or a chandelier or other light fixture works too) that will bounce the Chi around so it doesn’t flow directly up the stairs.

entryway table with lamp, vase full of sea shells, and plants

How do you feng shui a small entryway?

The most important thing to consider when you feng shui a small entryway is to keep it neat, tidy, and clean.

If you don’t have room for an entryway table, bench, or other home decor, don’t worry!

You can hang a piece of art or photos near your front door and that is enough!

You can also use a rug, a wreath on the inside of the door, or even paint the inside of your door if you want to add something extra.

Just keeping it clean and tidy is enough to welcome positive energy into your home and keep it moving.

Don’t sweat it and practice good feng shui in other areas!

How do you feng shui an apartment entryway?

If you don’t have a separate entryway, you can create one!

If you have room, add a small table or cabinet next to the door.

Hang artwork or use a rug to define the space.

You can also hang a wreath on the inside of the door to add a little pop of color if you can’t hang things or don’t have room to place a table.

Is it good feng shui to have a mirror in the entryway?

It is good feng shui to have a mirror in the entryway, as long as it isn’t directly across from the front door.

Hanging a mirror directly across from the front door can bounce the energy out of your home, so hang it to the left or right of the door, or even beside it!

Adding a mirror to the entry isn’t required either, so if you don’t have one it’s perfectly fine!

entryway table with artwork, lamp, and plant

One Final Point About How to Feng Shui Your Entryway:

In Western Feng Shui, your entryway will fall into one of these three areas: knowledge and wisdom, career, or travel and helpful people area.

You can use specific feng shui tips to activate those areas and give them a boost!

For more information, see these posts:

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And of course this post: How to Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map!

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