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feng shui bagua series: energizing the feng shui love and relationship area!

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Could your life use more love and romance?

Are you looking for a romantic partner?

Or would you like to enhance your current relationship?

Could all of the relationships in your life use a boost?

Would you like to love and accept yourself more?

It’s time to look at your home’s feng shui love and relationship area!

feng shui bagua series: the love and relationship area

How to find your home’s feng shui love and relationship area:

The feng shui bagua map divides your home into 9 squares (like a tic-tac-toe board.)

Each area of your home represents a different area of your life.

When standing at your front door, looking inside, your home’s feng shui love and relationship area is the far back right third of your home. 

Here’s a picture of the bagua map for reference:

feng shui bagua map

Click here to learn more about the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home!

Your home’s feng shui love corner is responsible for:

  • Romantic relationships
  • Self-love
  • Healthy relationships of all kinds
  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Partnerships of all kinds

When your home’s relationship corner is in balance, you’ll find that:

  • Relationships are easier
  • You attract romantic partners
  • Partnerships and work relationships flow better
  • Your romantic relationship is strong and connected
  • Self-love is easier and you feel less stressed
  • You feel love and gratitude for your life
couple clinking glasses together

When your home’s love area is out of balance, you’ll find that:

  • You struggle finding a romantic partner
  • Your current romantic relationship is strained or boring
  • Partnerships or work relationships are frustrating
  • You feel disconnected from yourself or feel stressed a lot
  • Love and gratitude for your life just seems to be missing

Decorate your home’s feng shui love and relationship corner with:

  • Pinks and reds
  • Earth tones (browns, beiges, light yellows)
  • Pairs of items
  • Crystals
  • Lush landscapes
  • Artwork that represents love and harmony
  • Soft, lush pillows and decor items
picnic basket next to blanket

Items to avoid in your home’s love area:

  • Lots of water or watery colors
  • Large mirrors
  • Single items (one nightstand, one side table, one chair)
  • Artwork or pictures depicting single or lonely people or animals
  • Items in threes (stick with pairs – threes symbolize an outside influence on your relationships)
  • Too many metal objects or too much white
  • Self-help books or books about strained relationships

Things to look for in your home’s feng shui love corner if you’re struggling with relationships:


Again, clutter can clog up any area of your home, but in the relationship area it can cause misunderstandings and confusion. 

Even if the love area is in your garage, keep it as neat as possible! 

Also, don’t forget clutter in your attic (it can make you feel like something is hovering over your head!)

picnic basket and basket of champagne

Broken items, unfinished projects, and neglected home repairs. 

Storing broken items or unfinished projects in your love corner can cause struggles in your relationships. 

And neglected home repairs mean there are areas of your life being neglected, which isn’t what you want in your relationships!

Fix these items or remove them ASAP!

It will remove the pressure from your relationships and free up your energy!

Sad artwork or pictures of past relationships. 

Your feng shui relationship corner should be full of love and happy memories, especially if you’d like to work on your relationships or attract a new one into your life. 

Remove pictures of old relationships, pictures of yourself when you were single, and artwork that represents sad feelings for you. 

Artwork that feels angry or brings up frustrated feelings when you look at it should go, too.

basket of champagne next to flowers in a vase

Dead or dying plants. 

No plant hospitals in the relationship corner! 

In fact, too many plants or tall trees in this corner can also bring frustration to your relationships. 

But dead or dying plants represent dead energy, so move the plant hospitals somewhere else. 

It’s also better to keep lush plants with rounded leaves in this area and move any cactus you have to your feng shui fame and recognition area.

Feng shui tips to activate your love corner:

If you are looking for love, or want more harmonious relationships, here are some feng shui cures you can use in your love and romance area!

Add pink or red! 

Adding pink or red to your relationship corner will activate it and draw attention to it from the Universe!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to see the red or pink in order for it to work. 

You can line drawers with it or place it behind or under furniture. 

Or if you love the colors, you can also add them as accent decor!

slices of bread on bread board next to flowers

Add pairs of items. 

Think of: pairs of lamps, pairs of vases, or pairs of side tables. 

Adding a pair of items with the intention of creating a relationship you love shows the Universe that you are ready to create this in your life!

Make room. 

Clear some space in this area with the intention of moving the energy. 

This is especially helpful if you are looking for a relationship. 

Make room for this relationship to come into your life! 

The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum, so clearing space gives it room to fill! 

Clearing room in this area can also help move a stagnant or unfulfilling relationship. 

Give yourself room for new feelings and new beginnings within your relationship!

couple cuddling on blanket

Create a relationship vision board. 

If you are looking for a new romantic partner or want to strengthen your current relationship, creating a vision board is a great way to focus your intentions! 

Create a vision board all about your current or future relationship, and keep it somewhere in your home’s love area. 

(It doesn’t have to be visible to work, but if it is helpful to look at it so that you can create that feeling in your life, then keep it visible!) 

Click here to learn how to create a feng shui vision board.

Don’t forget your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is your secondary love area and is just as important as your home’s main love and relationship area. 

Make your bedroom a sanctuary and it will go a long way towards attracting or creating the relationship of your dreams! (Click here to learn how to feng shui your bedroom!)

woman picking up a raspberry out of a bowl

What if your home’s feng shui love corner is missing?

The most important thing to remember is that, in feng shui, nothing is missing! Your home is perfect the way it is.   

If your home has a “missing” love corner, you can use the walls around that area to balance it out. 

Use your feng shui cures in the areas just outside of the missing area. 

Or you can also create a love corner in any room in your home! 

You can use the feng shui bagua map on individual rooms, just like you can use it over your whole home. 

So every room in your home also has it’s own love corner!

If you are looking for individual love and romance, your bedroom is a great place to create a love corner. 

If you are looking for self love or over all great relationships, using a shared space like your living room, family room, or dining room can also work!

two wine glasses next to fresh flowers

What if your home’s feng shui love area is inaccessible or falls in someone’s bedroom?

The same rules apply as if the area is missing. 

You can’t feng shui for someone else, so using someone’s bedroom as your love corner won’t work well anyway. 

So instead, create a love corner some where else in your home.

What if your home’s feng shui love area is in a bathroom?

While it’s true that bathrooms represent draining energy in feng shui, that doesn’t mean that your love and romance will go down the drain! 

If your home’s love corner falls in a bathroom,  make sure that the bathroom stays as clean as possible. 

Bathrooms accumulate yucky energy from the germs and drains, so keeping it clean will clear out that energy! 

Also, make sure there aren’t any leaks or clogged drains. 

Further, try to keep the toilet lid closed as much as possible. 

You can also add a plant or two to help slow and balance the draining energy.

strawberries and cheese on serving tray
feng shui tips for your home's love corner: how to use your home to create love and romance!
feng shui love and romance