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9 Simple Feng Shui Wallet Tips to Attract Abundance in 2024!

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It’s no secret that most of us want more money in our lives – even if we won’t openly admit it!

One of the easiest things you can do to attract more wealth into your life, wallet, home, and bank account is to feng shui your wallet.

As with all things Feng Shui, any time you rearrange your space, you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready for change.

Keeping an orderly wallet and purse is one of the ways you can tell the Universe you are ready for more money. 

When you feng shui your wallet, you are basically giving your money a beautiful place to stay, as well as circulating and clearing the Chi (energy) of your wallet & purse.

(If you haven’t read 10 feng shui money tips for manifesting wealth, click here to open it in a new tab and see how you can also Feng Shui your home for more money and not just your wallet!)

woman's hands holding a red wallet full of money

9 Easy Feng Shui Wallet Tips:

Tip 1: Clean it out.

Get rid of any old receipts, trash, gum, candy wrappers, shopping lists, old membership cards, or anything else that has accumulated in your wallet or purse. 

All Feng Shui cures begin with a good cleaning, and that means feng shui for your wallet and purse too! 

I know my purse tends to collect unnecessary items that have nothing to do with money, so one of the first things I do, when I want to bring in more money, is to clear out the clutter.

You want the experience of your wallet to be inspiring and fun, so that more money wants to be there!

how to organize your wallet for feng shui - woman holding red wallet with two 10 dollar bills

Tip #2: Organize it!

Straighten out all of the money and make sure it’s not folded or crammed in your wallet or laying in the bottom of your purse. 

Organize the bills so they all face the same way. 

You can also organize the amounts in order from least to greatest! 😉 If you don’t have any paper money – get some!  Even $1 or $5 will help attract more money into your life.

Tip #3: Remove most of the loose change.

Get a coin purse for change or remove the change from your wallet.

If you tend to lose coins in your car, wallet, or in the bottom of your purse, you should organize that too!

Get a coin purse or keep a special cup in your car to collect loose change.

Every few days, empty that change into a bowl at home.

You could also keep a pretty bowl next to your wallet or purse and empty your change into it every time you come home.

(Bonus: store those coins in the money area of your home or desk and watch them grow and increase your financial luck!)

blue wallet full of money

Tip #4: Replace your worn-out wallet.

If your wallet is broken or has holes in it, it’s time to get a new one!

Take a look at your current wallet. Is it in good shape? Do the zippers and snaps work correctly? Does it have holes, rips, or tears?

You want a good, solid foundation for your money, which means you don’t want it leaking out through a hole or falling out because the zipper is broken.

If your wallet isn’t in good shape, definitely consider buying a new one.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be a good feng shui wallet. It just has to be in good condition!

Tip #5: Keep only one credit card in your wallet.

Credit cards = debt, and you’re trying to bring in more money, not more debt!

woman removing money from a black wallet

Tip #6: Put a crystal in your wallet.

Three powerful feng shui crystals for wealth are pyrite, carnelian, and citrine. You only need a small one to up the abundance vibration of your wallet!

Tip #7: Keep a cinnamon stick in your wallet.

Cinnamon attracts the energy of success, which is absolutely something you want if you want to increase your prosperity!

You can place a cinnamon stick in your wallet or keep a small sachet of cinnamon and switch it out about once a month or whenever it seems to need it.

Tip #8: Every time you clean out your wallet or purse, quickly smudge it with a sage wand.

Whenever you smudge your house, don’t forget to smudge your wallet too.

Clear out the stagnant money energy and make room for new, vibrant money energy!

Tip #9: Keep a money mantra in your wallet and repeat it to yourself whenever you spend money or open your wallet.

One of my favorites is: The more I spend, the faster it’s returned and multiplied.

You can also choose other lucky items to keep in your wallet to attract wealth and abundance! There’s a whole list in this post: What to Keep in Your Wallet to Attract Money, Wealth, & Abundance!

organize your money for good feng shui - woman holding black wallet with a hundred dollar bill

Bonus Tip: Keeping $108 in a red envelope inside your wallet can help cash flow in even faster!

$108 is an auspicious amount of money in feng shui, because 1+0+8 = 9, the number for completion. Red envelopes are also especially auspicious and are usually given with money inside for Chinese New Year.

What is the best feng shui wallet color to attract abundance?

Just an aside here: the best wallet color for feng shui is one that you LOVE.

Don’t buy a purple wallet just because it’s a feng shui wealth color. Only buy a purple one if you love it!

If you are buying a new wallet, buy one that makes you happy!

It is more important that you love it every time you see it than it is that it’s some “lucky color.”  That said, let’s discuss the feng shui wallet color meanings!

woman taking money out of a black wallet

Feng Shui Wallet Color Meanings

Red:  Red is always the color of intensity, fire, and energy. If you want to stir up the energy and attract more money, a red wallet is always a good bet!

Purple: Purple is the color of abundance, and is associated with the money area of the bagua. Purple is also traditionally the color of opulence and royalty!

Green: Green is the color of growth because it’s associated with the wood element.  A green wallet signals new beginnings and reaching new heights!

Brown: Brown is an earth tone, and the earth element represents a stable foundation. A brown wallet will attract stability and predictability in your finances!

Yellow: Dark, earthy yellow wallets will attract financial stability and dependability. Bright, sunny yellows can attract attention and cause more movement in your finances, which can equal more money!

Blue: Blue represents the water element, which represents abundance and energy flow in feng shui. Water is THE element of wealth and abundance! A blue wallet can cause more wealth to flow into your life! Make sure your wallet is nice and well-kept so it can hold all of that money coming your way!

Black: Black also represents the water element in feng shui. Black wallets also represent sophistication, power, strength, and power! Choose a black wallet if you want to feel more in charge of your money.

Pink: Pink represents the fire element, which is a catalyst for change and causes more energy to flow. A bright pink wallet can attract more wealth and financial energy to flow into your life. A light pink wallet will also cause more abundance to flow your way, but it will be less intense than a bright pink. A pink wallet is a great alternative if you don’t like red!

White: White represents the metal element, which is the element of clarity, decision-making, and logic. A white wallet can help you organize your money, plan out your financial future, and increase creative financial solutions. Because coins used to be made of metal, the metal element is also associated with wealth.

Special Note About Red Wallets

Note:  Red is considered auspicious in feng shui.

Red activates the fire element, which speeds up energy and attracts attention from the Universe. It’s often used to activate feng shui cures, and red envelopes of cash are even given on Chinese New Year. 

That said, red can be extremely activating, so many feng shui practitioners recommend avoiding red as a wallet color.

Because red causes fast-moving energy, it can cause money to move too quickly – causing you to “burn through your cash” and not be able to hold on to your money. 

If you have plenty of money coming in but you have problems saving or keeping money, try using a brown wallet instead. 

Brown activates the earth element, which increases stability and gives your money a solid foundation to grow upon.

feng shui wallet more money - woman holding small black zippered wallet

Which feng shui wallet color should you choose?

Of course, every color has a feng shui meaning and purpose, so the color of your wallet can also influence the energy of your wallet and how lucky it is!

If you don’t have a favorite color, you can choose a wallet color based on its feng shui meaning.

You can also choose a wallet color based on your feng shui lucky color or choose a different feng shui wealth color if you don’t like any of the colors above!

What is the Luckiest Feng Shui Wallet Color for 2024?

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon. The luckiest wallet colors for 2024 are shades of red and metal element colors, like white, gray, silver, gold, or bronze.

best feng shui wallet color - stack of different colored wallets

How to Feng Shui Your Wallet: Q & A

What if you don’t carry a wallet?

I actually don’t carry my wallet or purse very often.

I usually carry my cards or cash in my pockets, which are definitely easier to keep clean. 

When I first learned about feng shui and how important it can be for money and abundance, what I did was create a special money area in my home’s feng shui wealth corner

I have a tray where I keep my debit cards, my ID, and cash. When I leave the house that’s where I go to grab my things. 

I also keep a few crystals in the tray, a feng shui wealth bowl, my keys, and anything else I need when I leave the house.

I make sure I keep the tray clean and organized. I also smudge it whenever I clean my money corner. 

To me, it’s important that my money has a home that is clean and shows the Universe how much I appreciate it! 

And the money box makes me happy every time I look at it, so it serves its purpose for me.  

woman holding pink and blue wallet with money in it

What does it mean in feng shui if you lose your wallet?

Losing your wallet doesn’t mean you have bad wallet feng shui!

Sometimes things just happen.

It could just mean that you are super busy and not paying enough attention to yourself and your needs.

But instead of beating yourself up over it, use this time to practice good wallet feng shui!

Buy a new wallet in a color you love!

Organize your new cards and ID.

Also brainstorm ways to make sure you don’t easily lose your wallet again.

Maybe you need a way to clip it to your belt or purse?

Maybe when you’re out and about you need to be more present and aware of everything that’s going on?

Instead of always multi-tasking, use the time to be present with what you’re doing. It’s okay to concentrate on one thing at a time!

Should you keep feng shui coins in your wallet for good luck?

That depends! If the idea of keeping feng shui coins in your wallet makes you feel abundant, you definitely can!

I recommend doing all of the other feng shui wallet tips FIRST, and then if you feel inspired to use feng shui coins, then try them.

But using feng shui coins in your wallet isn’t going to magically change your money situation if you haven’t done the other work.

Always start with the feng shui basics for your wallet FIRST. Then try the other tips!

In conclusion: there are many different ways you can feng shui your wallet. Just pick one or two and get ready to add more wealth and abundance to your life! 🙂

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