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feng shui bagua series: feng shui travel and helpful people area

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Does it seem like you just aren’t getting anywhere in life? Or that the things that should be going your way just aren’t?

Maybe you don’t have enough customers in your business or you just can’t seem to get the promotion you want in your job. Or maybe you’re about to go on a big vacation or travel for work and all sorts of things are going wrong.

If any of these things seem to be happening, it’s time to concentrate on the feng shui travel & helpful people area of your home!

feng shui travel helpful people

The feng shui travel and helpful people area is in the front right third of your home, when you’re standing at the front door, looking inside.

Here’s a picture of the feng shui bagua map (the feng shui map of your home that shows you which area of your home relates to each area of your life.)

feng shui bagua map

To learn more about the feng shui bagua map and how to use it, click here!

The feng shui travel / helpful people area relates to:

  • All sorts of travel, both for work and for pleasure, your commute to work, driving, moving
  • Helpful people, such as: contractors, coworkers, bosses, realtors, lawyers, doctors, customers, teachers – anyone in your life that can help you achieve the things you want
  • Yourself as a helpful person to others
  • Spiritual guidance, guardian angels, or wisdom from others
  • Community/networking
  • Friendships/connections with others

When the travel / helpful people area of your home is in balance, you’ll find that:

  • You’re in the right place at the right time.
  • Decisions being made by others (like potential job offers, promotions, bank loans, real estate sales, school admissions) are made quickly and easily.
  • Travelling is easy and flowy, without many delays or problems.
  • You seem to just be “lucky” all the time and friendly people are everywhere
  • Your business is full of customers you like
  • Your phone is always ringing with invitations and good news
  • You’re in the right place at the right time to help others
feng shui helpful people area

When the travel / helpful people of your home is out of balance, you’ll find that:

  • Decisions being made by others seem to take a long time
  • You’re passed over for promotions or advancements
  • People are just generally unhelpful or disinterested
  • Your business might lack customers or it takes a long time to get contracts you want/need
  • Loans seem to take forever to close or keep being forgotten
  • Your house isn’t selling quickly or you keep getting complicated offers
  • Travel is full of problems or delays, or plans keep getting cancelled

Decorate the travelling and helpful people area with:

  • Grays/Whites/Silver/Some black/Beige/Light yellow
  • Metal objects or decorative items
  • Flowing water, like fountains or aquariums
  • Round or square objects
  • Earth element decor items, like clay objects or landscape art
  • Photos of your favorite places to travel, or photos of you and your family traveling
  • Travel magazines and books for places you’d like to visit
  • Souvenirs from your travels
  • Spiritual objects with meaning for you, photos of your spiritual advisers, spiritual altars
  • Spiritual or religious books
  • Symbols from helpful people or religious figures you admire or worship
  • Images of famous people or leaders you admire or want to be like
  • Maps

Things to avoid in this area:

  • Fiery and bright colors, like bright red, orange, or yellow
  • Lots of water or blue colors
  • Clutter or overstuffed rooms or closets
  • Fire energy (lots of candles, triangles, bright and colorful artwork or objects)
feng shui travel

When looking at this area, check for:


Clutter can clog up any area of your home, but when it comes to travel/helpful people, it can really cause things to get stuck.

Clear out the clutter, clear the closets, clear under your bed (if this area is your bedroom!)

Make sure that you can move around freely!

Dark or unwelcoming rooms.

Is this area of your home often unused? Is it a guest bedroom or a room that people rarely go in?

Make sure to go in there every few days and stir up the energy.

Turn the lights on, open the curtains, do anything you can to freshen up the space!


Again, just make sure to freshen up the space — especially if you’ve had problems in this area lately or if you are trying to attract something that needs other people in order to happen!

Leaks/broken items/unfinished projects.

These types of things can cause lots of problems with travel or decisions not being made quickly (or at all) or not in your favor.

Make sure to clear out this area and finish projects to get things going smoothly again!

helpful people feng shui

Two feng shui cures for the travel and helpful people area:

One: Turn on a light!

Turning on a lamp or overhead light in this area for a few hours a day can “wake it up” and cause things to start happening!

You can even leave it on all day if you’d like. Just turn it on with the intention that things are going to start happening!

This cure can cause things to start moving fast, so it’s especially helpful if you need a decision to be made quickly or need another person’s help with something.

Turn it on every day for at least a few hours until the decision is made and you get the outcome you want!

This is really helpful if you need new clients in your business, are up for a raise or promotion or new job, you’re trying to sell your house, or even if you are just waiting for an outcome of a legal decision or loan.

Two: Create a helpful people box!

A helpful people box is a feng shui cure that helps you achieve anything you want if it involves other people, and it’s really simple.

travel area home

Here’s how to make a feng shui helpful people box:

You need a metal box, or even a shoe box that is lined with aluminum foil.

Inside the box, place the name or title of the person you need help from, or you can even keep customer lists or general intentions in this box.

For example: business cards, client lists, the loan officer in charge of your loan, the hiring manager for the job you want, your child’s teacher — anyone who is involved in whatever you’re trying to attract can go in this box. And you can have multiple intentions going at once.

Let’s say you are trying to attract more customers in your business.

You can write down: “My phone is ringing off the hook with customers who love my business and my work!”

Or if you’re waiting to hear on a new job: “I am so happy the hiring manager at __ company offered me the job!” or even “Everyone at my new job loves me and my work!” if you don’t have a specific job or name in mind.

Once you’re done, put the card with the names or intentions on it inside the box.

Then place it in the travel/helpful people area of your home.

If you can’t place it there, you can also put it in this area of your desk at work (especially helpful if the intention is related to your work) or the travel/helpful people area of your bedroom.

The box doesn’t have to be visible in order to work, so place it wherever feels right!

Once the thing you’re trying to call in has happened, make sure you change out the names in your box!

An example of how to use these feng shui cures for the travel and helpful people area in order to manifest something:

When my husband was waiting on a transfer at his work, I used these cures to help it happen faster and with a better outcome than we actually thought would happen!

Our travel/helpful people area is in our spare bedroom, which is an area that doesn’t get used very often.

At least once a week, I went in that room and cleaned and smudged. I even swept the ceiling to stir up the chi!

Then every day I would go in and turn on a lamp and open the curtains and turn on the ceiling fan to stir up the Chi (life force energy.)

I also put the names of his managers in charge of the transfer inside the helpful people box, which I stashed under the guest bed.

It did take a couple of months but the transfer went through easily, even though other people at the company weren’t allowed to transfer!

travel helpful people area

What should you do if the travel and helpful people area is missing from your home?

If your home isn’t perfectly square or rectangle (and most homes aren’t) then it might seem like your home’s travel and helpful people area is missing.

Maybe your home is an “l shape” or just has a cut out in that area, so that this area doesn’t seem to exist. Or maybe this area falls into someone’s bedroom or other area of your home that is occupied by someone who doesn’t believe in feng shui or whose room you don’t have control over (like a roommate or child.)

What do you do if the travel and helpful people area is missing?

First, this area is never missing.

Even if your home isn’t a perfect square, instead of being missing, the travel and helpful people area instead moves “inside.”

You can either divide your home differently, so that there are 9 somewhat equal areas (one for each area of the bagua) or you can just use the area of your home that IS inside and have it serve double duty.

In this case, the children and creativity area and the career area would also serve as your travel and helpful people area.

Second, if this area DOES fall within your home but it’s someone’s bedroom or other area of your home that you don’t control, instead just pretend the area is missing and use the other areas to do double-duty.

Yes, other people’s spaces do affect your home as a whole, but YOUR intention for your home is just as important.

Treat their area as their area, and your area as yours. Keep your intentions for your space strong and don’t worry about theirs.

Want to know more about the feng shui bagua map and how to apply it to your home? Click here!

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