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Feng Shui Christmas Tips for the Holiday Season!

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Could you use more holiday cheer in your home?

Would you like to use your holiday and Christmas decor to increase the positive energy in your home?

Would you love to use the Holidays to attract all of your dreams and goals for the new year?

If so, you can use feng shui to decorate your home for Christmas!

Let’s discuss Christmas feng shui and how to use it to increase good fortune, abundance, and good luck in throughout the holidays and beyond!

feng shui Christmas

Easy Feng Shui Christmas Tips to Fill Your Home with Cheer!

In feng shui, everything in your home counts.

And everything you do with intention counts even more because you’re interacting with your home for a specific purpose.

Preparing your home for Christmas can be an excellent time to feng shui your home because you’re already cleaning, decorating, reorganizing, and opening your home to guests and fresh energy.

Plus Christmas decor tends to be bright, shiny, and full of its own meaning and emotions.

Combining feng shui and Christmas together means you get a one-two punch of energy and good vibes flowing throughout your home (and your life!)

Here are 8 ways to use feng shui while decorating your home for Christmas.

Christmas tree in living area.

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement.

For “correct” feng shui, your Christmas tree should be placed in your home’s family and legacy area, the wealth area, or the fame area.

These areas are activated by the fire and wood elements, which means the Christmas tree will bring the most harmony and activation energy to those areas.

If it’s not possible to place your Christmas tree in one of those areas, you can also place it in that area of the individual room your tree is in.

So if you place your Christmas tree in the living room, you can place it in the fame, wealth, or family area of the living room. (For more information about the different bagua areas of your home, see this post: What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map? The ULTIMATE guide for applying it to your home! )

If you can’t place your Christmas tree in your home’s family, wealth, or fame areas, don’t fret!

You can place your Christmas tree anywhere in your home that makes sense.

Just keep in mind that wherever you place it, your Christmas tree will activate that area with fire energy (if your tree has lights.)

Fire energy speeds up energy and draws attention from the Universe.

Depending on where you place it, the energy will move more quickly, bringing new opportunities and fresh energy with it!

See this post about the feng shui bagua map to see the different areas of your home and how they correlate to the different areas of your life!

woman taking photo of Christmas tree

Only Use Christmas Decor You Love.

Feng shui is all about how things feel to you.

The energy you have towards objects in your home will be reflected in all of the different areas of your life.

If you have things in your home that you don’t love, it’s better to pass them on to someone else than to place them in your home out of guilt.

And that goes for Christmas and holiday decorations!

As you’re placing your holiday decor throughout your home, consider why you have it and how you feel about it.

Use those feelings as an opportunity to declutter and reorganize if things don’t feel great to you!

If you have a lot of family heirloom Christmas decor and you don’t like it, either find a new reason to appreciate it or pass it on to someone who will love it!

Consider Height to Uplift Everyone’s Spirits.

Don’t forget to hang decor at eye level or above.

For example, hanging string lights and/or garland around the ceiling and doorways or hanging mistletoe.

This helps the eye travel upward, and it also directs the energy in your home upward as well, which lifts everyone’s spirits.

Just be mindful not to hang things so that they hang over your head while sitting, like above seats or walkways, because it can cause restless energy.

decorated outside tree covered in snow

Decorate Your Front Door, Entryway, or Yard.

Your front door is very important in feng shui, so use the holidays as an opportunity to attract fresh energy!

Add lights, a wreath, or even a red ribbon to your front door to attract good fortune and abundance!

This is also a good area to place potted poinsettias, which attract good luck and wealth energy while also being festive for the holidays.

Display Christmas Cards and Photos in the Family Area.

Your home’s family and legacy area represents harmonious relationships throughout your extended family and friend network.

Display your Christmas cards or extended family photos in this area to increase love and close relationships.

This can be especially good during the holidays when you’re having guests in your home and want to help everyone get along!

woman's hand holding Christmas ornament in front of a tree.

The Holidays = Abundance!

Don’t forget, the ability to host family and give presents during the holiday season is ABUNDANCE!

In feng shui, the more you have to give and share, the more abundant you are.

And the more grateful you are for this abundance, the more abundance you’ll welcome into your home for the new year!

When to Remove Christmas Decor According to Feng Shui.

Don’t remove Christmas decor on New Year’s Day.

In feng shui, New Year’s Day is for welcoming in fresh Chi for the coming year, so it’s advised not to clean on the 1st.

Instead, remove decor, clean, and take out the trash the day before or the day after.

For more info about New Year’s Day, see this post: feng shui new year tips for new beginnings!

Some Christian traditions also believe that leaving your tree up past the twelfth night is bad luck, which means you should take your tree down before Epiphany. For 2023, the 12th night is January 5th.

Also, don’t forget to cleanse your home after removing all of your holiday decor to reset the energy and prepare your home for the new year!

decorated Christmas tree

Storing Christmas and Holiday Decor for Good Feng Shui.

Another thing to consider for good feng shui, is where to store your Christmas decor after the season is over.

Everything counts in feng shui.

If you have too many things in the attic, it can make you feel like things are “hanging over your head” or pushing down on you.

This is especially true if the items are stored in the attic over your bed or over seating areas.

Consider storing things towards the edges of the rooms so that they aren’t directly above you.

Also, don’t forget to check your Christmas decor before putting it away.

Discard broken lights, decor, and ornaments.

In feng shui, keeping and storing broken items can attract stagnant Chi, so it’s important to repair them or replace them ASAP.

Use this time to go through your decor.

Plus, the end of the season is an excellent time to replace items while they’re on clearance!

Above all, when thinking about how to feng shui your home for Christmas, don’t forget: Whatever is perfect for your home is perfect for feng shui.

Christmas is a special time of the year, and life is short.

You really can’t get it wrong!

If you love your home it will love you back.

And that will spill over into Christmas, New Year’s, and the rest of your life!

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