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How to Use Crystals in Feng Shui [Where to Put Your Crystals]

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Crystals can be a quick and easy way to change the energy flow in your home.

In fact, crystals and feng shui go hand in hand to help you achieve the positive Chi (life force energy) you’re looking for!

They can help your entire home to feel more grounded and full of positive energy!

Let’s go through all of the different ways you can use crystals in feng shui!

crystals and feng shui

First, let’s talk about the feng shui crystal ball.

This is a cut glass crystal that can be used as a feng shui cure to disperse good Chi throughout your home.

Feng shui crystal balls are usually hung by a red string from the ceiling to help direct energy.

Feng shui crystal balls can be used as a feng shui cure for:

Poison arrows – a feng shui crystal ball can soften sharp corners and edges that point directly at you, dispersing the energy.

Ceiling fans or ceiling beams – they disperse the energy that can “cut” you while sleeping or sitting under them.

Stairways – if you have a front door that opens into a stairway, crystal balls can disperse the energy so circulates instead of going directly upstairs.

Windows – they can stop Chi from escaping through large windows, especially those directly across from your front door.

Bathrooms – they can stop Chi from going into a bathroom and down the drain, like in a bedroom or small bathroom on the main floor.

Feng shui faceted crystal balls take the Chi energy and direct it all around.

They can also be used in sunny windows to create rainbows that uplift and disperse fire energy throughout your space!

feng shui crystal ball

How to Use Crystals in Feng Shui

Now, let’s talk about feng shui crystals and stones.

Crystals and stones have their own energetic footprint that can help change the energy in your home.

Crystals like amethyst clusters and quartz points, for example, carry their own energy.

They can do things like absorb negative energy, create positive energy, attract love vibrations, and more!

You can use them in specific areas of your home to help change its frequency and help you attract and manifest the things you want!

You can use feng shui crystals and stones in several different ways.

You can add them to different areas of the bagua, to increase that bagua’s frequency and help you attract things you want.

This can be based on the crystal’s color or inherent properties.

You can also use them to balance the feng shui elements.

These posts have more information about using crystals to balance the five elements: fire element crystals, water element crystals, earth element crystals, metal element crystals, and wood element crystals.

Let’s go through the different areas of the feng shui bagua map and how to use it to figure out where to place your crystals!

chevron amethyst towers

Where to Put Crystals in Your Home

The feng shui bagua map is the energy map of your home that shows you which areas of your home correlate to the different areas of your life.

Each quadrant of the map represents a different area, and each area corresponds to a different color and feng shui element.

Career Area

The career area correlates to your career or life path.

You can place crystals here to enhance your job or life path.

Crystals associated with this area are those related to your career, water element crystals, and black crystals.

Three crystals to boost your career area are:

Pyrite pyrite is known to attract wealth and success. It also helps you take decisive action in the direction of your dreams!

Citrine citrine is the merchant’s stone. It attracts money and success in business. It also uplifts energy and helps you be more positive and optimistic!

Green Aventurine – green aventurine is THE stone for good luck. It helps you be in the right place at the right time. It can draw in helpful people and attract new opportunities. If you are looking for a new job, try green aventurine!

You can also use crystals in this area to help you protect your energy in a negative workplace. This post has more info: Crystals for work

Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The knowledge and wisdom area relates to learning, spiritual connection, manifestation, and meditation.

You can use crystals here to help students in your household, to help you connect to your inner wisdom and inner knowing, or to increase your mental sharpness and recall.

Place earth element crystals, crystals associated with spiritual wisdom and the crown or third eye chakras, and blue crystals of all kinds here!

Three crystals that go well in this area:

Amethyst – amethyst helps attract spiritual wisdom. It’s also a great stone for positive energy and to calm your mind during meditation or studying.

Celestite – celestite is a peaceful stone that can help you connect to your spirit guides or guardian angels. It also helps with communication.

Fluorite – fluorite is the student’s stone, helpful when you need to study or focus on projects. It can also help with communicating clearly, getting organized, or concentration and focus.

fluorite crystal spheres

Family and Legacy Area

The family and legacy area relates to your household relationships, your relationships with extended family and friends, and also the legacy your leave behind when you leave the physical plane.

Using crystals here can boost your relationships, create more harmony in your life, and help you leave a legacy.

The best feng shui crystals for the family area are green crystals, earth element crystals, and crystals that strengthen relationships.

Three crystals for the family and legacy area are:

Rose QuartzRose quartz can help with compassion and understanding. It is the stone of universal love, helping everyone in your life get along. It also brings feelings of peace and tranquility!

Black Tourmaline – Black tourmaline can help remove negative energy, stress, and anxiety. It can help stabilize relationships, helping everyone get along.

Blue Apatite – Blue Apatite helps with communication and understanding. It is also a stone of personal growth and manifestation, helping you set and achieve long-term goals.

Wealth Area

The feng shui wealth area of your home represents abundance in every area of your life AND financial abundance!

Use wealth crystals here for increasing your bank account but also to attract all sorts of things to be grateful for!

The best crystals for this area are purple crystals, water element crystals, wood element crystals, and crystals associated with money and abundance.

Three crystals that go well in the wealth area are:

Green Jade – Green jade has a long history in feng shui because it is often used for statues and jewelry to attract good luck and abundance. It attracts good fortune, prosperity, success, and good vibes to everyone who uses it!

Moss Agate – Moss agate helps you attract abundance in all of its forms. It represents growing progress, taking steps one at a time that add up to something amazing! It can help you accumulate long-term wealth that is grounded and stable.

Malachite – Malachite is the stone of transformation, helping you make life changes. It helps you harness your personal power to move past anything that is holding you back. It is also a protection stone, keeping you shielded from negative energy and outside influence.

fluorite crystal on a book

Fame Area

The fame area represents your reputation and how others see you.

It also represents being recognized for your gifts and talents by the outside world.

Using crystals here can help boost your reputation and create an “all eyes on you” kind of fame, but it can also help you become well-known in your sphere of influence.

The best crystals for this area are red crystals, crystals associated with courage and ambition, and fire element crystals.

Feng shui stones that work well in the fame area are:

Carnelian – Carnelian is a stone of willpower and courage. It helps you know who you are and project that knowing to the world. It also helps with strength, ambition, and determination!

Red Jasper – Red jasper helps with generating energy and personal power. It helps you take action towards your goals and have the stamina to see them through. It also grounds and stabilizes, helping your fame and recognition become more permanent and long-term.

Fire Agate – Fire agate increase motivation and creativity, helping you move towards your goals with confidence and fearlessness. It will draw attention to you and your goals but also help you seize opportunities that come your way!

Love and Relationships Area

The love and relationships area is responsible for relationships of all kinds, as well as your relationship with your partner.

Crystals for this area focus on love, compassion, romance, and opening the heart chakra.

The best crystals for this area are pink crystals, crystals for the heart chakra, and feng shui earth element crystals. Also crystals for self love, romantic love, and relationships!

Feng shui crystals that go well in the love and relationship area are:

Pink Opal – Pink opal is a stone of hope and encouragement. It brings emotional healing and balance, and helps you feel compassion for others.

Pink Calcite – Pink calcite is a stone of self love and acceptance. It can help you give and receive love. It also helps with forgiveness and overcoming emotional trauma.

Pink Tourmaline – Pink tourmaline increases emotional healing, relieves stress, and helps you love yourself and others.

Himalayan salt lamp and crystals on a table

Children and Creativity Area

The children and creativity area of your home relates to all children in your life and household.

It also relates to creativity, hobbies, and completing projects.

Using crystals here can help you support the children in your life.

They can also help you feel more creative and bring projects to fruition!

The best crystals for this area are white crystals and all feng shui metal element crystals, plus those associated with creativity and organization.

Three crystals for the feng shui children and creativity area:

Sodalite – Sodalite can help you tap into authentic creative expression. It also helps with emotional balance and clearing the mind so that you can communicate clearly.

Lapis Lazuli – Lapis Lazuli can help you tap into the wisdom and inspiration from the Higher realms. It clears self-doubt and confusion so you can express your inner truth.

Dumortierite – Dumortierite is a stone of organization. It can help you plan projects when you’re overwhelmed. It can also help you create order out of chaos. It also boosts creative expression.

You can also use white crystals and feng shui metal element crystals in this area!

Travel and Helpful People Area

The travel and helpful people area is responsible for travel of all kinds (from vacations to commuting) and drawing helpful people into your life.

The best crystals for this area are metal element crystals, plus all gray crystals.

Some of the best crystals for this area include:

Hematite – for grounding and protection. It also removes negative energy and helps you feel supported.

Smoky Quartz – for mental clarity, grounding, and protection from negativity. It also calms anxiety and helps you get your life in order.

Moonstone – for protection while traveling, tapping into your intuition, and increasing peace and tranquility.

crystals, palo santo sticks, and cinnamon sticks on a tray

Health Area

The health area is associated with the health and wellbeing of everyone in your household.

It is associated with health of all kinds: physical, mental, and emotional. Earth element crystals go well here, as well as brown and yellow crystals.

Three crystals that go well in the health area are:

Yellow Jasper – for positive energy, self-discipline, and creating balance

Golden Healer – for healing of all kinds, spiritual wisdom, joy, and success

Red Garnet – for dissolving energy blocks, grounding and centering the energy in your home, and increasing health and vitality

Front Door & Entryway

Another area of your home that can benefit from feng shui crystals and stones is your front door.

Your front door is how fresh Chi, new opportunities, and abundance enter your life!

If you have a specific intention or manifestation you are drawing into your life, you can place a crystal related to that intention near your front door to help draw it in.

You can also place crystals for new beginnings here, or crystals for protection and grounding.

These can help you attract new opportunities and good fortune into your life!

They will also cleanse and protect all energy before it enters your home.

Three feng shui stones that are great for your front door or entryway are:

Clear Quartz – you can program clear quartz with any intention to help it manifest!

Green Aventurine – for attracting good fortune and new opportunities

Black Tourmaline – for cleansing energy and grounding and protecting your home

For more info about your front door, see this post: how to feng shui your front door!

As you can see, there are so many different ways to use crystals in feng shui.

You can place them all over your home to change and enhance the energy!

You can also use them in many different ways to attract the things you want to manifest in your life!

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