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Feng Shui Metal Element Crystals for Inspiration & Creativity

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The feng shui metal element represents clarity, decision-making, simplicity, integrity, and precision.

When you think about decluttering, simplifying, organizing, minimalism, and clean, fresh energy, you are thinking of the metal element!

Metal energy is responsible for mental sharpness, independence, and focus.

When you think about being mentally strong, having determination and self-assuredness, you are thinking about metal element properties.

feng shui metal element crystals: gray agate geode

Metal is represented by all shades of white and lighter grays, and of course shiny metallic colors like silver and gold.

You can activate the metal element by adding metallic decor objects, like chrome fixtures or brass picture frames, or adding more white to your home.

But if you find that the metal element is lacking or you don’t like using white in your home, you can also use feng shui metal element crystals!

The following crystals represent the metal element.

These crystals all fall into the white, grey, or metal color families.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you own a crystal that is white, grey, or metallic and it isn’t listed, chances are really good that it’s still a metal element crystal!

metal element crystals: chalcopyrite

Feng Shui Metal Element Crystals (& Their Meanings)

White Calcite – stone of spiritual awakening, helps with manifestation and finding the root cause of problems

White Chalcedony – benevolence and generosity, balance, harmony, and protection against negative influences

Selenite – cleanses the aura, melts away negative energy, spiritual purity and light: connects you to the angelic realms

Snow Quartz – wisdom and clarity, tranquility and peace, stone of inner enlightenment and awareness

White Agate – enhances intuition, can help you avoid negative situations, turns the impossible into the possible

Moonstone – mental balance, feminine wisdom, personal growth and healing, stone of new beginnings

Howlite – calm, focus, and creativity, helps you release stress and be more patient, helps with mindfulness

Apophyllite – connects you to the spirit realm, activates light and higher vibrations, can help with psychic abilities and telepathy

Scolecite – connection and awareness, releases emotional blocks, helps everyone work together in harmony

White Aragonite – stone of truth and understanding, increases energy, helps balance energetic fields

White Onyx – increases concentration and focus, organizes the mind, strengthens memory and mental power

Labradorite – stone of transformation, uncovers unconscious belief pattern, calms an overactive mind

Gray Agate – confidence, mental clarity, and spiritual understanding, helps you see the reality of difficult situations, helps with feelings of security and balance.

Snowflake Obsidian – hope in the darkness, persistence in difficult times, helps with courage and problem-solving.

Gray Moonstone – strengthens intuition and seeing behind the veil, stone of the new moon and new beginnings, protects travelers.

Hematite – clears confusion and overwhelm, balances masculine and feminine energies, grounds and stabilizes energy

Pyrite – helps with power, focus, and willpower, stone of action and confidence, attracts abundance and opportunities.

Chalcopyrite – enhances inner knowing, uplifts energy and removes negativity, connects and energizes all chakras

Galena – stone of self-transformation, helps with detoxification and grounding, opens the mind to new ways of thinking.

Magnetite / Lodestone – can help you manifest desirable situations and people into your life, helps with decision-making, can help you release burdens and achieve your goals


▶ The white feng shui metal element crystals all balance the upper chakras, opening you to spiritual and psychic awakening. They all help with insight, wisdom, clarity, and inner-knowing. They can also increase creative energy and remove emotional blocks.

▶ The gray and metallic metal element crystals all have grounding and stabilizing properties. They connect to the lower chakras, helping you remove negative energy and be more calm and centered. They also offer protective energy, helping you become emotionally stable in chaotic environments. They also increase willpower and help you take action on your dreams and desires to bring them into your reality!

galena crystal

Where to Put Feng Shui Metal Element Crystals

Feng Shui Children and Creativity Area

The feng shui children and creativity area is responsible for creativity of all kinds, hobbies, fun, and completing projects.

It is also associated with the children in your household and life.

Adding metal element crystals to this area can help you bring projects to fruition, be more creative in your daily life, and even help you with your hobbies or extra-curricular activities!

They can also help your children be happier, more balanced, and have more fun!

If you want to increase inspiration and creativity, add more of the white metal element crystals.

If you want to increase focus and get projects finished, add the metallic ones!

Feng Shui Travel and Helpful People Area

The feng shui travel and helpful people area is responsible for travel of all kinds (abroad, vacations, and commuting!)

It is also responsible for the helpful people in your life, such as doctors, real estate agents, bankers, your boss or manager at work, and even clients and customers!

Adding metal element crystals to this area can help you attract benefactors and Good Samaritans, more customers and clients, or help you attract people to help you with specific projects or situations in your life.

They can also help you be safe while traveling, attract more vacations, and make commuting go more smoothly.

Feng Shui Career Area

In the feng shui element cycle, metal feeds the water element. The area of the bagua associated with the water element is the feng shui career area.

Adding feng shui metal element crystals to this area can help you be more creative in your work, attract a new job, make more money, and attract new opportunities into your life!

Avoid Too Many Metal Elements in the Earth Element Areas & Wood Element Areas.

The earth element areas of the bagua are: the Love and Relationship Area, the Health Area, and the Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The wood element areas are: the Family and Legacy Area and the Money Area.

In the feng shui element cycle, the metal element weakens the earth element, and it destroys the wood element.

Adding too many metal elements to these areas can help stabilize fast-moving Chi, slowing it down and neutralizing it.

But adding too much metal can cause confusion, stagnation, and slow forward progress.

That’s why it’s important to balance the elements throughout your entire home as well as individual areas of the bagua.

If you are having problems in any of those areas of your life, check to see if there’s too much metal in those areas.

3 pyrite cubes

How to Use Feng Shui Metal Element Crystals

Wear them.

This will help activate your personal metal element, and also help with inspiration, creativity, grounding, and focus!

Place them according to the bagua map.

As we discussed above, metal element crystals activate the Children and Creativity Area, the Career Area, and the Travel and Helpful People Area.

Adding them to these areas of your home, office, or desk can activate the metal element and enhance those areas of your life and work!

Meditate with them.

Meditating with any of these metal element crystals can enhance focus, balance the third eye and crown chakras, and help with your inner-wisdom and clarity!

You can place the white element crystals on your third eye or crown chakra to receive insight and spiritual messages.

Place the grey or metallic metal element crystals near your root chakra for grounding and centering your energy, and releasing negativity.

Start a new project or finish a project.

If you have a project that you’re struggling with, you can use a metal element crystal to help you bring it to completion!

Write the project you need help with on a slip of paper and place one of the metal element crystals on top of it.

If it is a creative endeavor, you can place it somewhere in your home’s creativity area.

If it is a project where you need help from other people to finish it, place it somewhere in your home’s travel and helpful people area.

Solve creative problems.

If you have a problem that needs a creative solution, you can use metal element crystals to help bring you the answer!

Write a brief description of your problem on a slip of paper and place the crystal on top of it.

Place it somewhere in your creativity area (or the creativity area of your desk) and set the intention that the solution will come!

The crystal will hold your intention and attract the answer.

Attract clients, customers, or other helpful people.

You can use a metal element crystal to help you attract helpful people into your life, grow your customer list, or attract benefactors!

If you have a specific person you’d like to attract (like a helpful real estate agent, doctor, or benefactor) you can write their position on a slip of paper and place it under the crystal.

If you need more customers or clients in your work, you can place your current client list or a general intention for clients under the crystal.

Keep it in your home’s travel and helpful people area, or in the travel/helpful people area of your desk to help you attract them! (You can also create a helpful people box for extra help!)

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