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Feng Shui Earth Element (Everything You Need to Know!)

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The feng shui earth element represents stability, foundation, health, and the basis of life.

After all, the earth is the foundation where we build our lives.

When you think about being grounded, centered, and healthy, you are thinking about earth element characteristics.

The earth element is mostly calming and supportive Yin (receptive) energy.

It relates to how we care for ourselves and others, nourishing our health and relationships, and how we connect to the wisdom of a higher power.

feng shui earth element: artwork in earth element colors

When you add feng shui earth element energy to your home, you are increasing calm and stability.

You are creating a centered, more grounded space that you return home to in order to rest and nourish yourself and your household.

When you think about what “home” feels like to you, you are essentially thinking of the earth element.

You can add the earth element to your home by using things made of natural materials, using earthy colors (yellows, browns, muted oranges) or by adding more square shapes.

Of course, the basis of the 5 elements is balance, so adding too much earth energy to your home can cause a little too much stability.

It can hinder change and cause things to feel heavier.

With all of the activity and energy we expend outside of our homes, however, it can be hard to add too much earth energy.

If anything, most of us feel unbalanced and anxious and need the earth element for stability and peace. Use your intuition!

desk area with earth element items and colors

Feng Shui Earth Element Colors


All shades of yellow represent the feng shui earth element, except for bright, intense “pure” yellow, which is more of a fire element color (like the sun.)

More muted yellows, like buttery yellow, soft lemon yellow, and muted mustard and dark gold are related to the earth element.

If you look at a yellow color and find it has a more relaxing energy, most likely it is an earth element yellow.

Yellow is associated with happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism.

Brown (all ranges of brown from light tan to dark, deep brown)

All shades of brown, from light tan to deep, dark brown represent the earth element.

When you think of neutral colors, skin tone ranges, and all of the different shades of dirt, you are thinking of the earth element.

Brown is associated with resilience, dependability, and stability.

Muted Orange / Peach / Rust

Deep, rusty oranges and lighter peach tones also activate the earth element.

Bright, fluorescent “pure” orange is a fire color.

But deep bronze, light peach, rust, and brown/oranges are related to the earth element.

Rusty oranges are associated with support, loyalty, and strength.

laptop in front of feng shui earth element decor

Earth Element Shapes

The earth element shape is square . All squares, cubes, and flat rectangular surfaces are included in the earth element shape.

Earth Element Decor

Earth element decor consists of things made from nature and earth materials.

Some examples of earth element decor:

  • Stones
  • Earth element crystals
  • The soil in potted plants
  • Clay and terracotta
  • Brick
  • Pictures or artwork of the earth
  • Artwork with earth colors or square shapes
  • Wood picture frames
  • Furniture made of wood (only actively growing plants represent the wood element)
  • Ceramics
  • Salt lamps
  • Square items like pillows
  • Textiles made of natural materials
earth element artwork with sunflowers and yellow colors

Earth Element Artwork:

  • Earth element artwork is anything depicting the earth, like landscapes.
  • Artwork in earth element colors (muted yellows, browns, earthy oranges)
  • Artwork with square shapes
  • Art pieces made of natural materials, like yarn or dried plant material
  • Wood sculptures

Feng Shui Earth Element and the Bagua Map

The areas of the bagua associated with the feng shui earth element are:

Health Area (center)
Love and Relationships Area
Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The health area of your home is the area that supports every other area of the bagua. And it is the underlying nourishing element of the relationship area and knowledge/wisdom area.

earth element decor items - basket and paper notebook

Using the earth element in these areas supplies stability, connection, and grounded energy to yourself and your foundational relationships (your partner, your relationships with others, and your relationship to Source energy.)

It relates to what fuels and inspires you to feel connected to the earth and others in your life.

Without health, you can’t build a life.

Without support in your relationships with others, you can’t feel connected and nourished.

Without a relationship with your inner wisdom, the earth, and knowledge, it’s harder to understand the meaning of your life.

Earth energy supports all of these things, helping you move throughout your life with connection and support.

The Feng Shui Earth Element and the Element Cycle

In the feng shui element cycle, the earth element feeds and nurtures the feng shui metal element.

You can add earth element items to the metal areas to support and stabilize them.

The metal areas of the bagua are: the children and creativity area, and the travel and helpful people area.

In the element cycle, the earth element is nourished by the feng shui fire element (fire creates ash, which nourishes the earth.)

Adding fire elements to the earth areas of the bagua can stimulate them and help them to grow.

home decor items on top of coffee table by sofa

The Earth Element and the Destructive Cycle

The feng shui earth element is destroyed by the wood element.

When you think of the wood element (growing plants) they both grow into the earth and grow out of the earth, to be eaten, used, or turned into something else.

Adding the wood element to the earth element areas will slow down and “use up” the energy.

In addition, the earth element destroys the water element.

Earth absorbs and stops the flow of water, slowing it down.

Adding the earth element to the water area of the bagua will absorb the energy and stop its flow.

The water area of the bagua is the career area.

If you have a lot of instability or fast-moving energy in your career, adding the earth element will absorb it.

Feng Shui Earth Element Personality

When it comes to the five elements, every individual person also has traits related to the five elements!

Depending on what school of feng shui you practice, you can also have a personal element associated with your birthday and personal direction.

In Western feng shui, however, the earth element is generally expressed by personality traits or what you are currently drawn to in your life.

These traits can shift over time, depending on what is going on in your life.

Earth Element Personality Traits:

  • Grounded
  • Stabile
  • Responsible
  • Dependable
  • Loyal
  • Practical
  • Connected to Mother Earth
  • Laziness
  • Unmoving
  • Worry
coffee table and console table with decorative home items

You can balance the earth element by adding more fire elements or more Yang activities:

  • Exercise
  • Creative hobbies
  • Hiking
  • Physical activities and hands-on activities, like DIY projects and physical labor
  • Socializing with others
  • Eating spicy foods

You can improve your earth element by adding feng shui earth element items to your home. You can also improve it with the following activities:

  • Gardening
  • Grounding
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Working with natural materials (sewing, crochet, weaving, pottery, etc)
  • Walking barefoot outside
  • Digging in the earth

Feng Shui Earth Element Q & A:

What is the feng shui earth element direction?

While western feng shui does not deal with directions, if you study other schools of feng shui, the earth element directions are northeast and southwest.

How do you activate the earth element?

You can activate the earth element by adding earth element decor to your home.

You can also activate it by adding a few fire elements to the earth elements of the bagua to “wake them up.”

Since fire feeds earth, adding fire elements will activate the energy and help it move!

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