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Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals for Activating Passion!

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In feng shui, the fire element represents activation, passion, vitality, and inspiration.

The fire element is a catalyst, making things happen.

When you think of “lighting a fire” and what that means, you are thinking of how the fire element pertains to your life.

When you want to get things started, move things along, or draw attention to something, you are drawing on the energy of the fire element!

jasper, carnelian, and citrine feng shui fire element crystals

One way you can harness the fire element in your home is by using crystals.

Feng shui fire element crystals are those that relate to activation: crystals for motivation, self-esteem, passion and vitality, taking action, or activating something in your life.

Feng shui fire element crystals are crystals in the bright pink, red, orange, or bright yellow color families.

They also relate to the lower chakras: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

These chakras are responsible for your personal power, creativity, and trust in yourself and the universe. They are the force that drives you forward in life.

So you can see how all of these properties work together to create momentum and energy, just like the fire element in feng shui!

With the fire element, a little goes a long way.

Using the elements in feng shui is all about balance.

Think about how a little flame causes a wildfire: you don’t need a ton of fire element crystals to activate the fire element in your home!

Using one or two for specific purposes are enough to stimulate your dreams and desires.

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various red feng shui fire element crystals

Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

The following crystals represent the feng shui fire element.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the most common crystals associated with the fire element.

If you know of any bright orange, yellow, red, or pink crystals that aren’t on the list, most likely they are also associated with the fire element. Use your intuition!

Red Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

The red fire element crystals relate to the root chakra. These are responsible for your personal power, stability, willpower, motivation, and moving past what’s holding you back.

Fire Agate – for motivation and fearlessness
Red Jasper – for persistence and stability
Red Aventurine – for seeing possibility everywhere and grounding the spirit
Garnet – for inspiring love and devotion
Ruby – for amplifying Chi and kundalini (sexual life force) energy
Red Tiger’s Eye – for moving forward and achieving goals with enthusiasm

Special Mention: Carnelian

Carnelian is probably one of the most well-known feng shui fire element crystals.

It ranges in color from bright red to pale orange, so it balances all of the lower chakras.

It helps with courage, taking action, having high self-esteem, and having the willpower and stamina to go after everything you want in life.

If you can only pick one fire element crystal, pick carnelian!

It is also a great crystal to wear for personal power, energy, and strength.

Check out this post for more info: What does a carnelian crystal do?

Pink Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

Pink feng shui fire element crystals are also related to the sacral chakra. They are responsible for emotional wellbeing, passion, love, romance, and overcoming stress and fear.

Pink Tourmaline – for regulating emotions and rekindling passion
Rose Quartz – for opening the heart to give and receive love
Cobalto Calcite – to draw in new love, new people, and new experiences
Mangano Calcite – for emotional wellbeing and overcoming stress or fear

Orange Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

Orange fire element crystals balance the sacral chakra. They are responsible for creativity, pleasure, optimism, connection, and vitality.

Orange Calcite – for passion, creativity, and vitality
Sunstone – for manifesting your creative dreams and desires, activating leadership skills, and generating enthusiasm
Orange Aventurine – for determination, taking advantage of new opportunities, and creating your own good fortune
Amber – for uplifting the spirit, easing the mind, and releasing fears and phobias

Yellow Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

Yellow fire element crystals enhance the solar plexus chakra. They help with self-esteem, identity, confidence, self-expression, and inner strength.

Citrine – for joy, abundance, success, and prosperity
Yellow Calcite – for self-esteem, activating your inner power, and coming up with creative solutions to problems
Yellow Fluorite – for physical endurance, positivity, and learning new things
Yellow Jasper – for inner strength, positive momentum, and taking inspired action
Yellow Aventurine – to focus intentions, create energy flow, and increase optimism
Golden Topaz – for staying true to yourself, making things happen, and believing in yourself

group of red and orange fire element crystals

Where to put fire element crystals in your home:

The fire element crystals go best in the following areas of the bagua:

Feng Shui Fame and Reputation Area

The fame and reputation area is the only area of the bagua ruled by the fire element.

Placing your fire element crystals here will increase your reputation: how other people see you, awards and accolades, and your social standing are all enhanced by this area of your home.

Using fire element crystals here (especially the red ones) will draw attention to you and enhance how others see you.

If you want to enhance your reputation at work, you can also use fire element crystals on the fame area of your desk or office!

Feng Shui Wealth Area

The feng shui wealth area represents growing wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

Abundance relates to growth in all areas, not just money, but it will certainly affect your bank account too!

Placing a few fire element crystals here will stimulate this area and help it grow.

Just don’t fill this area with the fire element because it can be stimulated too much, causing chaos and “burning through money” so that it goes out faster than it comes in!

Feng Shui Love and Relationships Area

The feng shui love and relationships area relates to all of the relationships in your life, including your relationship with yourself!

Adding feng shui fire element crystals to your home’s love area can help rekindle passion, romance, and compassion within your relationships.

They will stimulate personal growth, and emotional well-being, and can also help you call more love into your life.

You can also add one of these crystals to your bedroom’s love and relationship corner to directly enhance your relationship with your partner or help attract a new romantic partner.

Be careful adding too much fire to your love area or bedroom, however, because too much passion can burn out your relationship (and cause insomnia if kept in your bedroom!)

Feng Shui Health Area

The feng shui health area is related to the health, wellbeing, grounding, and stability of everyone in your household.

This area is ruled by the earth element, but fire can help stimulate it!

Placing a feng shui fire element crystal here will increase the health and wellbeing of everyone in your home – especially if you place one of the yellow crystals here.

Feng Shui Knowledge and Wisdom Area:

The feng shui knowledge and wisdom area is responsible for personal growth, learning, studying your craft, and connecting with the wisdom of the universe.

This area is enhanced by the earth element, but you can place a fire element crystal here to activate it as well.

Adding a fire element crystal in this area can help with studying, learning new skills or knowledge, taking tests, or fueling personal growth.

crystal grid with various fire element crystals next to cedar smudge sticks

How to Use Feng Shui Fire Element Crystals:

You can use fire element crystals by:

  • Wearing them or keeping them in your pocket to enhance your energy.
  • Placing them on your desk while you work to enhance your career or reputation at work. (See this post about how to feng shui your desk!)
  • Placing them in your home’s fame area, wealth area, or love area to enhance those areas for everyone in your household.
  • Placing a couple in your bedroom to stimulate passion and romance in your relationship. (See this post about how to feng shui your bedroom!)
  • Create a crystal grid that is focused on a specific intention.
  • Place one near your plants to grow passion and motivation (and increase the growth and vitality of your plants!) See this post: how to use crystals for houseplants.
  • Place one on top of your manifestation journal to activate it and draw attention from the Universe to your dreams and desires.
  • Place one near your vision board to activate it and increase its manifesting power.
  • Meditate with one to stimulate your personal power and self esteem, or unblock and balance the lower chakras.
  • Do a feng shui full moon ritual to set an intention for the month and use a fire element crystal to activate it.
  • Or come up with your own crystal ritual to activate your dreams and desires!

Now that you know how to use feng shui fire element crystals in your home, you might also want to know:

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